Prayer to save my relationship

by Yahzee ()

I come before you now asking for help in my relationship. We’ve been together now for almost two years and as the time went on, I got to know her and love her more and more. Before her I thought marriage was not for me at all, but she changed that in me.

I was beginning to look for a date, what kind of wedding we would have, what dress she would be wearing, but I was also waiting for the right moment to finally decide all the hows and when. At the same time I was getting increasingly stressed because everything I do for her I wanted to be just the way she liked it cause I didn’t want her to get mad at me. In the middle of all those things however I got blind at many things and made so many mistakes that were revealed to me during a really stupid fight.

A painful week later we decided to give the relationship another go, but that very same week an external problem with one her family members who was against the way we carried our relationship came into play. In the coming days pressure from all sides made her change her mind about many things, including marriage, and I was left alone trying to hold on the pieces of what we had. For one month I struggled to get up and carry on and trying to make her stand by my side and fight together.

The next month things got easier and we were slowly getting close again, but the damage inside her continued to damage us to the point where she said she loved me, but didn’t wanted a relationship with me. When I had almost given up to the idea of losing the love of my life she offered me one last chance, one month to try together again.

During all this time I’ve been fighting with myself to stand the pain and get up and be strong for me and for her, I’ve been increasingly moving stuff and doing things all around to probe her how much I love her and how much I want to correct all the things I did wrong. But try as I might, she seems so confused still.

I can see he loves me, I can feel it by the way she talks to me or worries for me, even kisses me, but then the next minute she becomes silent and cold, sometimes even get mad and I’m left wondering what did I do wrong now. I asked for her forgiveness so many times, this morning I begged God for forgiveness for my sins against this relationship and asked for guidance as to how to save this relationship because I know that I can give my best but alone I will fail.

I prayed the Lord to give me a path to follow, if I can really be good for her and if she can be the girl I need, and a few days later is when she gave me one last chance, so I’m sure I must fight for her. But right now I’m afraid that she’s expecting this “one last try” to fail, while I’m only going for a happy ending.

I ask brothers for your guidance, and for your prayers, please join me, pray for me, my girl and our relationship, cause I know I can be a better man for me, for her, and ultimately together we can be a couple for our Lord. Thank you so much. God bless you all for reading all this.

by Kristi (Alberta)

Please pray for my relationship. My boyfriend and I have been living together for over a year. We have a house and it has been a happy life.

So happy. My SIL said that she has never seen me so happy in a relationship before and that my son, who has never had a dad, have so much confidence and acceptance and belonging before.

We have been fighting about my boyfriends adult daughter, she doesn’t like me at all. It has caused a lot of strain in our relationship and my boyfriend has moved out. I just keep doing the wrong things and we keep fighting lately. He is angry at me and I just pray that God opens his heart so that he can remember the good times and that’s why we are together.

Please open his heart Dear God. My son and I need him in our lives and we need him to be committed.

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