Prayer for my husband to come back home

by Beverley (South Africa Gauteng)

I pray that my husband come back home, we have been through great pain where we have separated and came back together again but i believe we still hurting from our past and present issues so God heal us and re unite us and let it be nice and happy like before.

Daddy root him again back to church and review his position that you have lead upon him daddy and review my God unto us what you want us as a husband and wife you want us to be and do in your church. God teach us and lead both of us on how to deal with his first born child he has with another women before he married me.

Teach and help me to love the child as my own accept her and have a good and special bond with her and her also to have a bond with her little sister. Lord i come against all evil spirits, words and curses that where sent against our marriage and Lord i pray that you cut and rebuke all the 3rd unwanted members in our marriage. Amen

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