Prayer for mom to get well

prayer for mom to get well

The get well soon messages can be sent to the friends’ mother to wish her for a speedy recovery from any illness or surgery. The wishes can be sent through best text messages for the friend or to the mother to make them feel good.

Below are some sample get well soon messages that you can send to your friends mother.

1). I just got to know about your mother’s illness and I will be praying for her speedy recovery. I hope she gets well soon.

2). Dear friend, through this text message I pray for the good health of your mother who is unwell. Sending positive and healing thoughts for your mother.

3). I got to know about your mother who underwent a surgery. I send my best wishes for her quick recovery. I hope she gets well soon and resumes her normal life.

4). After listening about your mother’s sickness, I am just praying that she feels a little better. I wish for a speedy recovery and good health for her.

5). I send you get well soon messages for your mom’s illness. I hope she recovers soon and gets back to her normal life with good health.

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Get Well Soon Messages for Mother : Mothers are the reasons why we are on this beautiful earth. Their loving care and sweet sacrifices make our life, childhood and lifelong memories. But sometimes time can be so cruel that the person we love most gets older or maybe even fall sick. During these difficult times, our mothers need the same caring that she gave us. Sometimes it can be hard for us to stay right beside her when she needs us most. But even if we fail to do so, we can show our emotions, feelings, and love for her through getting well soon wishes messages. A simple get well soon message can make her feel the warmth of our heart. We can all make up some get well messages for mother by our own, but the difference lies in what words we choose. These Get well soon messages for mother can work as magic in such situations.

Get Well Soon Messages for Mother

Dear Mom, today I’ve realized that I miss your voice so much. Every morning you used to tell us what to do or what not to do for all the day. But why you don’t talk to me today? It’s hard for me to see you lying on the hospital bed! Get well very soon mom!

Mom, without you we are incomplete. Our home is like a dessert! We miss the way you took care of us! We miss your delicious cooking! Please get well soon and come back at home! We love you a lot, mom!

How are you, Mom? You know, every single moment I miss you! When I came to know about your illness I start praying for your fast and easy recovery. Get well soon mom!

prayer for mom to get well

Mom, I’m sorry! I couldn’t come to see you. But believe me, you are always in my heart! I love you, mom! I miss your voice. Please get well soon!

Seeing you lying in the hospital bed is the saddest moment ever in my life. I can’t stay home without you mom! I always pray for your fast recovery! Get well soon!

Your absence makes everyone sad! Get better soon because we need you, Mom! We love you!

Dear mommy, when I wake up in the morning and don’t find you beside me, that is the saddest moment of my day! I can’t wait! Please get well soon for me!

Mom, I know you are not feeling well right now! Don’t worry, please. I’ll pray for you all day and night. May Allah recover you fast! Get well soon mom!

prayer for mom to get well

Mom, Do you know every day when I go to sleep, I miss you so! Without you, there is no one who tells me its midnight, now time to sleep. I miss you every morning because no one tells me it’s too late. Every moment I miss your presence! Get well soon mom!

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Do you know mom? I feel very lonely without you! I miss the moments when we used to watch movies together, you used to tell funny stories, and we were eating together and everything But now you are a bit sick. Get well soon mom! I miss you!

Dear mom, I wish I had some sort of magic. By which I can make all your pain and sufferings that you have right now just go away! But since I can’t give you a tight hug right now, I can only pray to god that he makes you feel better! Love you, mom! Get well soon!

Mom, when I look at my phone I miss you! You don’t call me. Then I remember how you can possibly call me while lying on the hospital bed mom! I continuously pray for you! I pray for your fast recovery. Get well soon mom!

prayer for mom to get well

Mom, I can’t look at your bed! Without you, it looks like scrambling! Get well soon Mom!

Mom, I know you don’t feel well right now. But always keep in mind that we all are with you. Be strong mom! I wish you get well soon!

Mom, you are my world. Without you everything getting bored. I wish you’ll come back home soon. Get well soon mom!

Hospital isn’t the right place you. Why are you even there? I don’t even know how to eat without you or sleep without you. I can’t do anything without you mom! Please get well soon!

prayer for mom to get well

Mom, why don’t you call me? I’m waiting for your one phone call. I miss your voice very much. Get well soon mom!

I know you are thinking of us while closing your eyes? Do you think about me? I’m thinking about you all day long. When you come back home? I’m waiting for you. Get well soon!

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I know you are getting bored in the hospital bed mom? But don’t worry! We all are beside you. We wish you’ll get well soon!

Even the hospitals need some sunshine. So they want to keep you here a little longer. But I told them that it’s not possible. So, you are going home soon dear. By the way, I wish you an even faster recovery. Get well soon mom!

prayer for mom to get well

How much I love you now I realize that in every single moment mom! I miss your presence in every corner of our house. Get well soon and come back home!

Mom we are sending you a lot of wishes and a lot of positive energy for your fast recovery. Get well soon mom!

How are you mom? How are you feeling right now? I can’t stay beside you at this moment. I feel very sorry for that mom! Please don’t be worried, mom! Wish you a fast recovery!

Please take care of yourself mom. I’ll see you soon at home. Get well soon!

Mom I want to test your delicious cooking again! I miss your smile which is the most valuable thing ever! Get well soon mom!

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We should not have any shyness while expressing our love for the dearest ones. When it comes to our mother, we should express our love with our hearts out. If your mother is on Facebook, Instagram, Twiter or any other social media than you may wish her fast recovery through them. But it will be too good to send a get well card for mother writing a touchy get well note or message on it. And of course, don’t forget to send some flowers also!
prayer for mom to get well

It is a well-known fact that prayer has the power to heal, and that is why the devout consider it to be a very effective and powerful medicine against sickness. Even science also supports the importance of prayers in restoring the health of believers. And since we know how powerful the healing powers of prayers can be, we have loaded this page with a compilation of some of the most touching “get well soon” prayers that you can find on the Internet.

Sending any of our well-crafted prayers for the quick recovery of your loved ones will not only let them know that you’re thinking about them as they battle illness, but it can also significantly help them feel better and recover faster from anything they suffer from.

Get Well Soon Prayers for my Daughter

  • Put a smile on your face; don’t let your illness get you down. Remember that the almighty God is in control, and by his son Jesus’ stripes you shall be healed. We love you, dear.
  • Dear daughter, my only prayer for you right now is that the good Lord bless you with good health, so that I can see you smiling and laughing once again. I miss that. Please get well soon.
  • The sickness’ grip on you will be broken as soon as possible because the Lord is with you. Get well soon, dear daughter.
  • Lord, I pray for quick recovery and renewed strength for my little angel. Please strengthen her as she lays sick in bed. Get well soon, sweetheart.
  • Princess, I pray to God to heal you, knowing that He is the stronghold of your life and that with Him all things are possible. I believe my prayers have been answered and that it is only a matter of time before you’ll be fit and strong again. Get well soon.
  • May the good Lord, who gives strength to the weak, give you all the strength and power you need to get up from your sick bed and bounce back to normalcy. God bless you, my sweet daughter. I strongly believe you’ll get well soon.

Get Well Soon Prayers for my Son

  • May the Lord bless you with a smooth and swift recovery from this illness. Feel better soon, my son.
  • Son, I pray that every new day brings you more strength and health than the day before. Remember that God cares for you and He will certainly give you fast relief from this illness.
  • May the almighty God, who is capable of making the impossibility possible, heal you and give you strength. God bless you, my son.
  • May the love, peace and comfort of the good Lord be with you as you battle this illness. God will heal you very soon, so don’t feel down, my son.
  • God will give his children anything if only they ask him, which is why as I pray for your health, I believe that God has answered my prayers and has already started healing you. Smile, my son, for everything is under control.
  • Nothing is impossible for God, and healing you from this sickness is definitely no exception. Get well soon, son.
  • Remember that you’re not alone in the battle against your illness, for the Lord is with you now and forever. He will help you defeat this illness so that you can regain your lost strength and feel normal again. Get well soon.
  • You shall get well soon because my prayers are with you all the time. God bless you.

    Prayers for Mother’s Recovery

    • Mom, the grip this sickness has over you won’t last long because I believe God will answer our prayers and heal you from this illness that is keeping you down. Smile, for you’ll soon rise up stronger and healthier than ever.
    • One of the most powerful medicines against sickness is prayer, and with all the prayers I’ve said for you, I don’t believe that this sickness is going to keep you down any longer. You shall get well very soon because I believe my prayers have been answered.
    • May the Lord watch over you and strengthen you as you recover from this illness. Get well soon, Mom.
    • Today, I pray for your recovery, Mom. May the comforting and healing hands of the Lord cover you and free you from the grips of your illness.
    • In Jeremiah 33:3, the good Lord promises to answer us whenever we call unto Him, which is why I’m hundred percent confident He will answer my prayers and restore your health and strength. Get well soon, Mom.
    • To my wonderful Mom, I pray for your quick recovery. I know that God will never leave or forsake you in your time of need. Continue to put your trust in Him and everything shall be alright.

    You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Please get well soon.

    Get Well Soon Prayers for my Father

    • Dad, while it breaks my heart to see you battle with ill-health, I take solace in the fact that God, who is forever compassionate, will answer my prayers and heal you and make you feel better soon.
    • Dad, as you battle this illness, know that you are not in it alone, for I’m supporting you with my prayers. And I know that the good Lord, who constantly watches over us, will boost your strength and bless you with good health.
    • You’re always in my thoughts and prayers, Dad. Please get well soon.
    • Today, I ask for God’s divine healing presence in your life. I pray that He takes away your illness and restores your strength. Since God cares for us and answers our prayers, I believe that you have already received your healing, Dad.
    • I pray that you’ll soon recover from your illness. May God envelope you with good health and strength so that you’ll be back on your feet as quickly as possible feeling as healthy as a horse!
    • No matter how you feel, please don’t lose your faith in the Lord. Open your heart to the Lord, for He will touch you with His healing hands and restore you to good health.

    May the Lord watch over you and strengthen you as you recover from this illness. Get well soon.

    Get Well Soon Prayers for a Good Friend

    • I believe that God hears and answers our prayers, which is why I am praying for you today. I pray that you feel better and stronger with each passing day. Get well soon, my dear.
    • Always put your trust in the Lord, for He will not only bring you out of this sickness but will also heal your soul. Get well soon.
    • I pray that the angels of God watch over you and break the grip this illness has over you. Get well soon, my dear friend.
    • As I pray for you today, I ask the Lord to free you from the grip of your illness and bring your health and strength back to you as soon as possible. Get well soon, my good friend.
    • I believe that the Lord will watch over you and heal you from this illness, buddy. Just have faith. Everything is going to be alright, and you’re going to be feeling as healthy as you’ve never felt before. Please get well soon.
    • I know that you’ll soon regain your strength because I’m praying for the almighty God that we serve to heal you with His amazing healing hands. Get well soon, for I miss your smile.

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