Prayer to pass test

by Dama (Uk)

Lord God I come before you this evening thanking you for the opportunity to be able to do my driving test again. I pray that God you will guide me during this test and that you will give me clarity and most of all confidence. I pray you give me peace and calm during the test so that I can drive safely and carry out manoeuvres without panicking. Lord God may remember all I have learnt throughout this period and apply it all. Lord Jesus you are the one driving this car so may my focus be on you. May my driving examiner be patient and kind hearted. May I get enough rest to be able to face this test without feeling tired nor distracted. May my emotions not get better of me and may I be cautious and careful every step of the way. Lastly may I not loose sight of you Jesus for you are my strength when I am weak. For when I am weak you are strong. Nothing is impossible for you Jesus and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And finally when I do pass this test I pray for your protection as I start driving on my own. May remember that you will never leave me nor forsake me. I thank you for the countless chances you give me in life God, that you never give up on me and when I fall down you pick me up and give me another chance. You are amazing God and may your will be done in my life. I pray all this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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Prayer text does not always have to be prescribed by someone else. G‑d understands your language too. An appropriate prayer before a major exam would be something along the lines of, “G‑d, please help me pass this exam.” Perhaps you could elaborate on that and explain to G‑d why it means so much to you, or why it’s important for you to do well. It’s always good to get into the habit of praying to G‑d in a manner of talking to Him. You’ll begin to feel that you have a working relationship with Him, and you’re not just always reading a pre-prepared script at set times.

If you’d feel more comfortable having a standard prayer to go along with that, my suggestion would be Chapter 121 in Psalms. The theme of the psalm is the general assistance G‑d provides us, and our success being dependent on Him. It’s short and convenient. I’ve said it on a number of different occasions when I felt in need of some Divine assistance.

Wishing you lots of luck on your test,

Malkie Janowski for

P equals PLAN, a premeditated process you perform. Not random luck you wish for at the last minute.

R equals REALISTIC , something that goes along with the laws of nature rather than defies them.

A equals AND…

Y equals YAHWISTIC or in accordance with Yahweh, loving.

E equals EVENTUAL rather than instantaneous.

R equals RESULT which is the cumulative effect of the process.

Most people think that


is supposed to be a request for some


and unnatural result that contradicts all of the persons previous poor planning that resulted in the troubled circumstance which they are trying to




is exactly the opposite of that!

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