Prayers for trying to conceive

prayers for trying to conceive

Prayers to Conceive a Child

Starting a family is something most couples desperately want, but it is not always easy. Many complications can arise for those who are trying to conceive and sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair. However, one way to pursue having a child is to ask for God’s blessing and His support while trying to conceive.

By letting God know how much you want a baby God will be able to see how committed you are to loving and raising your child. Since having a child is one of the most rewarding parts of life, it is a choice that should never be taken lightly. Despite the obstacles you might face when trying to conceive, asking for God’s guidance and support is the best way to start your own family. Here are six prayers to help you understand the magnitude of having a child and ask for God’s blessing for you to take on this wonderful responsibility.

God of faith,
Hear the deepest prayer of our hearts,
for a child to be ours.
Help us to believe –
even when we wrestle with doubt,
even when months pass empty,
even when darkness threatens our joy –
that your promise of love for us
remains faithful, good, and true.

God of hope,
Hold our dreams for a child
within your loving hands.
Fill our hearts with hope,
and lift our eyes to look to you.
When worries creep into our thoughts,
let your light cast out every fear.

God of love,
Help us to trust when times get trying,
that this journey will bring us closer to you,
no matter where our road turns or ends.
Bless our dreams for a family,
and draw us deeper in love together
as we wait in joyful hope
for a child to welcome with love.

God of faith and hope and love,
let your will be done.


And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three;
and the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

A Prayer for Trying To Conceive © 2015 Laura Kelly Fanucci

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  1. God,

    For all ladies who are TTC, please shower us with your blessings

    For all ladies who are pregnant, I pray for them to have a safe delivery

    I’m going to pen in a prayer everyday

    Anybody who wants to be prayed for / wants to pary can join me here

  2. Hi…
    I am here to join you. Add me up to the list. I am TTC past 1yr.i will pray GOD along with you for the well being of others tooo..

    zazi and sindmani like this.

  3. Hello,

    even I would like to join you ladies for prayers…

  4. Thanks Ladies. Group Prayers are defenitely answered.

    Oh God, here is our prayer for today. Please guide us and always give what is best for us

    Vijishoba and zazi like this.

  5. Even I want to join this prayer
  6. Oh God

    Here is a prayer from all of us (for all of us) for today

    We are sure you only let the best happen

  7. Dear kashvya, nice thread to start!

    Include me in TTC group.. yeah lets pray together :bowdown

  8. I Join you all in praying our lord….all mighty.

    Please bless all of TTC members :bowdown:bowdown. This is our prayer.

  9. Hi Kashvya,

    I would also like to join u guys, pls include me in TTC, im married for 5yrs and awaiting the good news still.

    Prayers&Best wishes


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