Prayers for my husband to get a job

by Dawn (Virginia)

Dear Lord, please watch over my husband. He went for his second interview for a job last week and is waiting for a response from the company. He was laid off from his job over two years and had become very depressed.

He then worked for a family member and he laid my husband off over the phone. He now feels he must have done wrong in his life to have this happen. We had to sell our home and I also am without a job now.

Please hear our pray to grant him this position. I am worried about how this will effect him if he should not be offered the position. If he should be blessed with this job, we will be able to help others again as we use too.

We thank you for everything you have given to us. We just need this job. Please watch over us and our family and friends.

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Dear Father,

Please help my husband get a good job. we are expecting our first child which is a special gift you gave us, and we look up to you for help. My husband has been looking for a job for a while now, and this is affecting him.

By the reason of your love and compassion, and the blood of our elder brother and saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, please show us your mercy and come through for us. The bills and the stress is beginning to affect us both, and we believe you will always make a way of escape for us and your grace will make a way for us.

Thank you for answering our prayers and for making all things to work in our favour.

I pray in Jesus name.


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by Lora (Philippines)

Dear God, I pray for my husband to quickly get a job & I also pray for his good health. He got laid off & need a new job. He has always worked so hard & has put his family needs before his own. My husband has been jobless for so long. I worry for his health & condition. I pray to you that he is given the opportunity to get a job in the field that he worked so hard to get into.

I pray to you for his happiness & pray for his health. God please forgive us for all our sins, please open a path for my husband & give him another chance. He has always been very helpful to others & has a generous heart. I have my trust & faith in you & ask for your help with a heavy heart.

I love you Father with my whole heart & soul. In Jesus name. Thank You God. Amen

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