Prayer to get pregnant

by M (Z)

My Lord,

I am at the time of my life where i fervently desire to get pregnant with my fiance and soon to be husband. I know You are the only one who is capable of planting a seed in my womb and create a new mirace of life.

My God, i pray that You grant me a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby girl or boy. You are the most Holy High and in Your spirit and power You can make all of my deepest desires come true. You have always granted my prayers and i am so thankful for allYou have done to my life. I already claim this wonderful gift and blessing from You. I shall honor and devote Your name til my dying days. I will make sure our future kids will grow up in Your Spirit and likeness.

Thank You God coz’ Your plans are always the best. I Praise and honor You with all my heart and soul. I am excited to become a loving mother and wife my Lord. Only You can make it possible. Please hear my prayers. I Love You!


I also pray that You will bless my union with my fiance soon. Let us be loyal and devoted to each other until we grow old. May we have a peaceful, happy and loving marriage and a wonderful family life. Thank You in advance Father God.

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Some young families today delay childbearing to later trying to make money on your own house, car and other blessings of civilization. Forgetting in the pursuit of material goods on a temporary factor, such couples are later in the doctor’s office with complaints of infertility or difficulty in conceiving children. What if the long-awaited pregnancy does not occur? Try to contact higher authority…

prayer to get pregnant

The power of prayer

Reproductive function declines with age and in women and men. Also the reason for the absence pregnancy may lie in the health status or psychological problems of one of the partners. Conceiving a baby is the greatest mystery, subject only to God, therefore resorting to medical help, you must pray to him to grant you a child.

Even the ultra-modern in vitro fertilization does not guarantee 100% guarantee of pregnancy.

If you decide to ask God’s child, you need to choose a prayer appropriate for you. There are many prayers for the gift of children and healing from infertility – so very good are the prayers of the Novel the miracle worker and the Holy Zacharias and Elisabeth. These saints all my life prayed to the Lord for sending them children, and he heard them – that’s his blessing already elderly Zechariah and Elizabeth were unable to conceive a son John the Baptist. If the inability to get pregnant connected with disease of one partner, you should ask God for healing. In such cases you need to apply with a sincere prayer to the icon of the mother of God “Healer”, to read prayers for the health of David Gareji or pray to mother Matrona of Moscow.

Prayer to the blessed Matrona

About assistance of St. Matrona of Moscow receives many positive reviews. A huge number of women unable to bear and give birth to a child, in desperation, I visited her grave on the territory of the Pokrovsky monastery. As a result, many of them soon were surprised to realize that their prayers were heard and the womb finally let its sprouts.

Before the visit of the relics of blessed Matrona should mentally prepare to clean the body and soul, and also necessary to forgive all the wrongs of his oppressors.

“Oh, blessed mother Matrona, thy intercession resort and you tearfully pray. Thou haves the ruling boldness in the Lord, shed a warm prayer for Rabeh your sorrow dushevna staying and asking for help from you. True Bo the word of the Lord: ask and it is given to you and again: for if two from you covesea, on the ground of all things, EAGE if prosite, ima will of My Father who at in heaven. Hear obobscheniya ours and came to the throne Vladychny, and the bowl you predstoit wsmy, like a lot before God prayer of the righteous. Yes not forget the Lord, but will look from the height of heaven to the sorrow of His servants: and the fruit of the womb for a utility grant. Indeed, Bigidea it will come after. make the Lord to Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joachim and Anna, with him as the mole. Tacos Yes, the Lord will do God help us in his mercy and unutterable love for mankind. Budi name of the Lord, from now and for ever. Amen”


What prayers to read to get pregnant

The Catholic Church recognizes several patron saints of pregnancy and childbirth.  These saints offer the inspiration of their example, as well as their intercessions* for us here on earth. Saint Raymond Nonnatus (also known as Raimundo Nonato) is the Patron Saint of Childbirth, Expectant Mothers, Pregnant Women, Midwives, and Babies.

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No where in the bible does it say we need an intercessor to pray, speak, and have a true relationship with God .

Hi i was searching for patron saint for conceiving a child as im praying for a colleague who is non-christian by the way and trying to have a baby for the longest time and i stumbled on your blog. Margaret (also called Marina) of Antioch is the Patron Saint of Pregnant Women and Childbirth.

I also believe that we received God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and most of my prayer time is spent in talking with God and Jesus. I’ve been looking for prayers and patron saints who I can ask for intercession for the pregnancy of my wife. I have just entered my second trimester and have been looking for different saints who are associated with pregnancy. Mary gave birth to Jesus alone (or with only her husband Joseph to help her) in a stable, and also endured a long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem while pregnant. She can thus be looked to as a woman who understands difficult pregnancies and labours, and can intercede before God on behalf of women today. Brigit of Ireland was a great source of inspiration and encouragement during my second pregnancy.

I don’t need the saints to pray to God, but I do appreciate having friends to pray for me. Because of a miracle that happened when one woman in labour asked him to pray for her, many other women asked him to pray for them while they were in labour. I often ask my mom, my husband, and other close Christian friends to pray for me; and I believe that, just as they can pray for me, so can the saints up in heaven.

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