Prayers for finding a job

by Annonymous (Perth Australia)

Dear Heavenly Father Lord of Lords, I come before you this day my Father to lay my burden at your feet. Father, in Jesus name I ask you for a Miracle please Lord. I have been struggling to find a job for nearly five months now when I do make it to the interview someone else always seem to get the job above me.

Lord you know our needs we are so low however we lift ourselves knowing and trusting in you. Father you the only that keeps us going. We have no rent money let alone utilities as I have to use
My husbands hard earned money to make sure we have food and petrol for him to get to work. We are in a foreign country with no family and or support. I just want to work please Jesus.

Please help me Lord as I am a child of yours and I know you will not let us down. I thank and praise you dear Lord in Jesus wonderful name. I love you Lord. Amen

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Here is a small daily prayer for a specific intention. It can be anything like finding a job, finding a suitable Life Partner, for finding a house and so on.

Jesus, my Lord and my God, I worship you and adore you. Lord you have said, “Your Father and Mother may abandon you, but I will never abandon you. “

I believe in you and so I surrender all fears, anxieties and worries into your hands. Lord, I believe in your eternal love. Cover me with your love and let me experience your grace. I pray for the following intention… (Mention your intention here). If you will Lord and if it will be for my goodness, I humbly pray that you may grant me my request. Amen

Gracious and loving God, you know our need for meaningful work. Send your Holy Spirit to guide those who are searching for employment. Help them to recognize the gifts and talents you have given them.

Deepen their desire to follow your will. Inspire them as they contact potential employers. Give them patience as they wait for responses. Shelter them from feelings of rejection. Protect them from discouragement. Give them courage to overcome fear.

Shower on them the graces they need to persevere. Let this time of searching become an opportunity to grow in faith, to cultivate the virtue of hope, and to experience your healing love. We ask this through Chirst our Lord. Amen

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, you wanted all who are weary to come to you for support. Lord, I am worn out by my inability to find wage-earning work. Day after day, my worry and fear grow as the rejections of my applications mount. I am able and willing to work but I cannot find a worthwhile job. Please help me to obtain one soon so that I can support myself and my family in a decent way.

However, if it is your will that I wait longer, enable me to worry less and to be able to take advantage of the time available to get closer to you. Let me realize that there are other ways to bring about your kingdom on earth besides salaried work. Help me to make use of them for the time being so that I may continue to grow as a person for your greater glory. Amen

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