Prayers for graduating seniors

Graduation is quickly approaching. Those who are about to receive their degrees are also about to move into a new phase of life. This experience is both exciting and terrifying, whether or not plans have officially been made. In response, I would like to offer a prayer for graduating seniors.

Our God in Heaven,

Thank You for blessing us with these people. Thank You for giving us time with some truly amazing humans. Thank You for the friends, acquaintances and peers that have influenced us in ways we may not even be aware of. Thank You for the conversations, meals, events, late nights, study sessions and weekends that we have been able to spend with these people. Thank You for creating these humans.

I pray that You continue to push them in the direction You want their life to go. And I pray that they follow without too much of a fight. I pray that the coming years would be full of new opportunities and that You show them parts of themselves they have yet to discover. I pray that in moments of stress, anxiety or fear, You would be there to comfort and guide them.

I pray that those who do not know what after-graduation holds for them don’t fear the coming months. I pray that You would open up doors for them and motivate them to try new things. I pray that they would take advantage of this time that they get to spend freely. I pray that they would get to spend more time with You and build a strong relationship with you that will last a lifetime.

I pray that those who do know what after-graduation holds for them are able to rejoice in You. I pray that they take time to reflect and that if they find that what they are doing isn’t their calling, they are able to walk away. I pray for ears to listen to Your voice and the ability to discern the right path for them.

I pray for strength, wisdom and discernment. I pray for grace, joy and peace. I pray that all of the graduating seniors know how much You love them and how much we love them. I pray that they will walk across the stage without fear of what’s on the other side. I pray that they are aware of Your presence on graduation day. I pray that they know how proud You are of them.

I pray that no matter where life takes them, they know You are with them. I pray that they know how much love and support surrounds them from family, friends and peers. I pray that they remember the people and places they are leaving behind and that they remember to come visit.

Most of all, I pray that regardless of all circumstances, they know that You are always on their side, and You have a plan for them.


“‘How do I reach my co-workers?’ asked Dani (pictured on my back), as she contemplated how to advance the Gospel in her school. I sat across from her amazed by how much she’s spiritually matured since she was a freshman in my Bible Study a few short years ago.”

prayers for graduating seniors

“Dani is now a senior and is in the last phase of her Special Education degree: Student Teaching. She graduates in December, and though she knows her time is limited in her current school, she recognizes that she has been placed there to make an impact for Christ. THIS is one of the reasons I love giving my life away to college students! One day they will graduate and have ministry opportunities amongst their co-workers. Students, like Dani, are being trained to be disciple-making missionaries for their future jobs! Please pray for courage and opportunities for Dani to be a light for Christ in her school. Pray for the Lord to provide a job after she graduates and for Dani to be a life-long laborer for the Kingdom in her workplace and in every other context.” -Amanda Garcia, Texas A&M

I read this little blurb a few months ago now. But it stuck with me. You know why I think it stuck around when the majority of things I read are quietly forgotten? Here’s why…

I did some digging and found that, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, 1,855,000 students are projected to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2015 (source: Seriously. Almost 2 million!

Hundreds, if not thousands, of those students will have been deeply impacted by a Navigator ministry by the time they toss their cap in the air. Most of those will have received significant training through that ministry on how to reach out to others and help them walk with Jesus. Some of them will graduate and enter a full-time ministry position, but the majority won’t do vocational ministry after they graduate. The hope of the staff (like Amanda) and older students who have poured into them is that they would take what they’ve learned and apply it out in the workplace.

4 Ways you can Pray for Graduating Seniors

Will you – parent, student, accountant, photographer, pastor or missionary alike – join Amanda and the rest of the Navigator staff who are currently praying for the graduating students in their ministries?

  1. Pray that as God sends these shiny new grads into the world, they would continue to lean on Jesus to sustain them and then reach out to their co-workers with boldness and love.
  2. Pray that 2015 would be a year in which the graduating class of college students would let the Holy Spirit not only make ripples through them in their workplaces, but even waves – waves that sweep multitudes of individuals into His loving arms.
  3. Pray for their perseverance through the lean and difficult times, that they wouldn’t let discouraging circumstances get the better of them.
  4. Pray that the LORD would bring alongside our grads other likeminded and like-hearted individuals who would labor with them in their workplace.
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When son get graduation degree its proud for parents and make all happiness in fist so take all these in destiny by wishing him.

prayers for graduating seniors

Graduation Messages To Son From Parents

  • Your future is bright.
    For those times of the
    studies late at night,
    lack of sleep, and the
    sacrifice of fun and games,
    and reward there.
    Congratulations beloved
    child who emerged victorious.
  • I’ve worked hard, my child.
    The time has come to celebrate
    your graduation. You made us
    all very proud.
    We wish you success in your future
  • Rules for children.
    Responsibilities are your thing now.
    You graduate! Good luck!
    You may have a terrible future.
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Right when I was a kid, and even today,
    just give us a reason to stand in pride.
    We were very lucky to have you in our lives.
    Congratulations and good
    luck for a successful career.
  • Responsibilities go hand in hand.
    The time has come to take a more
    accountable decisions. You graduate!
    Graduation day happy!
  • Congratulations Aziz graduation.
    With respect to the concerned of your future,
    and we are sure you will make
    a hit with your intelligence.
  • Congratulations on your graduation.
    Be respect regarding to your future
    and we are sure you will make
    a hit with your intelligence.
  • Congratulations to you.
    Just remember it may be your education most.
    But the process of the learning will never ends.
    Graduation pleased.
  • Congratulations to graduate a little bit.
    No matter where you go or how
    you can become successful
    never lose the faith in God.
    Always show the humble personality.
  • Congratulations to my little
    child who has grown in the end.
    You come out now mature
    enough to take responsibility.
  • You must have a very proud moment for you.
    Follow-up dream requires effort and passion.
    Hard work is not over when he graduated.
    It’s just a pause to enter the new battlefields of life.
    Good luck and congratulations!
  • I really deserve success! I’m sure
    that on the day of graduation,
    you feel much more intelligent.
    My message, and I want you to
    define your goals high, and I will
    not stop until you get there!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Supreme Congratulations!
    Their ancestors proud. Best
    wishes for your career advancement!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • You are in the middle of the road.
    Secondary school is the beginning
    of a bright future for you. Best wishes
    for a wonderful school year!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Will make mistakes and wounded
    many times in your life. Do not give up
    it’s just experience. Find your star is
    keen to own and get there!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • My daughter dear, congratulations
    for graduation. As you advance,
    take with you the lessons learned
    in college and make your dreams.
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Congratulations on your outstanding
    achievement! Looking back, it was worth.
    We wish you all the best in your chosen
    profession beautiful.
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • My friend, you really did it yourself!
    How does it feel to be on top of the world?
    It’s time to celebrate!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Son, I have worked hard and
    now you have successfully completed
    your graduation and choose dishonest
    profession. And your career will bring
    you a lot of happiness!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Sincerely, friend! It is an honor to
    share this important moment in your life.
    He graduated from high school is certainly
    an achievement, but there is more to come
    the goals, challenges and opportunities!
    Everything is possible if you believe in yourself only.
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Your success is not surprising!
    It is well deserved, and will give you
    the opportunity to spread their wings.
    You’re great!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Congratulations on this happy day!
    Always remember that you are the
    bravest than you believe, stronger than
    you seem, and smarter than you think!
    Congratulations on your graduation
  • Dear, Son!
    You got a great success in your life
    now you are turning into a practical way
    we hope you will be best here too
    We wish you best of luck for future
    and stay blessed!
  • Lots of congratulations to you on this beautiful day
    Dear, you are graduated now
    you did a very awesome job in your studies
    we are really happy for you
    we want you to move on and don’t stop.
    Good Luck!
prayers for graduating seniors

The inspirational wishes for the graduating seniors are sent to motivate them and encourage them to do well in life. Graduating seniors cross over the graduation education level and look forward to starting a new career life. Some look forward to jobs and working, while some others look forward to further studies.  The inspirational wishes motivate the students to do harder and best in whatever field they choose. The inspirational wishes for the graduating seniors can be sent through text messages and cards along with gifts for the seniors. One can also send inspirational messages video clips and send them through a DVD to the students. Following are the samples of inspirational messages for graduating seniors examples sent in different ways:

Inspirational Messages for Graduating Seniors from Parents

Parents are the motivational guides who guide their children to excel in life in whatever field they choose. The parents send inspirational wishes for the seniors through cards with gifts of their choice and also through text messages sent through mobile or social networking sites.

“Your success is what determines your future. The best successful person excels in every part of life and tries to his best of abilities. Wish you all the luck for your future.”

Inspirational Messages for Graduating Seniors in High School

Graduating seniors from high school pass out from one level of their education and look forward to college life. After high school, they determine the course of studies what they will choose and excel in that field of education. The inspirational wishes motivate the students for their good and are sent through cards or inspirational wishes video clips for the students.

“With good wishes for your graduation year in high school, do well and excel this level of education with flying colors. The next level will change your course of life as you will take important choices for life. Wish you all the good luck for a bright future.”

Inspirational Messages for Graduating Elementary Students

Elementary students are the primary students still in school. School education nowadays has tough competition among the students who try their best in getting the top ranks. As such, the inspirational wishes for these students would make the student more motivation to try his or her best and excel with flying colors in every class.

“Do your studies regularly with all your effort and bring out the best of results in every class. Your brighter results will earn you the best place in school and society and your career will take a high fly. I send you all the good wishes for a brighter future ahead.’

Inspirational Messages for Graduating Seniors in College

College life is full of fun and studies. During this time, a student who is serious about studies excels well in the educational level and has his course of future planned out well. The inspirational wishes for the graduating senior in college will encourage him or her to excel in studies and choose the right path of his life.’

“Your best effort determines your brighter career future. Make sure you do your best in studies and the best results will come to you effortlessly. I send all the best wishes for your bright future ahead.”

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