Prayer for the right job

by Loraine (Durban, South Africa)

Lord send me the perfect job, with the perfect salary, the perfect boss and the perfect benefits and the perfect hours of work so that I can have time on a daily basis to spend with my children and spouse.

A job that I will be successful at and in which i can grow and add value. A job in which people / co-workers work as a team without envy and jealousy and help each other along. A company that is prosperous and always doing the right thing for the people, the environment and You Lord. A job that will not be stressful and that will allow me to have sufficient time to spend with my children, spouse and family.

A job that will offer a company car, and international travel. A job in which I can teach people and help them grow. I job in which my qualifications and experience will be seen as an asset and not as a threat to the bosses and employees. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus.


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I would like to begin a 30 day prayer call for those of you who are looking for the right work at home job. I also ask for prayers for myself and the other work at home bloggers who are posting job leads. Please pray that we will be led the right jobs openings and they will be shared with the right people using the resources given to us.

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This is definitely a bold post for me to make.

However, so many of you have expressed your feelings of desperation to find the right work at home job for you. I believe prayer can help guide us all. I understand that not all of my readers pray or have the same beliefs. If you would prefer to give positive thoughts and keep these people in your mind through the 30 days- I am sure everyone would appreciate it.

If you would like us to pray for you- please leave a comment below to be added to the list.

How You Can Help

Prayer is what is needed. If you would like to pray or keep the people who are listed below in your thoughts- you can begin by visiting this page daily and praying over the people in the comments below. I will also be sharing the list daily, on Facebook.

Currently On the Prayer List

(updated 03/23/15)

Renee Gangwer
Patricia M.
Stephanie S.
Kell Williams
Kendra Rhines
Sarah Guldenschuh
Patricia Houston
Lanelle Moore
Christy Thomas
Andrew Ortega
Kedra williams-Matthews
Mary Pearson
Keisa Fruge
Lori’s son
Paul Perrone
DMichelle Haynes
Leah Sheree Steinhaus
Moni Marrs
Infinitey Williams
Quita Furr
Bernadette Barela
Heidi Payne Pellino
LTarrian Ruffin
Nica Patterson
Zoey Jane
Tyshawna Murray
Tiffany Brantley
Lisa J.
Kristina Gearhart
Brenda M.
Laticia Gordon
Selina Johnson
Suzanne Scott Ruckman
Lulu Sweeper
Holly Draughn
Chiri Borom
Meri Michaud
Michelle E.
Laura Williams
Ayana Havens
Marcia Guadagni
Amanda Toth
Michelle Lynn Pepe
Terry Stewart
Edna K.
Ariana G.
Leisa Good
Needa S.
Alice P.
Laura Briley
Maria G.
Yvonne R.
Laurie Michaud
Osei Ovid
Sonya Husband
Tamika Reynolds
Diedra Ramsey
Ashley Winters
Sandra Weimer
Amanda Kirk
Tiffany Clark
Bobbi P.
Helen S.
Shermane W.
Mary R.
Mary L.

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1. Praying for the right job:

(Please share with someone who is seeking employment or a better job!)

I ask that you provided a job suited for my needs this day. Lead me to a job that will accommodate me without hesitations. You are the rock on which I stand I ask that You provide me with a job that is stable and without shaky grounds.

I ask that my talents, skills, abilities and education will be put into practical use, so that I can have sufficient to pay my bills and place bread on my table for myself and my family and even to give back what is due to You, Father.
prayer for the right job

Lord You command blessings upon me in my barns and in all that I put my hands to do, and You will bless me in the land which You give me. Right now, I proclaim that I will receive many job opportunities that will allow me to perform at my best, remembering You in all that I do.

Lord You command blessings upon me in my barns and in all that I put my hands to do, Click To Tweet

I speak that doors will be opened to me in every direction I turn, because Your light shines upon me. I decree and declare that unemployment is that of the past and will be no more. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen!

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