Prayers for the injured

by Angel ()

Please pray for the needy and the very poor;. the homeless and those who are hungry ;millions of people are staving in a country which is so flourish, lord help us to know that it is good to help the poor and the needy; be your neighbour friend, lord i pray that it will be a good winter, my body soul and mind aches for the homeless; lord may you warm their path, help me that i may help even one homeless person,bless all the children of the world keep them safe i pray.

May god bless all of us and open our minds and hearts so that we can help each other; regardless of who they are; remember blessing has no color; god bless us all.when some one cries for help dont look the other way; we are all god;s people; you may be in a good position today but you never know what tomorrow brings; always remember that god is our keeper.

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