Marriage and prayer

 Are you praying for a wife or a husband? The preceding marriage prayer is a suitable wedding prayer for you.

God is not only the Creator God but also the God who authored love and romance. The Scriptures begins and ends with marriage — of Adam and Eve and the Bridal body of Christ with Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. And in-between the Old and New Testaments, godly men and women of the Bible tied the knot and

fulfilled God’s destiny for their lives together.

Marriage is more than a signed contract between a husband and his wife. It is a divine covenant with God as the third party. Marriage is a blood covenant being sealed when the hymen membrane in a woman is being broken and blood is shed for the first time during consummation. God has placed this institution in the society for married couples not only to procreate but to respond to His call to inhabit and take dominion over the earth and proclaim the gospel to the lost.

In this contemporary day and age, the original intent of God for marriage has slowly been forgotten because of the propensity of man towards divorce, legal separation, annulment, illicit co-habitation or living-in, homosexuality, sexual perversion, pornography, and fornication. Those in the Christian circles are not exempted from all these.

However, there are still Christian men and women who are keeping themselves pure and holy while waiting for the right and the best godly

Praying for a Wife

spouse for them. Many of these godly bachelors and bachelorettes have been praying for a wife or husband and fasting to seek the will of God for their lives. Perhaps, you are one of them—patiently waiting and eagerly expecting that one day, you will meet the one God has for you since the foundations of the world.

Do not lose hope because if God has placed a desire in your heart until now to marry a spouse, experience sexual intercourse, and bear children, then be assured that they can happen in God’s appointed time. Begin to pray wedding prayers  for your future husband or wife everyday, blessing him and praying for his protection and goodwill. You may list down Bible verses to declare as prayers for him daily and thank the Lord for him even though he has not arrived yet in your life. Thank God in advance for him. You may listen to God for his specific qualities or character and pray them through.

Then, for the practical side of it, prepare yourself for your meeting and for the marriage you have so long been praying for. Take care of your body and make yourself presentable, neat, and clean because any moment could be the day that he will come. Become emotionally stable, mature, and strong in your spirit as marriage is not as easy as you think it will be. Organize your life and make preparations to become a wife or husband. Learn how to cook, clean, fix household stuff, work efficiently, and handle finances. The moment you prepare yourself seriously for marriage, perhaps the faster your spouse will appear before you.

Continue on praying for a spouse and allow the Holy Spirit to renew your mind with God’s Word daily and take control over your will, emotions, and heart. Guard your heart at all times as not all prospective men or women is the right one for you. It takes a strong discernment to know and to choose God’s best for your life. Do not settle for anything less. You will know the perfect spouse if you are attuned to the voice of God, rested in His presence, and know His perfect will. The result of love is beauty and life. If this person is imparting beauty and life in you and you are at peace, in joy, and excited then this can be God’s spouse for you.

It is important that you have an accountability partner like a trusted pastor or spiritual mentor or a close friend to consult with the matters of the heart. God is the one who gives a man his wife and He speaks to the man and woman that they are meant for each other and the biological and spiritual family in the church or ministry will confirm it.

You may have prayed many prayers before. You may use this prayer for marriage as a guide —

Our Father God, you know the deepest longings of my heart. How I yearn for someone to be with, to talk to, to love me, and to share my life with. I have spent countless nights crying out to you to bring the right person and ordain our meeting. Instill in him the sense of urgency to find me. Let him long for me as well and speak to him that it is me you have chosen for him. Prepare us now in all aspects of our lives and set us free from anything that binds, ensnares, entangles, and addicts us. Remove the wrong people from our lives and cut all our ungodly soul ties from our past relationships and even our emotional or romantic entanglements now with other persons. I ask You, Lord to mold us to be a responsible and committed spouse for each other that our marriage will last for as long as we live. I pray for him that You will protect my spouse and deliver him from all temptations. Give me to someone who will honor me and respect me, love me, cherish me, and take good care of me. I am praying for the best and right spouse for me, the one you planned for me to marry. Order our steps so that our paths will cross in Your beautifully ordained time. Orchestrate events for us to find each other. Keep us pure and holy at all times even when no one is watching because indeed You are. I bless my spouse that he will become who You called him to be. I bless his spirit, soul, and body to be whole. I plead the blood of Jesus over both of us and everything concerning us. Thank you Jesus for this desire to marry and the hope and excitement to enter into this sacred union with You. Have Your way, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God is our Husband and Maker. Accept His invitation to be the lover of your soul. Love God first and then when He knows that you are completely His, He will give you the man or woman of your dreams because by then God knows that He is your first love even though you have an earthly partner to share the rest of your life with. If you learn this, God will give you the desires of your heart because it is He who placed those desires as you delighted in Him. Every time you feel discouraged and hopeless about getting married, go back to this marriage prayer and be encouraged.

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This post has been updated…

In The Beginning

June 28, 2010 I began a fast that lasted until July 2, 2010. Four full days of no food, only drinking water and praying. The main focus of that fast, was for God to bring me a Husband. Again, on July11, 2010 fast until July 16, 2010. The focus of that five day fast, was for guidance and understanding…

During this time, I was in a 5 month friendship with a guy name John (I changed his name to protect his identity), who was my spiritual teacher. A man that I respected, truly loved, and hoped to marry. John knew my feelings, but he was going through a divorce and was not looking to marry again, anytime soon.

On July 16, 2010, I received a message in my YouTube inbox, from another guy name Pervis that I knew from Facebook. I despised the guy because he was rude and condescending. He called himself an Apostle, and was extremely arrogant as well as UTTERLY annoying. He was a know-it-all, and we argued alllll the time.. ugh! I couldn’t STAND him. I don’t know why I never blocked him.

In the message, he asked me if I was married and I said, No. I didn’t pay-attention to his question, because I wasn’t concerned with why he wanted to know. I was more concerned with, how he found me on YouTube! In the following words, he explained to me that, he ran across a video (i have deleted my account since then) of a beautiful woman, teaching the scriptures. He told his son, who’s 21 years old, to take a look at the video. He explained that his son said, “That’s Rene (I changed my name to protect my identity) from Facebook!”. Pervis said that he was shocked because he didn’t recognize me and he didn’t know that I taught from the scriptures. He then explained, over time, he felt compelled to contact me.

After I read that inbox, I felt a TINY BIT, of warmth towards him, because he saw a spiritual side of me that he didn’t know existed, so I felt that he respected me more. He then sent me another inbox saying that he was going to reactivate his Facebook account. I replied saying, “ok, I didn’t know that you deactivated it”. I only said that, to make conversation. To be honest, I really didn’t care, that he was reactivating his account. Of course, that careless thought, stemmed from me despising him.

The next day, July 17, 2010, I got another message from Pervis. Before I read it, I was totally annoyed, saying to myself, “UGH! WHY DOES HE KEEP MESSAGING ME?”. Well once I had seen the message, it said, “The Father told me to marry you, he said that your my wife”. The first thing I said in my mind was “WHAT? OH HECK NO!” .. I didn’t respond because I thought he was crazy. The next day, he was back on Facebook, sending me messages there. I finally decided to live chat with him, to see what was really wrong with him.

A Change of Heart

We talked over the internet for 3 days.. He kept pressuring me about calling him, so I finally did. We argued back and forth for two weeks, because I wouldn’t take his word for it. I even argued with a few women in his house, whom he introduced me to, via the phone. They were taking his side saying that I should trust him, but I was saying that I needed God to confirm this to me, before I made any move. We argued like crazy. In the mist of the debating and arguing, I was starting to SLOWLY gain feelings for him.

I evaluated what the nine day fast was about, and the fact that this guy showed up, on the last day of my nine day fast, saying that I was his wife.

I was totally confused because I didn’t know this man, so I didn’t trust him. I also wasn’t sure if The Father sent him or if Satan sent him. I told John, my teacher, about this new man, and John (who I still loved) explained that Satan tempted Christ in the wilderness, when Christ came off of his 40 day fast, as well. After hearing that, I was REALLY confused.

Over a two week period, i was caught in a “love triangle”. I had love for John, and I was also realizing that Pervis, was a really nice, kind heart person, who truly loves God.

John felt threatened by Pervis, because John felt like he was going to lose me, even though we were friends. Pervis felt threatened by John because John had a stronger bond with me, and Pervis knew about my feelings for John, because I told him. So there I was in the middle of all that. I was drained, and I began to feel depressed and oppressed, by the situation. The confusion was so overwhelming, It was as if there was a tug-a-war in my brain!

One night while Pervis and I were on the phone, I told him about my nine day fast. He kept telling me that the Father sent him and I needed to yield to what the Father has done. After we talked for 3 hours, we hung up. I said to God, “Father if this is your will, it will come to pass”. About 5 minutes later, I felt compelled to call Pervis again. When he answered, his first words shocked me. He said, “This is the Father’s will, and it will come to pass.” I IMMEDIATELY started shaking and crying because I felt that God confirmed through Pervis, that it was His will. Pervis was even shaken up by what had happened, after I explained it to him.


Even after that divine confirmation, I still doubted. However, On August 4, 2010, I made my decision. I chose Pervis, my Facebook enemy. I was tired of the confusion and drama. I honestly, realized that the Father had already chose for me. Only because I didn’t want to accept it, our relationship took that much longer, to pick up. So, I repented for disobeying The Father, and not believing. I was also honest, with telling the Father that I was still a little leery about Pervis because I didn’t know him that well.

In that same prayer, I told God that I trusted his judgment and I accepted the gift of marriage, with Pervis. I asked God to please put love in my heart for Pervis, because he deserved it.

Not even 1 minute later, my spirit was consumed with loved for Pervis.. A deep passionate love that I have never felt for anyone, ever before. I fell on the floor and I thanked the Father for what he had done for me; by instantly repairing my broken, depressed spirit from all the confusion and hurt of letting John go, as well as answering my prayers and bringing me a husband.

Two weeks later, on Aug 17, Pervis surprised me by driving 600 miles to see me for the first time. It was beautiful. We talked and stared at each other forever seem like.. lol he was soooooo handsome and soo perfect! I KNEW that he loved me, without a shadow of a doubt, PLUS, the chemistry was amazing! There sitting before me, was an extremely handsome, strong (mentally & physically), God-fearing man, who loved me. A man who was heaven sent to me. A man who, that night, prayed for me, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, healed me of the grief, that I was holding on to, from my mother dying 11 years ago. I felt that spirit release from me when I exhaled a Loud shriek, and was delivered, by his prayers. I never knew these things about Pervis, while I was despising him on Facebook.


Spiritually, I felt that we were already married.. because the Father had already ordained it. However, we also understood that marriage is received, just as Salvation is received. We said our vows, and then, Pervis broke my 5 year celibacy, which was most sacred to me. Ultimately, our marriage was sealed.

He ended up leaving two days later, as was planned. He wanted me to leave with him, but I had too many responsibilities, to take care of, before leaving. The plan was that I leave Sept 4 2010.

Over the next two weeks, we had a few ups and downs. Our foundation was built on arguing, so that’s all we did. I threatened not to come to his home, and he threatened to break it off with me.. Its almost as if we started to despised each other again. I hated that he was a control freak, arrogant and impatient and he hated that I stood my ground with him. We separated 2 times, however, in the mean time, I had already started preparing to leave just in case. I got rid of my apartment, and moved in with my dad and resigned from my job, by giving them a two weeks notice that I was leaving. Finally on Sept 4th, instead of me leaving, we had a blown out argument which caused me to say some mean things towrds one of the other women in the house, for injecting her thoughts on my relationship and trying to be harsh towards me. So that caused us to part ways for good, I thought.

Forgiveness and The Road Trip

Two days later, I repented. I started to miss him, so I called. He said that he missed me and loved me as well. I also apologized to everyone for the blown out argument. Finally once again, we scheduled my day to leave to be on Sept 10th, and I did. Even though we all had our differences over the phone, I decided that once I got there, I wasn’t going to show any type of behavior that would make them, not believe my genuine kindness. In other words, I left ANY negative feelings, behind. Again, I prayed, cried and rejoiced the whole way there, because of what the Father had done for me.

A twelve hour drive to his home. I got there at 6:30pm Friday evening Sept 10, 2010. His family and an older lady (the “mother” of the house) greeted me and we got my things out of my car and I moved into his guest house, as was planned. During that time (about the span of a week), they complained that I was separating myself from the family and they really wanted me to move into the big house because they loved me and wanted to get to know me more, despite the fact that I had already been spending all day with them at the big house since I got there, but just sleeping at the guest house. A couple days later, I felt comfortable enough to move into the big house, with the rest of the family, and that’s when the problems started.

Lies, Slander, Manipulation and Distrust

I thought that I was doing everything right: cleaning, asking the others if they needed help with anything, spending time with the family, and giving him attention. Everyone acted so nice and loving. We didn’t argue nor was there any tension in the house, that I could feel. On the evening of Sept 23rd, Pervis called a family meeting. I was told that, when he calls a family meeting, typically that means, something or someone, is causing a problem in the house.

After everyone settled in the living room, and he began talking, I QUICKLY noticed that the meeting was about me. This is what he said, “We are a family of order, and it’s always been that way until recently. There are no lazy people in this house. I’m TIRED of coming home to bad reports, THAT IS A TURN OFF!!” (thats when I noticed that he was directing that to me). Then he insisted that there was tension in the house and if I needed to get it off my chest, then I need to say something. Feeling confused & humiliated, I told him that I didn’t have any tension. (I guess he said that because of the heated argument that I had on the phone with his female family member a week before I moved there. Perhaps he thought I was still mad, for some reason even though I had apologized).

Then I heard one of the women say, “Oh! Pervis, there is absolutely no tension at all!”. Then it hit me, that she had been calling him, while he was at work, and talking bad about me, but she forgot to tell him that we didn’t have any tension though (sarcasm). That also must be the bad reports that he was talking about.

Over a two week period, I was on to her, so I made sure that I went over and beyond, to prove that she was a liar, by cleaning and doing everything that was expected of me, plus extra.

In the mist of all that, we all talked and laughed and I felt that I was getting closer to them.

Everything was fine until on Sept 29, Pervis came home from work, and seen me on my laptop. He then started accusing me of not reading the bible and not listening to his teaching cd’s. I told him that I was, reading the bible and listening to the cd’s. He ranted through the house yelling at me and saying that I was being rebellious, and not doing as he asked of me. I asked him, where was he getting his information from, because whoever told him that, is a liar. He kept saying that I turn him off, because I never do as he ask of me.

While the base of his voice, beat on the walls, all over the house, I never argued back with him. However, I was furious because I knew that I had done exceedingly perfect, just so he wouldn’t complain. So, I KNOW that either someone was lying on me, or he has a serious mental problem.

At that time it was about 8pm. It was dark and cool outside. After he left out, I grabbed my bible and a shawl and went outside to sit on steps of his veranda. I began to talk to the Father about the situation. I cried and expressed my hurt about the people in the house attacking me, behind my back and causing my husband, whom I loved soooo much, to hate me.

While I sat there, I began to feel worthless, it seemed like I couldn’t please them, no matter what I did. I start feeling more mad. Then I decided that I wanted to leave. After 1 hour of sitting there I got up to asked for my car keys. I was told that he was in the guest house, exercising with the older lady (he was in the army so he believes in intensive exercising, in which, that was another thing, that he was told, I wasn’t doing) (lies).

I went and asked him for my keys. He told me where they were and continued exercising. In my mind, I kind of felt as if I was only trying to get his attention, however I really did want to leave because I was tired of him listening to what others were saying and accusing me of things, while NEVER asking me if the accusations, that he was hearing of me, were true. Plus he acted as if he didn’t care if I left, that night, which hurt me more.

I ran back to the main house, and went to my room (I didn’t get my keys). I began packing my clothes, and I started crying again because I was hurt by everything that was going on. I sat on the floor, I guess waiting for him to come and see me. He never came. So I figured that he didn’t care after all. I eventually heard a knock on the door, and the woman whom he was exercising with, walked in and dropped my keys on the bed, without saying anything, and then walked out.

After about 4 hours of thinking and feeling torn, I decided that I wasn’t going to give up and leave; I was going to stay there and fight for my marriage with Percival. So I got up and got in the bed. I didn’t unpack my things though.

The next morning while he was at work, one of his family members and the older lady (who brought my keys) called me in the living room for a meeting. They asked me why I wanted to leave and I told them that I didn’t feel like Percival love me, anymore. I told them that he also accuses me of things that I’m not doing and that he is in error. One of the ladies asked me if I thought he needed prayer, and I said yes. She asked me, what is something that he had accused me of, I said he accuses me of not reading the bible. Then she said, (with an attitude) well if he said that your not reading, well obviously your doing something wrong! Obviously your not reading enough! I said, well I wonder where he gets the notion that im not reading the bible? No one is in my room with me, when I read. No one can see what I am doing while my door is closed. Then she said, well he is an Apostle and God tells him things. I wanted to say, soo badly..NO! YOUR TELLING HIM THINGS!.. but I didn’t say anything else, I just listened. All of a sudden they started going off on me saying that I need to leave because my marriage is nothing and will never be nothing. They also said that, if I think that he is in error, well I need to “JET!”, because there’s “NO POINT!” in being there. I told them that I wasn’t going anywhere. They then tried to trap me up by saying that, if I felt he didn’t love me, well why did I want to stay. I told them, because he is my husband and I love him.

Later when he came home, he came into my room asking me why did I want to stay, I told him that I want to work through the problem, and I loved him too much to leave. He told me that he heard that I said he was in error and needed prayer. I apologized to him and asked him if we can spend time together away from the house. I told him that we needed to spend time together, away from the family, to get to know each other better. He rudely said that he knows all that he need to know about me, and things aren’t looking so good. (So, he basically said no, to my request). I knew that the women had told him about the meeting before I did, and they basically dropped words of accusation, hate & slander, in his ear about me, and he fell for it, yet again, without asking me if I even said it or did it. I could even see the hate in his eyes towards me.

After that, I continued to stay there, and I didn’t show any hate to the other three women who lived in the house (his family members and the older lady). They lied on me, talked bad about me and was obviously bothered with my presence. I felt so hurt because I loved them. I did everything I could, to make peace with them. They started ignoring me and even walking out of a room whenever I walked in.

I started feeling guilty because MAYBE they were getting use to me and then I threatened to leave. Maybe it hurt their feelings because I didn’t consider them, while I was packing my clothes. Maybe they felt betrayed. I admit that I am wrong for not considering the 3 small kids, who instantly showed love for me. I quickly realized that mistake and I felt so bad for not initially thinking of them.

Even though all of the adults were having an attitude with me, I felt that I deserved it. I was ready to go through that storm, and ride it out. HOWEVER, it wasn’t that serious for them to treat me with dislike, to the extreme extent that they were doing it. I apologized for threatening to leave, but all they could do, was complain and say that I’m wrong for saying he is in error and needed prayer. Pervis took their side of course, and justified their behavior by allowing them to treat me that way. (shaking my head) That’s so small of them. HOW DARE THEY jump in the middle of my marriage and call the shots!

I ultimately couldn’t believe all that was going on! I continued telling God my thoughts and feelings. However, I didn’t argue and I didn’t complain. I figured, God would handle them, better than I ever could.

It hurt so bad, I again, started feeling like wanted to leave, but again, I couldn’t because I loved him too much, to leave. I remember that he asked me again if I still wanted to leave, and I told him no. I admit that I lied, but I couldn’t tell him the truth because I didn’t want to raise any more problems. I was wrong for lying. I have repented for that.

MY THOUGHTS WERE… I gave up EVERYTHING for him; I had just left my family, my Apartment, and my good job for him, risked my life to be with him, because he could have been a psycho! I allowed him to break my 5 year celibacy, I said vows to him, risked my life to drive 12 hours, something I’d never done before, running the risk of getting lost or in a car wreck, and all he could do was tell me that I never did what he asked of me, and things aren’t looking good! I was so angry in my heart and feeling so oppressed by their actions, that I was considering sneaking out while everyone was sleep, but I didn’t because I was afraid of him hearing me. Plus he made me break my glasses so that I could stop relying on them while he gave me vitamins, so I couldn’t drive if I had decided to sneak out in the middle of the night.

I was so distraught.

Heavenly Father, Please Deliver Me NOW!

Before Saturday bible service, on Oct 2, 2010, while we all were in prayer, I prayed and cried for God to deliver me from there.

During the bible service, I couldn’t look at him, so I held my head down. However, I took notice how the older lady sat on the floor, facing me, staring me down for about 30 minutes, until she got up and sat in a chair, and faced him. I refused to look in her direction.

After Pervis finished preaching that Saturday sermon, we had a family meeting. The women in the house, were asked about their feelings, and they explained their dislike towards me, , and after the meeting, Pervis said, “I don’t know where your going, but you have to leave” and I said, “ok, No problem”. He told me to leave, because he didn’t want the women in the house (and his son) to be depressed and sad with my presence. (Smh). I was extremely broken by their lies, the “crying” show they put on, and the way they manipulated my husband. I refused to let them see me cry, so I quickly got my things and as I was taking them out to my car, I heard the women laughing, talking about playing Volleyball, as if there was never a family meeting with them crying and acting as if they were devastated.

I had no one to justify my righteous deeds, towards that family. They had done me wrong and disrespected me, to no end. Pervis allowed them, and he joined forces with them. They had each others back, and I was helpless.

I didn’t say a word, and finally I drove away. I could cry now, thinking about how they did me. I know my husband didn’t want me to leave, but he told me to leave, to make them happy.

I know some of you are saying that I had to do something wrong.. Well I’m telling you the honest truth. When I went there, I purposely put away any arguing spirit that I had with my husband… I made sure that I didn’t argue back with him, or no one else. I bent over backwards for that family, yet they lied on me and caused my husband to repent for marrying me.

Im not saying that I was totally perfect, but I didn’t do any of the things that they accused me of. Plus, their complaint was that I disrespected Pervis, by saying that he needs prayer, and that he’s in error. They said that I hurt them by saying that about Pervis. I admit that I said it, but in my mind, I was saying “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”. I got treated like a dog (and put out), all because I said that he was in error and needed prayer… smh!

So, that’s why they were crying, that’s why they said that they disliked me. Sounds really ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Current Times

Once I got back to my state, I came to my Dads one bedroom apt. That’s where I am now. No job, no money, struggling and heart broken. I texted Pervis almost 2 weeks later (oct 14), to tell him that im back in my state. I’m in my dad’s apartment, and I’m weak. I’m depressed and haven’t bathe in 3 days. I miss him and love him soo much. All he could say is, “why haven’t you bathe in 3 days? That’s gross!”.

WOW.. to say the least, his attitude was sadistic and very painful to me. I still replied with a joke, but he didn’t respond back to me.

Again, I called him one week later, (oct 21) to tell him that I still love him, and that I never gave up. After he ignored my call, I left him a positive loving message. The next day I called back and to my shock, he answered. I asked if he felt like talking to me, and he immediately, started saying that I don’t need to call him ever again.. he doesn’t want to hear from me, I’m to blame for our relationship ending, I should apologize to his family for disrespecting them, we were never married, and I was never his wife, he has a new woman, who is better than me, and his family love her (he now has Facebook pictures of him and the new woman).. he also said that I should just repent for having sex/fornicating with him, because we weren’t married at all… After about 2 minutes of listening to him verbally, brake me into 1,000 pieces, he hung up in my face.

I felt like I wanted to die. I don’t think I could cry hard enough to ease the pain that was rippling through my chest (im crying now as I type)..I laid on the closet floor, TRYING to cry in silence, so that my dad wouldn’t hear me, and worry himself. My fists were so tight, that my nails were digging into my palms. My face was pressed against the carpet, and all I could do was close my eyes and cry as hard as I could. I couldn’t pray and I couldn’t move. That day, my spirit, was experiencing a deep pain, that I had never felt before. I was helpless & hopeless. I just wanted to die.

That went on for 2 hours. Later, I gained a little strength and got up. Slightly bent over, and holding my chest, I walked to the mirror and look at my face. It was swelling and my eyes were red, and filled with water; they to were almost swollen shut, from crying. The face that I seen in the mirror was not me, literally. My eyes scared me, because those were the eyes of a person who was filled with extreme sorrow. I had never seen myself look that way before. I looked really scary.

I managed to ask God why did He let this happen to me.. I left everything for Pervis and now I’m back, with nothing! I told the Father that I trusted him. Before I left to be with Pervis, I said Father if you want me to go, I will go, but if you want me to stay, I will stay. That was my peace that I rested in. So finally the Father let me go. That had to be his will, right?

I trusted God with everything. I fasted and prayed, day after day, to know for sure, if I needed to go to Pervis’s home, so soon. I just dont understand why things got so bad.

I don’t blame God anymore, but I’m still hurting. However, some days are better than others. The holy spirit reminded me that, Pervis is my husband and don’t give up on him. Just keep praying for him, and he will return.

It’s hard because I feel like giving up and moving on, but God wont let me.

Three days before I left to be with Pervis, I met a coworker, who I accidentally ran across. I was a fill-in that day and we started talking about relationships. His story was similar to mine, so I felt compelled to tell him about how I met Pervis, and the things that I didn’t like about Pervis, as far as his arrogance and argumentative ways. My coworker, who I noticed, was a strong Faithful man, told me that I cant change Pervis, only God can. He told me to ONLY pray for Pervis, and let God have his way with him. Then Pervis will be a totally new person. My coworker also told me to be patient.

All of that sounds nice, but im hurting, now, because I keep thinking of his Sadistic, twisted family, and his arrogant, hard hearted ways. I don’t regret leaving, but I miss him dearly. If God wants me back with him, I pray that the others are no longer there. I forgave them, but I cant take this, happening to me again. Please pray for me, and our marriage everyone.. please.

I wish that I could give more details, but I would be typing all night.

Bless you all.

PS… I forgot to mention that he, endlessly, compared me to those, who have hurt him in past relationships. I knew, that hindered our marriage as well, because he is still hurt by that.

****UPDATE**** 6/12/16

WOW I am revisiting this testimony after six long years. It’s very interesting that I gave so much of my time and emotions, to someone who did not care about me at all. It took me two years to recover from this.

Now that I look back, I see that I was apart of a cult. Over the years, I have heard how this family did the same thing too many other women, and we all have the same story. Also we need to be careful with interpreting situations and saying that its God because Satan is very tricky. He’s very smart because he’s been around longer than all of us and he knows more than we do. I’m convinced that God did NOT give me the green light to go to be with Pervis. There were all types of red flags and I even had a dream that I shouldn’t have moved there, but I ignored it all, because of my own futile understanding. When I typed this story, 6 years ago, asking for prayer to heal my marriage, I was still weak, manipulated and confused- deceiving myself into thinking he was my husband, because I couldn’t let go of the few good qualities that he had. This man and his family are Devils and I’m not saying that to be smart, I’m saying that because its evident. They are still doing the same thing to other helpless single and married women, (and me hearing about it, and seeing it, made me remember my testimony here). They manipulate these women, to draw them in, then they use them. They also want these people to worship him saying that he’s an Apostle and prophet. If the woman refuse to worship him (literally), they make them leave. The woman is so hurt and broken, but they make her think that she is the problem when it’s really this man and his family. It’s really sad also because in all of these situations, they claim to be the victims. My heart goes out to every woman (20+ women) who have suffered at the mistreatment of this man and his family. The authorities cant do anything without proof and other women are afraid to speak up out of fear of him “exposing” them or making a video on Facebook about them, or possibly doing witchcraft on them (which he has admitted to doing in the past). He is the common denominator in this and all of these women, who have the same story, can’t all be telling the same lie.

On another note, I have since then been married and I’m doing just fine. I’m blessed that my relationship didn’t work out with Pervis.

The whole thing was a mistake. If anything, there is a lesson in this, and the lesson is: Just because the situation seems right doesn’t mean that it is, and just because the situation seems like it’s from God, doesn’t mean that it is. Many of us have suffered for nothing, when God had already created a way out of the potential bad problem by showing us red flags. But we love to ignore the red flags to do what we think is right, and then once we get caught up, we’re asking God to bless the bad situation. Smh. We have to read between the lines and analyze everything because if the situation is for you, it would be made very easy for you, and it won’t cause any hardship.

If anything, please pray that God bring this man and his family down, so that me and many other women will finally get justice. Thank you for reading.

Prayer is the glue that holds a marriage and a family together. Prayer comes in many forms, including: recited prayers, such as the Hail Mary; spontaneous prayer, as a husband and wife might say before bedtime; praying with Scripture; and that perfect prayer–the Mass.

The book, Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers, is an excellent resource for your marriage as you explore the Catholic tradition of prayer. Here are some excerpts:

Blessing of an Engaged Couple

The betrothal of a Christian couple is a special occasion for their families, who should celebrate it together with prayer and a special rite. In this way, they ask God’s blessing that the happiness promised by the engagement will be brought to fulfillment. When the engagement is celebrated within the circle of the two families, one of the parents should preside.

When the families have gathered, all make the sign of the cross.

The leader greets those present in the following words:

Brothers and sisters, let us praise our Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us. Let us bless him now and forever.

R/. Blessed be God forever.

In the following or similar words, the leader prepares those present for the blessing.

We know that all of us need God’s blessing at all times; but at the time of their engagement to be married, Christians are in particular need of grace as they prepare themselves to form a new family.

Let us pray, then, for God’s blessing to come upon this couple: that as they await the day of their wedding, they will grow in mutual respect and in their love for one another; that through their companionship and prayer together they will prepare themselves rightly and chastely for marriage.

One of those present or the leader reads a text of sacred Scripture.

Listen to the words of the first Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians: 13:4-13

Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, love is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails. If there are prophecies, they will be brought to nothing; if tongues, they will cease; if knowledge, it will be brought to nothing. For we know partially and we prophesy partially, but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. When I was a child, I used to talk as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I put aside childish things. At present we see indistinctly, as in a mirror, but then face to face. At present I know partially; then I shall know fully, as I am fully known. So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Or John 15:9-12: This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you.

Reader: The Word of the Lord.

R/. Thanks be to God.

The intercessions are then said.

Leader: God our Father has so loved us that in Christ he makes us his children and the witnesses of his love before the entire world. Let us, therefore, call upon him in all confidence, saying:

R/. Lord, help us to remain always in your love.

God our Father, you willed that your true children, brothers and sisters in Christ, should be known by their love for one another. R/.

You place upon us the sweet demands of love so that we may find happiness by responding to them. R/.

You call N. and N. to the communion of life and love that binds the Christian family together, mind and heart. R/.

The engaged couple may exchange rings or some other gift that signifies their pledge to each other.

One of the parents may bless these gifts:

N. and N., in due course may you honor the sacred pledge symbolized by these gifts which you now exchange.

R/. Amen.

The leader says the prayer of blessing with hands joined.

We praise you, Lord, for your gentle plan draws together your children, N. and N., in love for one another. Strengthen their hearts, so that they will keep faith with each other, please you in all things, and so come to the happiness of celebrating the sacrament of their marriage. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

R/. Amen.

The leader concludes the rite by signing himself or herself with the sign of the cross and saying:

May the God of love and peace abide in you, guide your steps, and confirm your hearts in his love, now and forever.

R/. Amen.

The blessing may conclude with a suitable song.

Prayer of a Future Husband

Adapted from Tobit 8:5-7

Blessed are you, O God of our ancestors, and blessed too is your name forever. Let the heavens bless you for evermore and all the things you have made. It was you who created Adam, you who created Eve his wife to be his help and support; and from these two the human race was born. It was you who said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; let us make him a partner like himself.”

I take N. in sincerity of heart. Have mercy on her and on me and allow us to live together to a happy old age.

Prayer of a Future Wife

Adapted from Psalm 16

Keep me, O God, for in you I take refuge; I say to the Lord, “My God are you. Apart from you I have no good.” I bless the Lord who counsels me; even in the night my heart exhorts me. I set the Lord ever before me; with him at my right hand I shall not be disturbed. Therefore my heart is glad and my soul rejoices, my body abides in confidence.

You, O Lord, will show me the path to life, fullness of joys in your presence, the delights at your right hand forever.

Blessing of a Son or Daughter Before Marriage

In the days immediately before the wedding, the family may gather around its member who is to be married, perhaps at a special meal in the family’s home.

All make the sign of the cross. A parent begins:

Let us bless the Lord, by whose goodness we live and by whose grace we love one another. Blessed be God forever.

R/. Blessed be God forever.

Then the Scripture is read:

Listen to the words of the Book of Deuteronomy: 6:4-7

Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone! Therefore, you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength. Take to heart these words which I enjoin on you today. Drill them into your children. Speak of them at home and abroad, whether you are busy or at rest.

Reader: The Word of the Lord.

R/. Thanks be to God.

The parents may give a Bible or crucifix to the one who is to be married. Then all join in prayers of intercession for the couple to be married and for the world. After the Lord’s Prayer, the parents and other family members place their hands on the head of their son or daughter as one or both parents speak the blessing.

May the Lord, who gave you into our care and made you a joy to our home, bless you and keep you.

R/. Amen.

May the Lord, who turns the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of children to their parents, smile on you and be kind to you.

R/. Amen.

May the Lord, who delights in our love for one another, turn toward you and give you peace.

R/. Amen.

All make the sign of the cross as the leader concludes:

May the God of love and peace abide in you, guide your steps, and confirm your heart in his love, now and forever.

R/. Amen.

Table Blessing for Weddings

This blessing may be used before the meal at a wedding reception. A member of the wedding party or one of the parents of the newly married couple may serve as the leader.

When everyone has gathered at table and the meal is ready to be served, all make the sign of the cross.

Leader: Blessed be God who has brought us together in joy.

R/. Blessed be God forever.

The leader introduces the blessing in these or similar words:

We have gathered here to celebrate the love of N. and N. God has brought them together, and we pray that God will hold them in his love always. As the food we share will strengthen our bodies, may our time together strengthen the love that binds us.

After a time of silence, the leader prays:

Let us pray. Lord God, you sustain all creatures and never cease to give your children the food they need. We bless you for bringing us together in the love that unites us around this table where the food we take strengthens our bodies. We pray that, nourished by your Word, we may grow ever stronger in faith as we strive for the coming of your Kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

R/. Amen.

Blessing on Anniversaries #1

When the household and friends have gathered, all make the sign of the cross.

The leader greets those present in the following words:

Blessed be the God of all consolation, who has shown us his great mercy. Blessed be God now and forever.

R/. Blessed be God forever.

In the following or similar words, the leader prepares those present for the blessing.

We have come together to celebrate the anniversary of the marriage of our brother and sister. As we join them in their joy, we join them also in their gratitude. God has set them among us as a sign of his love and through the years they have remained faithful (and have fulfilled their responsibilities as parents). Let us give thanks for all the favors N. and N. have received during their married life. May God keep them in their love for each other, so that they may be more and more of one mind and one heart.

One of those present or the leader reads a text of sacred Scripture.

Listen to the words of the first Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 1:4-9

I give thanks to my God always on your account for the grace of God bestowed on you in Christ Jesus, that in him you were enriched in every way, with all discourse and all knowledge, as the testimony to Christ was confirmed among you, so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift as you wait for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ. He will keep you firm to the end, irreproachable on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful, and by him you were called to fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Reader: The Word of the Lord.

R/. Thanks be to God.

The intercessions are then said.

Leader: In the tender plan of his providence, God our almighty Father has given married love, its faithfulness, (and its fruitfulness,) a special significance in the history of salvation. Let us therefore call upon him, saying:

R/. Lord, hear our prayer.

Father all-holy, you have made marriage the great symbol of Christ’s love for his Church; bestow on these your servants the fullness of your own love. For this we pray: R/.

Father all-holy, the faithful one, you ask for and respond to fidelity to your covenant; fill with your blessings your servants who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. For this we pray: R/.

It is your will that all married life should be a lesson in Christian living; grant that all husbands and wives may be witnesses to the wonders of your Son’s love. For this we pray: R/.

The leader says the prayer of blessing with hands joined.

Lord God and Creator, we bless and praise your name. In the beginning you made man and woman, so that they might enter a communion of life and love. You likewise blessed the union of N. and N., so that they might reflect the union of Christ with his Church: look with kindness on them today. Amid the joys and struggles of their life you have preserved the union between them; renew their marriage covenant, increase your love in them, and strengthen their bond of peace, so that (surrounded by their children) they may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

R/. Amen.

Blessing on Anniversaries #2

Almighty and eternal God, you have so exalted the unbreakable bond of marriage that it has become the sacramental sign of your Son’s union with the Church as his spouse. Look with favor on N. and N., whom you have united in marriage, as they ask for your help and the protection of the Virgin Mary. They pray that in good times and in bad they will grow in love for each other; that they will resolve to be of one heart in the bond of peace.

Lord, in their struggles let them rejoice that you are near to help them; in their needs let them know that you are there to rescue them; in their joys let them see that you are the source and completion of every happiness. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

R/. Amen.

The leader concludes the rite by signing himself or herself with the sign of the cross and saying:

May the God of hope fill us with every joy in believing. May the peace of Christ abound in our hearts. May the Holy Spirit enrich us with his gifts, Now and forever.

R/. Amen.

Exerpts from Blessings and Prayers for Home and Family (c) Concacan, Inc, 2004. Used and adapted by permission of the Canadian Conferene of Catholic Bishops.

Excerpts from the English translations of Book of Blessings (c) 1988, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc. (ICEL). All rights reserved.

Bring prayer into your marriage! Use Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers to:

  • Learn the “by-hearts”-the prayers that every Catholic needs to know by memory
  • Practice the simple form of the Liturgy of the Hours as a family
  • Celebrate the feasts and seasons of the Church year in ritual and prayer
  • Bless the Advent wreath, Christmas crèche, and Easter foods
  • Lead grace before and after meals
  • Pray for family members
  • Bless the home before a move and in times of trouble

Additional Resources:

  • The Couple Prayer Series
  • Rite for the Blessing of a Child in the Womb (USCCB)

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