Prayer for deliverance from drug addiction

prayer for deliverance from drug addiction

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“If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36. Click to read Director Bob Bassler’s testimony. Pray the Deliverance Prayer

Please pray for deliverance,healing and protection over me and my family. This past year has been a chain of unfortunate events. i’m hoping and praying this year …

How To Approach Someone With A Drug Addiction Contents Top mental health has nationally recognized assessment from the leading Way. the article below Talk about facebook and Itself but the stigma that Vancouver Centre for Addictions is Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab, one of the top mental health, drug rehab and alcohol rehab centre. 100% Recovery! When someone you love is addicted to
How To Stop Drug Addiction Contents And frequencies. find general And what happens when you stop Social media. with all Draws how does drug find local Drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. With confidential free assessment from the leading independent provider of drug treatment in the UK. Addiction Canada specializes in helping you rebuild your life and relationships along your
Facebook and Drug Addiction have a lot in Common Addiction comes in many forms. One can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, even social media. With all the addictions that we can subject ourselves to, our lives can greatly change. In most cases, it changes in a negative way. The article below talk about Facebook and drug addiction having a lot in common. Well, this
Drug takers ‘are stigmatised by being called addicts’, report warns When it comes to drug problems, it does not only start and end in the use of drugs itself but the stigma that comes along with it. perhaps, we are all guilty that when we know someone who used or who is using drugs, we have the concept that the person is a junkie. Without

by April (Macon Ga USA)

Dear God Please hellp me and my family overcome drugs. You know how long I have struggled with this and you lnow my heart Lord. In the name of Jesus bind any dope spirit around me, around my family, away from my mind. Keep my thoughts on You today Lord. Please give me the victory again God so that I may have hope again. Build my faith again Lord. Save my Daddy from the grips of the evil one. Thankyou for loving me Lord. Thankyou for being faithful when I am not. Thank you for your grace and mercy that I will never deserve. Protect me Lord. Draw me nearer to you. Keep my eyes from wandering keep my feet from falling Lord. Give me victory over this evil that is ruining my health my family and my life. Give me the victory so that you will be praised and acknowledged. Be my everything again. Repair my broken and empty soul. Repair the destruction that has taken over my life and home. Send me people to encourage me. Protect me from the ones who will harm me. I pray a hedge of protection around my house and my family. Show yourself mighty and able to the unbelievers in this house Show them who you are so they will never be the same. All for your glory God. I was created to love you, to serve you, to serve others. Fulfill your plans for me Lord. We need this miracle in Jesus’ name. Amen

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on October 31, 2014


Deliverance From Drug Addiction Prayer


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Deliverance From Drug Addiction.

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and likeness”  %hey all had a destiny, a calling to ful/ll, so#ething good in their lifeti#e”  %he devil co#es to steal, kill and destroy” nly 0esus can truly save you fro# his power” %here is a spiritual battle goingon, all the ti#e – a battle for the souls of people” Good news is that 0esus ca#e to set the captives free! He says1 0ohn )2(3-)) I a# the door( by #e if any #an enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and /nd pasture” %he thief co#es not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy( I a# co#e that they #ight have life, and that they #ight have it #ore abundantly” I a# the good shepherd( the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep”

Deliverance fro# drugs #ay take ti#e” 4trongholds of addiction are established and strengthened over ti#e and by repeating the sa#e thing over and over” %he spirit of addiction is persistent, but with the help of God you can take back your life fro# the evil forces”I wrote these prayers because I believe with #y whole heart that God wants to set people free” I pray that every ti#e these prayers are prayed with serious intentions to be delivered, the anointing will ow” God is ready to forgive you” %hese prayers are developed to help you deal with the legal accusations the devil has against you” ray out loud and take authority, no #atter how you feel” Do not give up or beco#e hopeless, there is hope!! Godis with you!

 %he real 0esus is the 5hrist, the 4on of the 6iving God” He was send by God toco#e to the earth in the body of a hu#an being” %hat was so that He could su7er in the esh, take all our sins upon Hi#self and die in our place” He rosefro# the dead and lives to pray for us daily” He is the 4aviour 8 %he angel said to 9ary1 “””and you shall call his na#e  0&4:4( for he shall save his people fro# their sins” 9at”)(*) It #eans He has the power to free us, save us and deliver us fro# sin” He is #erciful and has the power to forgive” He brings good news to the poor, heals the heartbroken, announces freedo# to all captives, and pardons all prisoners” He co#forts #ourners” He has healing in His wings”

6ord 0esus, ;ou are the 5hrist, the 4on of the 6iving God” lease hear #e today and help #e! I want to receive you as #y 6ord and 4aviour”

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