Prayer for safety in earthquake

Pending hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and floods bring overwhelming anxiety and fear and leave us with hurt and loss. In times of disaster, natural or otherwise, maybe you struggle with why’s or how to help. Some are facing quick and sudden disaster. Some arrive in the center of the storm, ready to pluck victims from death’s reach. Others use hands, feet, boats, cars, or planes for rescue. So many send food, water, clothing—anything and everything that is needed in the aftermath of a disaster. But any of us—all of us—can give something. And we can all pray. Whether you are a victim or concerned Christian, you can bring your concerns before a loving God.

If you’re at a loss for words while staring at so much destruction from a hurricane, flooding, earthquake or other natural disaster, here is a prayer you can voice to God:

Lord God,

There is nothing natural about a disaster, because You supernaturally control the world and everything in it. You made the world; You created us. With one breath, you can destroy or give life. But You are also a God of grace, mercy, and love. In times like this, Lord, we admit our helplessness. We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on You. Help us to provide solutions, not blame. Lord, we desperately need You.

During actual storms, when the floods try to overtake us or when we’re holding on to escape the rising waters, Lord hear our cry. When the winds howl around us and threaten to shred our hopes and steal our lifelong dreams, God help us! Send Your heavenly angels to protect us and our loved ones, and provide lifelines from earth angels to keep us safe. Speak peace to the wind and the waves, and still our own souls so we can hear Your sweet whispers of love. When the hot fires of death encircle us or those we love, shower us with Your life-giving water and extinguish the hungry flames with Your words or Your touch.

Bless those who lay down their lives for others, for there is no greater love than this. Mend broken lives from heart-rending catastrophes, and pour mercy and grace into hurting hearts. Make Your presence known in amazing and surprising ways as You often do when Your people cry out for intervention. Multiply both the efforts of responders and helpers and the material resources needed for life-giving sustenance—just as You did in Bible times when You fed the multitudes with five loaves and two fish. Thank You for those who mirror Your character in their selfless efforts to help.

Turn the hands of storms destined for destruction. Wrap Your people  in a blanket of protection and love who remain in the path, and give safe passage to those who are fleeing the disaster before it hits. As Jehovah-Jireh, You are the only One who can provide what we need. When insurance won’t cover, and human resources for survival or rebuilding look dim, Lord open the hearts of the Body of Christ. Replace selfishness with sacrifice. Cross barriers of all kinds so all may have a chance to know You. In Your Word You have promised that You provide for us so that we can all give something to others who need encouragement, hope, or practical help. Show us how to use our God-given gifts to bless others in desperate need.

Breathe life into hopeless situations, and give courage to those on the brink of giving up. To those already grieving from loss, provide comfort as only You can. Protect victims from those who would take advantage of their situation. Turn away evil, and cancel the plans of the enemy who wants to cause havoc and destroy faith.

Lord, when we don’t understand, help us to cling to You anyway. Teach us what You want us to know in these kind of situations. Enlarge our love and trust in You, and show us any lessons we can learn that will help us now and in the future. Give us wisdom to discern truth and reject lies. When answers seem slow or we feel like You don’t hear, remind us of Your track record of faithfulness, Lord. Strengthen our faith, and forgive us for doubting or turning from You in the past in any way. Help us to trust You to bring good out of disaster. Keep drawing people together, helping them to look upward and forward. Turn regrets into gratitude, and cause us to see Your purposes in all things.

Lord, as we sort through the wreckage of disaster, present or future, may our confession always be:

Though the hurricanes blow and the angry storms surge; though the fires ravage and the floods rise; though our homes collapse and loved ones are gone; though the crops are destroyed and food is scarce; though the power fails, and the drought remains; though our resources are depleted, and all hope seems gone—Yet still, we will trust in You, Lord. For You are Our Life; You are our Rock; You are our Refuge; You are Our Hope. Without You we are nothing, and without You we have nothing. You are still the God of miracles, and You still love the world. So, once again, we turn our eyes to You and pray, and wait, and trust. Thank You for the promises in Your Word. Thank You that You never fail us and that You never leave us—alone.

In Jesus’s precious name,

prayer for safety in earthquake

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This article is part of our larger Prayers resource meant to inspire and encourage your prayer life when you face uncertain times. Visit our most popular prayers if you are wondering how to pray or what to pray. Remember, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and God knows your heart even if you can’t find the words to pray.

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Safety Rules for Earthquake : Before, During and After Earthquake!

Before an earthquake:

1. Keep stock of drinking water, some foodstuffs, first-aid equipment, a crow bar, shovel, pick and rope, electric torch and some candles and a helmet for every member of the family.

prayer for safety in earthquake

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2. Ensure that water heaters and other gas appliances are firmly fixed and shut off when not in use, as broken gas pipes or appliances are likely to cause fire hazards.

3. Securely fasten fixtures, refrigerators and shelves to the wall and place large and heavy objects on the lower shelf. Top heavy object should be braced or anchored.

4. Find out the location of the nearest first-aid post, Warden Post and Fire Station and approach for help if required.


5. Join the Civil Defence Organisation and train yourself and the members of your family in first-aid, rescue fire fighting etc., which will help you, your family and neighbours.

6. Conduct occasional home earthquake drills so that your family has the knowledge to avoid unnecessary injuries and panic in the event of an earthquake.

7. The more responsible members of the family may be taught how to turn off electricity, gas and water at the main switches or valves.

8. Be aware of what to do in various situations so that you are prepared in the event of an earthquake, e.g., at home, whilst driving a car, at work in a shop, a public theatre, cinema hall, etc.

9. Avoid the risk of an epidemic which usually follows earthquakes by using safe water and clean food.

10. Evacuate old dilapidated buildings as they are sure to timble first.

Certain other precautions, which are necessary in case of fire, should also be taken as far as possible:

1. Keep adequate water/dry sand stocked in accessible places.

2. All lofts and attics should be kept free from inflammable material.


3. Keep all inflammable stores, which are required, as much dispersed as possible.

During the earthquake:

1. Do not panic. The motion is frightening, but unless it shakes something down on top of you it is harmless. The earth does not yawn open, gulp down a neighbourhood, and close up. So keep calm.

2. In the event, the safest place is an open space away from building. However, when this is not suitable do not try to run from a building during earthquake.

3. If it catches you indoors, take cover under a desk, table, bench or in doorways, halls, and against inside walls or staircase. Stay away from glass.

4. Do not use candles, matches, or other open flames, either during or after the earthquake. Put out all fires.

5. If the earthquake catches you outside, move away from buildings and utility wires. Once in the open stay there until the tremor stops.

6. Do not run through or near buildings. The greatest danger from falling debris is just outside doorways and close to outer walls.

7. If you are in moving car, stop as quickly as safety permits, but stay in the vehicle. A car is an excellent seismometer, and will jiggle on its springs during the earthquake, but it is a good place to stay until the earthquake stops.

After an earthquake:

1. Keep calm, switch on the transistor radio and obey any instructions you hear on the radio.

2. Keep away from beaches and low banks of rivers. A huge wave may sweep in.

3. Expect aftershocks.

4. Turn off the water, gas and electricity.

5. Do not smoke and do not light matches or use a cigarette lighter. Do not turn on switches. There may be gas leaks or short-circuits.

6. Use a torch.

7. If there is a fire, try to put it out. If you cannot, call the fire brigade.

8. If people are seriously injured, do not move them unless they are in danger.

9. Immediately clean up any inflammable products that may have spilled (alcohol, paint, etc.)

10. If you know that people have been buried, tell the rescue teams. Do not rush and do not worsen the situation of injured persons or your own situation.

11. Avoid places where there are loose electric wires and do not touch any metal object in contact with them.

12. Do not drink water from open containers without having examined it and filtered it through a sieve, a filter or an ordinary clean cloth.

13. Eat something. You will feel better and more capable of helping others.

14. If your home is badly damaged you will have to leave it. Collect water containers, food, and ordinary and special medicines (for persons with heart complaints, diabetes, etc.)

15. Do not re-enter badly damaged buildings and do not go near damaged structures.

16. Do not walk around the streets to see what has happened. Keep clear of the streets to enable rescue vehicles to pass.

Earthquakes are a common occurrence, rumbling below Earth’s surface thousands of times every day. But major earthquakes are less common. Here are some things to do to prepare for an earthquake and what to do once the ground starts shaking.

• Have an earthquake readiness plan.

• Consult a professional to learn how to make your home sturdier, such as bolting bookcases to wall studs, installing strong latches on cupboards, and strapping the water heater to wall studs.

• Locate a place in each room of the house that you can go to in case of an earthquake. It should be a spot where nothing is likely to fall on you, like a doorframe.

• Keep a supply of canned food, an up-to-date first aid kit, 3 gallons (11.4 liters) of water per person, dust masks and goggles, and a working battery-operated radio and flashlights in an accessible place.

• Know how to turn off your gas and water mains.

• Drop down; take cover under a desk or table and hold on.

• Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you’re sure it’s safe to exit.

• Stay away from bookcases or furniture that can fall on you.

Earthquakes 101 Earthquakes are unpredictable and can strike with enough force to bring buildings down. Find out what causes  earthquakes, why they’re so deadly, and what’s being done to help buildings sustain their hits. 

• Stay away from windows. In a high-rise building, expect the fire alarms and sprinklers to go off during a quake.

• If you are outdoors, find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, and power lines. Drop to the ground.

• If you are in a car, slow down and drive to a clear place. Stay in the car until the shaking stops.

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