Prayer for the truth to be revealed

My husband and I married young. It was a long distance relationship and I thought he was a Godly man that served in the youth group. I was naive and should have taken the signs before as red flags. He was emotionally and verbally abusive to me. I was so blind because I always gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I should’ve taken the signs as a warning before we got married. There was stress, arguments every week. On the day of my wedding I didn’t want to go through with it but he convinced me and when I went to pick up the marriage certificate I had this very scary feeling when he looked at me and even noticed a very evil look in his eyes. I think to this day it was to save face.

Fast forward into our marriage, I found out he lied about getting fired from his jobs, paying bills, ended up opening a secret bank account, forging documents to make it seem like the bank was holding onto our tax refund when he actually transferred it into his secret bank account. We would get into arguments and he would leave the house and leave me home alone with our new born. He wouldn’t pick up his phone and would have me worried and even slept in the car once. He received strange text messages from women he worked with but still is adamant he has never cheated on me but I don’t trust him. We continued to argue and he would pull a knife from the kitchen and go into the bathroom making it seem like he was going to hurt himself. He talked about how he heard the devil speaking to him and really bizarre stuff. Fast forward some more and I find out he stole money from his boss right before Christmas while I was pregnant with our second child and the boss was threatening to put him in jail. We were homeless twice and the second time he was ready to just give up on our daughter and I.

Things seemed to be getting better and than he started emotionally and verbally abusing me. His anger seemed to increase calling me ungodly names, cursing,threatening to commit suicide, threatening to do things to hurt me. He smashed my work phone with a wrench, broke a laptop screen once. It escalated and he threw a big cup of ice water at me and hit me in the face with a towel several times. This man that I thought was a man of God turned out to be a monster. There were unusual things that would happen. He would do things and say he didn’t do it, I found out about more lies. My trust in him was completely shattered. It wasn’t through fasting and prayer and pastorly intervention that he seemed to start showing a conscience. I have felt that my husband has demons, really nasty ones. Things started getting worse after an argument and he started talking in third person and putting himself down as if another was talking out of him. Is this demon oppression/possession? I feel like people will think I’m crazy but I’ve seen and heard some crazy stuff. I don’t know if it’s a mental illness either. I’ve tried separation and have been so close to divorcing but for some reason can’t bring myself to it. I can’t help but feel that my husband needs help I don’t know if it’s professionally but he needs to be set free from this nasty spirit of anger and rage. Our family needs him to be a Godly man of God, for the conscience to be shaken and awakened, for any mental illness to be gone.

I have seen improvement in him and just last week he said how he didn’t want to miss church. He’s talked about wanting to grow closer to God. We’ve attended marriage counseling several times and he seems to show some remorse for all he put me through but when that anger comes it’s not him. PLEASE I ask for strong prayer warriors to intercede for me. My family has suffered and been tormented long enough. I have two beautiful children that deserve a Godly happy family. I also pray that the truth will be revealed.

prayer for the truth to be revealed

As believers of Christ, we must learn to have a reciprocal relationship with the Almighty God.  Communication is the only way thoughts can be interchanged or imparted.  Jesus said in Matthew 7:8 ESV, “For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds and the one who knocks it will be opened.” Prayer is our first source of spiritual power and Jesus himself imparted this authority to us.  Christ gave prime example, “Pray then like this: Our(intercession) Father in heaven (supplication), hallowed be your name (adoration),” Matthew 6:9 ESV.

This is a specific approach for petition.  Jesus not only activated us to pray but to also be effective and direct.  He gave us key elements to appropriate ourselves in the presence of the Father.  He too approached the throne in the same fashion, “Abba , Father, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me. Yet not what I will but what you will,” Mark 14:34 ESV . This humble cry for relief and resolve was focused on His call to intercede for the world and He sincerely surrendered.

Those of us who may struggle in prayer should examine the Life of Christ as it is written in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  There are specific instructions led by Christ through example that can usher us in to effective dialogue with God.  If we follow the principles of sincerity, reverence, gratitude and the consideration of others, we can accomplish the power and joy of prayer.  Consider this, “A man should be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth…” Proverbs 12:14 KJV.

The People of the New Message pray in gratitude. We pray for strength and virtues and relationship and guidance, for ourselves and for others.

We do not pray for miracles and divine intervention, because God has intervened by providing the miracle of the New Message, and God has placed the blessing of Knowledge in our hearts.

“In the New Message, we definitely recognize the power of prayer, the power of focused intention in the mental environnment.”

What is prayer?

“The answer to your prayers is a preparation, a way out, a ladder with steps.”

“People pray for many things but the Angelic Assembly is waiting for the real calling from the individual— a calling usually born of despair and frustration or disappointment in the world seeking for something more real, more authentic, more permanent and more essential to their true nature and purpose for being in this world at this time.”

“In a sense, prayer is, in its truest sense, a statement you are willing to be in relationship. Otherwise prayer is just asking for favors or intervention to get you out of a situation that you don’t want to be in. It’s not real prayer. Real prayer is really the desire to be connected, to be in Relationship with Knowledge, with Jesus, with the Assembly, and with your Source. So that is really the Spirit of prayer in its truest sense.”

How does prayer work?

“You may pray to God for many things—for protection, for advantages, for a happy outcome—but God has given you the greatest possible gift. But if it is unknown or resisted or neglected, what else can God do for you?”

“Allow your deeper practice periods today to be times of true devotion, where you come to the altar of God to give yourself. This, in essence, is the true church. This is the true chapel. This is where prayer becomes real and where your mind, which is an expression of God’s Mind, in stillness, humility and openness, yields itself to its great source. In this, God blesses you and gives to you a gift to give to the world which is the result of your own development.”

“Your life will become simple, direct, magnificent and demanding—all the things that lead to accomplishment and to true satisfaction. Life asks a lot of you because your prayers for peace have been answered.”

“If you are praying for someone or with someone, you are attempting to focus the Mental Environment. You are creating a greater power between the two of you by joining your minds together in a focused activity. Here, for a moment at least, you have transcended your individuality and created a Group Mind.”

“The Angelic Presence may not give you what you request, but it will bring you closer to Knowledge which is such a greater answer. If you simply ask for favors without realizing that you are lost, you are really asking for so little. It is Knowledge within you that will enable you to regain your awareness of who you are and why you are here, where you must go and what you must do. This sense of determination will be natural to you, and it will give you a sense of freedom and liberation.”

“For if you cannot follow what God has given you to follow, if you cannot follow the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within you to guide you, then your prayers and your prostration really are not authentic.”

What should I pray for? What should I not pray for?

“You may pray for little things: for needs, for comforts, for resolution to problems. But We are speaking of something much more important here…. The prayer for you is: Let me be of service so that I may give. For in the end, it is all about simple service. No matter how difficult the journey, no matter how great the mountain is you must walk up, in the end it is all to assume a role that is yours to assume and to play your small but essential part in this Greater Coordination.”

prayer for the truth to be revealed

“When you pray, ask that this Knowledge can become stronger within you, and create time whenever you can to be still and listen, not to ask questions, not to make petitions, not to pray for miracles, but just to listen in simplicity and humility. This is the beginning.”

“You pray for the truth to be revealed to you—not just the truth of your circumstances but the truth of your life. You pray for your life, your real life, to be given to you.”

“When you pray to God, do not pray for little things, little advantages, dispensations. Pray that Knowledge will become strong within you. Pray that you will have the forbearance and the self-discipline to hold back your fearful and reactive tendencies. Pray that those with whom you are meant to become engaged can find you in the world. Pray that you will be ready for them when they arrive, that you will realize you are making an engagement now of greater importance without trying to fully understand.”

“Pray for those that you are destined to meet—or even for those who are not ready to do their parts—to follow the power of Knowledge within themselves, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within them to guide them, to protect them and to lead them to this sacred rendezvous.”

“When you pray, ask for Knowledge to become strong and to guide you—to reveal to you your errors, to show you your weaknesses and to show you what you must correct, what you must strengthen and what you must set aside. Ask for its counsel and its wisdom, and also ask for the strength to follow it, the courage to follow it and the freedom that it will give you.”

Prayer Practices

“Think of someone in need and then give them a quality that you wish to receive yourself. Send that individual that quality. Send them love or strength or faith or encouragement or determination or surrender or acceptance or self-discipline—whatever they need to bring about resolution in their lives.”

Can I continue praying to Jesus? What about intercessory prayer?

“You can pray to Jesus, through Jesus. You can pray to the Assembly of which Jesus is a part. You can pray to the Source, but whatever the Source will do for you is through the Assembly, through the Angelic Presence that oversees this world…. It depends, you know, what you’re asking for, because the New Message says that praying for outcomes can be very hazardous, particularly for other people, because we really don’t know often what is necessary for them. Unless their life is endangered, of course, that’s an exception. To pray for strength, to pray for Knowledge, to pray for forgiveness, to pray for forbearance, these are the kinds of things to pray for, whether you pray to Jesus, the Angelic Presence or to God the Source. It all goes through the Angelic Presence, because God does not speak to the world except through the Angelic Presence. The reason for this is God has trillions of worlds to oversee, or more than that… It’s the Angelic Presence that carries out God’s will for humanity and for you. This is the Relationship, you see, that’s closer at hand for you to pray to, that’s more immediate in your life. And remember, Jesus is part of the Assembly, an important part. So that’s who to pray to. And you can also pray to your child that they don’t do something utterly disastrous. You can pray for power, strength, Knowledge and wisdom in those you care and ultimately in people you don’t even know who are faced with peril, upheaval or danger. So you can direct your prayer out into the world for the well-being of people as long as it is to strengthen them, so the power that God has put within them can serve and direct them. May the Presence be with you.”

Can I pray to Knowledge?

“You can pray to Knowledge in the sense of opening yourself to Knowledge. Knowledge is waiting; it’s already in you but it is waiting for your petition. It’s waiting for your request. It’s waiting for the real needs of your life to become predominant over the other things that concern or distract you. So you can pray for Knowledge to become stronger in you, but that is a request for you to deepen your engagement with Knowledge. And that is fine, too. To ask Knowledge to reveal something but not be willing to follow through on it, to just take it as something you’d really consider, is not honest. That’s like saying, ‘I want to be in relationship with you but not really. I want to follow you but not really. I want you to guide my life but not really.’ You really have to look at your willingness to respond, because if the willingness isn’t there, then Knowledge will not respond. Knowledge is a deeper intelligence that God has put within us, which represents a connection to Heaven, which holds for us our greater purpose in life, a deeper intelligence that assures our future redemption. So to ask for guidance or assistance honestly means that you are willing to receive and follow that guidance and assistance. It’s always important to look at your own intentions and willingness, because if that’s not there, as I have said, then Knowledge will remain silent until you really are ready to receive and follow.”


“May Knowledge grow strong in you each day. May you take each day as a process of learning about Knowledge and the need for Knowledge. May you put yourself in a position to benefit from your errors and the errors of others and build your foundation of wisdom and build your connection to the guiding Presence and Power in your life. And as you gain confidence and trust and ability, you will be able to give these to others, for the need in the world is immense.”


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