Prayer to make someone love you

prayer to make someone love you

Prayer is one of the most selfless and amazing things you can do for a person, especially someone that you love dearly. It is a way of being grateful and thankful for that special someone or a group of people you love to be with you. It is about taking out your time and focuses your energy and prays for the blessings of God on their behalf.

Oftentimes, when people pray, they will pray for things that they desire. They ask God for help, give them love, guidance, etc., just like a wish list. Take a step back from that and pray for someone else is not only taking you out of the center of attention, but also giving that person to God. When you pray for someone, you are performing a selfless act of hoping someone will be better, healthy, happy, and always be blessed. Not many people are willing to pray for other people. However, things can be a little different when it comes to people you love. We are willing to sacrifice and do something more for the ones that we love.

If you love a man, your boyfriend, your partner, fiancé, husband, significant other, pray for him. It is the best gift that you can give and the best thoughts you can have for him. If you love your children, pray for their safety as well as their wisdom. Your knowledge and tips will be incomplete, but God knows their situation and will bless him with the wisdom to navigate their lives. If you love your parents, pray for them and tell them that you love them all the time. Pray for your relationship that your parents will be blessed by God.

Whatever your situation, include prayer. Praying is not the only thing that you can do for your lover, but also your family members, your parents, your children, your friends, your neighbors, and also the people in this world.

So now that you know who you should pray for, but how are you going to do it? Here are a few good suggestions for you.


1. Pray that God will give you a relationship.

God’s word challenges us to ask and brings our needs before God. When your heart is in harmony with His, there are no limits on what you can ask. When it comes to a relationship, what are your deepest needs and desires? Let God knows and prays with your heart. Even if you are single or when you need a listening ear, just pray sincerely and God will send His blessings to you.

2. Pray that God will grant you patience and insight to wait for the right person.

Things may not happen immediately right after every prayer. Sometimes, God is planning for someone better to come into your life, you will never know because God always has a better and bigger plan for you. After your prayer, have the patience to wait for miracles to occur. And during the time of your wait, ask God to change you, nourish you, and fill you so that you are empowered and prepared for whatever that God has planned for you.

3. Pray that God will be working to rid anything unhealthy in your life.

Sometimes, we can notice the sin that we made, but sometimes we simply can’t. And as you seek to enhance your love life, make sure to ask for God’s help to recognize and heal all the unhealthy things in your life that are not in alignment with His best. It can be because of your bad habit or your negative characters that people do not want to be around you. So pray to God and seek to get to the bottom of your sins and ask for His healing power to be at work.

4. Pray that God will shape your heart and nourish interactions with others.

In life, you will notice that some people seem to have the charisma and everyone loves to be around him or her. On the other hand, there will be someone that people hate to be around with and they will do everything to avoid being with that person. Thus, pray for God to open your heart to loving and edifying others the way it was meant to. Pray God to enrich your relationships and for you to learn how to love and not just being loved.

5. Pray that God will bring healing to your past so that you can embrace the future.

One of the most important keys to a loving relationship, regardless of whether it is with your significant others or your family members, is to let go of the past. It is easy to get stuck in the past and unable to let go. When you are paralyzed by your past, you cannot move forward to a better future. Even when you have a great lover who is willing to spend the rest of her life with you, if you are stuck in the past, the relationship may suffer because of what you hold on to. Therefore, pray and ask God to relieve you from your past, allow you to let go and move forward in life for a better and more loving relationship.

6. Pray that God will protect and you emotional guidance.

You can pray for anything because God is almighty and hence, pray for Him to protect your emotional world and guide you through tough times when you most needed it. Love is a journey with ups and downs. When people fail in their relationship, whether it is a love relationship or a friendship, mainly it is because they do not know how to manage their emotion and let their emotions cloud their head. So pray for God to guide you for a healthy interaction in all of your relationship.

7. Pray that God will bless you with a great love life.

At the end of the day, you want to ask for God’s blessings in your relationship, especially your love life. It is impossible for us to control other people to live up to our expectation and become who we want them to be. You cannot control your lover to be like what you desire because everyone is unique and different. Thus, it is best to pray for God to bless you with a great love life rather than trying to change those who are around you to become who you expect them to be.

What If Someone You Love is Stuck in Sin?

The above are the suggestions of how you can pray for someone you love. Now, what if someone you love is stuck in sin and you would like to help him or her, but you have no idea what you can do? Turn to God and ask for His help. It is heartache to see those that you love struggle with an abusive relationship, drugs, gambling, alcohol, and more. Most of the time, there is no way you can change the person’s thought, not without God’s help. So turn to God and ask for His help. Pray for someone you love who stuck in sins.

Here’s how you can pray for them…

First, pray for the Lord to be with them. One of the first things you can do is to pray that God is with the person and watch over them wherever they are. God will guide them and show them direction and lead them to a healthy life.

Second, pray for the person to start working in their lives. You must have the faith and pray that God to start working on their lives. You may not see it immediately, but you have to believe that something deep within is slowly changing and that person will eventually change and lead a new and better life. Furthermore, you can pray for God to open their heart, mind, and spirit to the love, grace, and healing that only He can bring.

And third, pray as if it has already come to pass. You must have the faith and believe that God is already working on that person and is guiding him or her to a brighter life. Give God the praise and the glory for the victory over the person’s life as if it has already happened.

How Prayer Makes Your Relationships Stronger

When you pray for someone you love to be blessed, what truly happens is that you change your thought patterns and you are actively engaging yourself with that person. Scientists have shown that when someone prays with deep beliefs, their brainwaves will go into a conversation mood as if they are talking to someone. This will ultimately shape the reality. Meaning to say, when you pray for someone or you wish him or her to be good, what really happens is you are creating the reality in your mind.

As a result, your response will change. You will start to think about that person differently and you will perceive him or her differently. And when your thinking changed, your reality will change. This is why prayer can make your relationship stronger.

Prayer is just like focusing your thought on a certain subject. When you pray for someone, you are focusing your thoughts on him. As a result, it will become a new reality and your outer life will change.

Plus, as what you have learned above, when you pray, you must also pray as if God has already made that happen. This is because you choose to believe in God and that He will hear your prayer and fulfills your request. When you believe that things will become better, you will operate from a more optimistic mindset and act as if things are working out for you instead of against you. Therefore, it builds the bond between you and the person who you prayed for.

For instance, think of someone who irritates you. it can be someone you have a strained relationship with or who just rubs you the wrong way. Now, do you pray for that person? Or do you just complain, resent, grumble, and nag? So does praying or nagging works? Yes, science has already proved this. So why do you want to nag, complain or resent? Rather, choose to pray for the people that you love and whom you want to change.

There are things in other people’s lives that you would like to change. The problem is that you cannot change them. You can only change yourself. We always want other people to change, but we simply can’t, not without the help of God. And when you turn to God and ask for His help, pray and let God do His work, you will change. The fastest way to change a bad relationship to a good one is to start praying for the other person. When you do this, it will change you, and as a result, it can change the other person.

This is just like the saying, “If you can’t fight them, join them.” There is no way you can change someone, but you can always choose to change yourself to impact other people to change. This is a vital subject in a relationship because we often deal with people who have different characteristics and habits than us. We want other people to change, but not us. And this is how prayer can help.

Prayer for Finding Love

Remember that God is almighty God and He can help and fulfill whatever you asked for. If you have no idea what to say when you pray for someone you love, here is an example for you:

“Almighty God, hear this prayer. Almighty God, hear this relationship prayer. As You are first in my heavenly heart and mind and spirit, so do I desire a companion for my earthly heart and mind and being. Guide me to the partner You know is perfect for me. Help me walk in faith until that time of our first meeting. Show me how I can become a partner worthy of love. Then guide me through every stage of our relationship, so that, as we move ever closer to You, we grow closer to each other in Love, in Joy, and in Faith. Thank You, God, for hearing my prayer. Amen!”

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prayer to make someone love you

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prayer to make someone love you

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Dua to make someone heart soft

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Dua to Create Love in Someone Heart

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Dear God, I want to give you thanks for everything I have in my life, including that special person that has came to change my life unexpectedly. I pray for you to protect her, to make her happy, to give her hope, to guide her and to give her health. I also pray so that I can become a better person, to be there for her whenever she needs it and to be able to make her happy. I really don’t want you to give her everything she wants, but rather what you consider that is the best for her. I pray for you to help her, and make it able for me to always be there for her, so that she can beat any difficulties that may come in her life. I want to pray for her family as well, I hope they can be healthy, love eachother and grow loving you too.

I pray so that I can become a person worthy of her love, let me discover my own faults and be able to change my bad habits, as well as finding the motivation to do so.

But still, even if she’s not the right person for me, I want you to always bless her, and let me never forget what great changes she has made in my whole life.

This is the perfect Wazifa for love | Dua for how to create love in someone’s heart | Quick love spells to make someone love you forever. Kisi ke dil mein apni jagah banane ka wazifa | Kisi ko apna banane ki dua.


Do this Wazifa for love | Dua for how to create love in someone’s heart only for legal purpose, such as to create love in wife’s heart or for marriage purpose etc.,. The method to perform Quick love spells to make someone love you forever is as follows:

  • After Fajr prayer recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Then recite Surah Yaseen once and when the word mubeen comes say may so and so become restless in my love.
  • After completing this practice take a black pepper, blow on it and burn it in fire and imagine that the lover’s heart is burning in your love.
  • Perform this continuously for 7 to 21 days.
  • In sha ALLAH You will get results.


Females should not do this wazifa during their mensus/periods. Do this wazifa in the state of ablution at a clean place & do not make fun of wazeefa/dua else you will suffer.


Kisi ke dil mein apni jagah banane ka wazifa | Kisi ko apna banane ki dua ka yeh amal sirf jaiz aur neik maqsad ke liye karein jaise biwi ki mohabbat paane ke liye ya kisise shadi karne ki garaz se, najaiz kaamon ke liye na karein. Iska tareeqa yeh hai:

  • Baad Namaz e Fajr Durood-e-Shareef 11 martaba padhein.
  • Phir Surah Yaseen sirf 1 martaba padhein aur jab lafz mubeen aaye to kahein falan ishq me beqarar hokar hazir ho, isi tarah poori surat mukammal karein.
  • Is amal ko karne ke baad kali mirchi par dum karke usko aag me jala dein aur tasawwur karein ke mehboob mohabbat ki aag me jal raha hai.
  • Phir is amal ko lagatar 7 se 21 din tak karein.
  • In sha ALLAH matloob ke dil mein mohabbat paida hojayegi.


Khwateen makhsoos ayyam mein is wazife ko na karein. Wazife ko wuzu ki halat mein paak saaf jagah par baithkar padhein. Aur wazife/dua ka mazaq na udhayein warna nuqsan hoga.


1) This wazifa will be effective only when:

The Quranic verses, duas and wazaif are read with correct pronounciation in accordance with arabic rules of reciting Quran.

Performed with complete faith on Almighty ALLAH.Those who do not know to read Quran/Duas with correct pronounciation kindly learn it from a muallim/muallima. For Quran learning Contact   Those who want to become amils of this wazifa can also contact us

3) Even after performing this amal if someone is not getting success then contact us.You can also collect Amulet/Islamic seals for the solution of your problem.

In sha ALLAH A’zzawajal with the help of Amulet/Islamic seals results will be faster. All these amulets/seals will be in accordance with Quran and Hadith.

Contact Expert Amil Mohammad Yousuf, +92-3232344555

NOTE:- 1) Yeh amal tab hi asar dikhayega jab keh:

Qurani ayaat/ duayein aur wazaif ko durust makharij ke saath arabi qawaneen ke mutabik padha jaye.

ALLAH tala par mukammal yaqeen aur bharose ke saath kiya jaye.Jinhe Quran/duayein sahi makharij se padhni nahi aati wo kisi muallim/muallima se hidayat lein. Online Quran Nazara Tarjuma ke liye is number par rabta karein. Is wazife ke mahir banna chahte hain wo humse rabta karein.

3) Is amal ko karne ke bawajud bhi kamyabi hasil nahi horahi ho toh humse rabita karein. Agar masle ka hal ke liye Taweez/naqsh lena chahen toh wo bhi miljayega.

In Sha ALLAH A’zzawajal taweez/naqsh ke zariye se mushkilaat jald hal hojayengi.

Yeh taweez/naqsh Quran-O-Hadith ke ain mutabik honge.

Contact Mahir Amil Mohammad Yousuf, +92-3232344555

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#Quick love spells to make someone love you forever | Wazifa for love | Dua for how to create love in someone’s heart – Kisi ke dil mein apni jagah banane ka wazifa | Kisi ko apna banane kai dua#

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