Prayer for guidance and protection

Prayer for Guidance prayer for guidance and protection

Prayer for Guidance and Protection

O heavenly Father, our protector and guide,
You are the greatest Friend and joy we have!
To be able to come to You in prayer like this
is the most beautiful part of our lives!

It is not for myself that I want to pray today, dear Father,
but for those who are near and dear to me and about whom I worrying.
You know what they are facing, dear Father.
And You know most of all the deepest reasons why these things have come upon them!

And You know how I want to help.
Truly I think it would be easier if I could only face what they are facing.
But You know how helpless we are to help another even though we know what is just and right.

Only You are left, dear Father.
Do be with them in all things at all times.
Protect them from enemies and evil, my Father.
Forgive them their sins and put love of others in their hearts.

O do make them happy in their lives at home, dear Father,
and help them live as You wouldst have them live.
Above all, put love in their hearts for You.

And thank You, my Father, for Your goodness to them and to me.
Thank You for Your love and guidance and protection!
May we honor you all the days of our lives.
And be happy and uplifted even as I feel right now!


prayer for guidance and protection

Satan, Guide me in all that I do Protect me on my Path as I walk In the Dark Shelter me in your wings Help to bring me to my fullest potential Show me the Path that lays before me

This is a prayer that I have been saying to Satan each night as I go to sleep. I find comfort in knowing however my life changes, whatever happens, Satan will always be there to guide and to protect me and to show me the right path. I always have my free will but there is nothing wrong with a little ”divine intervention” now and then. I can honestly say that this prayer works, feel free to share it with your friend. It is something that I created on my own when I came to Satan in my darkest hour.

As I say the words I feel a familiar feeling of comfort. I hung my altar banners to the left of me, on the window, and to the right of me, overlooking my bed is my Satan mask, the one that Bill bought me and brought home as I was writing the words to my article at my site, “The Force of Satan“. I say my prayer as I look into the eyes of Satan, and I feel a familiar comfort as he is looking down on me.

My husband Bill left this world, but is still here in spirit. I can hear his voice and know that he is with me. But now, I have had to figure out how to structure my life. My life changed in so many different ways that it’s not even funny. I have to thank each and every one of you who has helped me with a donation or a kind word. It means so much to me. But when all of this dies down I am faced with the reality that my life is mine to create and once again I must set out to create it! I will take everything that Bill taught me about life and about magic and use it to my advantage!

I am Venus Satanas – nothing will keep me down. I will rise from the ashes of my life like a phoenix!

About The Author

Venus Satanas

My name is Venus Satanas and this is a bit of copy about me. I have been a Satanist since 1992, and I am the author of, author and administrator of the Left Hand Path Books Review Blog, and creator of educational videos on Satanism at Youtube. That’s not telling you much, so find out more about me here

Islamic Or Istikhara Prayer For General Guidance And Protection To Those I Love

Islamic Or Istikhara Prayer

Are you at the time, where people generally get unsure that what to do, where to go, how to make right decision or judgment on it. In addition, you are in search of some divine guidance, and then make use of our services about prayer for guidance. Actually, Istikhara means, “need help of Allah-tallah”. Usually, we do prayer in front of Allah and said that “make my today better, mine tomorrow or future, will be brighter automatically” with your grace and blessings.

  • Istikhara Prayer For Guidance

All people come across the time of decision making, if they have enough experience to make the right decision, then he/she go ahead with their experience, but if they had not then they will not have another way rather than Istikhara prayer for guidance against Allah. You may do prayer like that before going to bed O Allah mercy me for all my deeds that I had made unusually, either make me perfect enough that I will make the right decision or will you please help me in order to guide me through my dreams that what is good and suitable for me. You may also take help of our specialist and experts who will tell you Istikhara prayer for guidance and the proper procedure of doing Istikhara prayer.

  • Istikhara For General Guidance

Sometime small and general decisions of life come across us in the future, which decide our future to be. So make your general and small decisions right enough that not only your future but also your past should be better. And these general and small decisions everyone has to take in everyday life. So here we want to give a happiness to you with Istikhara for general guidance. Once you learn this Istikhara for general guidance from our experts and professional with the procedure, then you may perform it at your home every day before going anywhere outside of the home.

  • Islamic Prayer For Guidance

You may make use of this prayer O Allah show me the light of your grace to go through this darkness of hazard easily or pour me from my all doubts and uncertainties, so that I never give-up again in such difficult decision built conditions. You may use our specialist and professional given Islamic prayer for guidance with a procedure once, which will be effective enough that you will get sooner and marvelous outcome.

  • Prayer For Guidance And Protection To Those I Love

Everyone on the earth wants to guide and protect his or her relatives and those whom they love very much. Pray against Allah likewise, O Allah you have a tremendous amount of great knowledge but I have not, you will have the power to see in the future, but I have not, forgive them for their all sins and put love in their heart for others, but now protect them with enemies and evils. You may also get help from our specialist and experts, who will give the exact prayer for guidance and protection to those you love, meaning and procedure to do prayer against Allah.

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