Prayer for conception

by Frances (Portharcourt,Nigeria.)

Heavenly Father,,,pls forgive me and my Husband all our past sins,,,some were committed out of ignorance,Lord do not let us bear the consequences of them,,,bless this happy home u have given me with children,,,let me have another set of twins,the ones that will live and i will nuture with love…let us see our children children,,,Lord do not let this year come to an end without me being confirmed of being pregnant,,as i register for anti nantal next year i will be confirmed of carrying twins again,,this time, a boy and a girl and death should be far from them,i will have them safely and healthy in Jesus name..Amen and the same applies for those looking for the fruit of the womb too.

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Heavenly Father,

You know my deep desire for a child. A little one to love, to hold, to cherish, and to care for, Please Lord, grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby in Your holy image. Guide me in all my choices so that this conception, my pregnancy and my baby’s birth are in line with Your will. Heavenly Father, hear this prayer of my heart, mind and spirit. In Jesus’ precious and mighty name. Amen.

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Any woman who wears a baby in her womb dreamsmake it easy and safe to give birth. But giving the child a life is not all that the mother should do for her baby. It is very important to give him health. Not always the health of the baby’s future depends on the genetics of the mother and her way of life. Even in healthy couples, children with different problems associated with pregnancy and labor, literacy of doctors taking a child and the first time of his life when nursing a newborn are especially important are sometimes born.

Planning a pregnancy

Orthodox women planning pregnancy andthe birth of a future baby, regardless of whether the boy is a girl or a girl, is looking for help from sources and icons that help conceive a long-awaited child. There is much evidence that the medical diagnosis was disappointing, however, referring to the holy fathers, women and many families (couples) gained that support, and received such necessary help from above. There was a real miracle: a prayer for the conception of a child helped, and a healthy child appeared.

Church leaders recommend not to give up hopein no case, and believe with all your heart, sincerely and strongly by virtue of prayers. Prayer for conceiving a child can be directed both to God and Jesus Christ, and to many saints who, during their lifetime, became famous for helping the suffering, healed the sick.

prayer for conception

Help from the Virgin

Often women in prayer turn to the Theotokos,feeling in it a feminine and God’s hypostasis, it’s easier to appeal to this image – for the Holy Mother of God knows exactly how great the measure of maternal happiness is and how great the pain is from not being there. Therefore, the prayer to the Theotokos about the conception of the child sounds from women who want to become a mother, very often. If a woman has a diagnosis made by doctors that prevents her from becoming pregnant, she does not need to leave treatment, but resorting to God can help these procedures to act more quickly, so you need to continue to visit doctors, believe and pray. Spouses who believe in the help of saints pray with the hope of helping in conception to the icons of the Mother of God.

Icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Icon “Assistant in childbirth” – helps future women in childbirth safely endure and give birth to a healthy child.
  • Icon of the Mother of God “Theodore” helps, evenif the diagnosis of doctors about infertility is already hanging by a sentence, this icon is special, very strong, even if the family has been childless for a very long time, help from the icon is possible. If there are difficult births, this icon is prayed by the mothers and their relatives for them.
  • Icon “Healer” – helps to heal even from hopeless variants of infertility.
  • Icon “The Holy Mother of God” – helps to conceive and safely give birth to a child.
  • Icon “Sporuchnitsa sinners” – a miraculous icon. If a woman commits the sin of abortion earlier, this icon helps to atone for him and gives the mother a child to the woman. Also this one heals young children.
  • Icon “Unexpected Joy” – helps to quickly conceive.
  • Icon “Iverskaya” – helps in need, sorrows, illnesses to find hope and healing.
  • The icon “Annunciation” helps to heal from infirmities.

The husband and wife should also honor the days of the Saints, who are prayed for infertility and lack of discipline:

  • July 25 (August 7) ​​- the day of the Assumption of the holy righteous Anna;
  • September 9 (22) is a day of remembrance of the holy righteous God-father Joachim and Anna.

How to pray for the conception of a child

Prayer for the conception and birth of a child is given inhelp couples who want to conceive, or women – so that they can communicate with the saints, because in an appeal to the higher forces you can tell what does not work in life, and ask for help, complain about needs, ills, illnesses. And, of course, the Lord or saints, to whom you sincerely address, will hear you and will certainly help. But, perhaps, the fulfillment of desire can bring harm to the applicant – and in this case the treatment will remain unanswered. Do not forget that God knows what is not known to people.

prayer for conception

Prayer for the conception of a child should not sound like a given or a ritual, it should be alive and go from the heart, from the heart. Your request should be sincere, and in addition, it is important to realize that your life and hope in God does not necessarily lead to fulfillment of desires. Look to God for help and be prepared to make that decision in your life. Be patient, perhaps fate tests you “for strength,” your prayer will be heard and the request will be fulfilled, but only when you really want the asking with all your heart.

To whom they pray for the conception of the child

Prayers for conception and the birth of a healthy childperform the holy saints God’s Joachim and Anna, the Most Holy Theotokos, the prophet Zechariah and the righteous Elisaveta, the holy mother Matrona of Moscow, St. Peter and Fevronia, St. Luka of Crimea and others.

Prayer for the conception of a healthy child canread not only during pregnancy planning, but also when the child is already in the womb to save it from the ills and diseases associated with the course of pregnancy.

Saint Matrona’s prayer for the conception of a child

Very well known is the holy mother Matrona Moskovskayahis help in many matters. Its miraculous icons are taken to all places where pilgrims rush to the holy face, ask for healing and help, hope for the fulfillment of desires: sick and childless, girls who want to marry, people on the verge of important changes, and hope for a resolution in a prosperous way which it’s a problem.

prayer for conception

During his lifetime Matron was blind, but aftershe was given the gift of clairvoyance, she began to receive people and treat them. Nobody singled out and tried to help everyone. After she died in the world, the glory of her miracles spread even abroad. Pilgrims go to the icons and ask for help, leaving the holy Matrona bouquets, in which an odd number of flowers. The Matrona prayer for the conception of the child should sound after you repent and ask for a blessing. It is not necessary to go to the temple, Mother Matrona will hear the prayer from any place, but many speak with her, as if she is alive, referring as a friend and mentor, for help. Your prayer to Matrona about conceiving a child can be transferred by other people who gather for her relics – the main thing is not just to write your request, but from the heart to pray and believe. Matrona already helped a lot of married couples.

Prayer in own words

If you do not know the special prayers and accidentally found yourself at the miraculous icon of one of the saints, it is perfectly permissible to address them in your own words. The main thing is that prayer should come from the heart.

“Merciful Lord, hear my prayer and I’m sorryme all my sins. Bless our Lord, Lord, for conceiving, enduring, safely giving birth to smart, healthy children. Give them, Lord, a good destiny. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen. “

Prayer to the saints about the conception of a child can also beis said in own words, but in all parishes there is often literature to help the prayers. You can buy small icons in church benches with a prayer printed out from behind. Such a prayer will always be with you, and at any convenient moment you can turn to the saint and ask him for help.

prayer for conception

Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos about the conception of the child

Before any icon, even not included in the numberthe above, you can pray to the Theotokos about the birth of a child. You need to honor her holidays and the days of memory of those saints whom you will turn to: Luke of Crimea, Xenia of Petersburg, Nicholas the Wonderworker, etc.

Prayer to the Theotokos about the conception of the child is printed in several versions, but it can also be used:

“The Most Holy Mother of God, Mother of God! Heal my belly and give me hope for consolation, fulfill my desire to conceive a child and endure it safely, to be freed from the burden and give birth to a healthy child. Help your hand, have sunk my hopes for the heavenly gift, give me a bright and happy motherhood and forgive my free and unwilling transgressions. I pray you with all my heart, revitalize my womb, lay the seed in my belly, so that it becomes alive, give me the health and strength to entrust to me the soul and give birth to the world and me for joy, my kind for the extension and preservation. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen”.

prayer for conception

There are holy places, springs of living water,where many women or couples come who want to conceive a child. For spouses who live in Orthodox marriage, there is also a special prayer for the conception of the child.

Calling to God, the couple pray for grace,descending on them in the name of God’s will to multiply the human race. The husband and wife ask for help and giving the baby to them, for joy and for the fullness of family happiness.

Who are the holy righteous Godfather Joachim and Anna, Zechariah and Elizabeth

These saints are the parents of the Mother of God herself. They were barren throughout their whole life, and with sorrow they lived to a very old age, but for righteousness and humility they were rewarded by God, according to their faith and the blessing of God, the Most-Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, was born to them.

Another example from the history of the Old Testament -prophet Zechariah and righteous Elisabeth. This couple was also pious and exemplary, until the old age the couple had no children, but God rewarded them for their faith and patience, and gave birth to joy – this couple was born John the Baptist.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

They say that there is such a tool: a prayer for the conception of a healthy child to the Holy Spirit. It is necessary to read the prayer listed below three times, and then write it and multiply it for other sufferers:

prayer for conception

“The Holy Spirit Who Helps in Resolving Alldifficulties, unlocking all roads to help those who go to their goal. The Holy Spirit, granting me forgiveness and oblivion of all sin. Thank you for everything, and I ask for your help. Give my family a chance to become the parents of a healthy baby. “


It’s genetically inherent that a person always aspires to procreation, wanting to leave behind a worthy heir. But, unfortunately, in many cases, modern couples with childbearing have certain problems. Often, a woman can help a woman with a man become a parent. But, at the same time, you can often hear that there are no contraindications and barriers to conception of a child, but it’s impossible to get pregnant with a woman. And when the doctors only make a helpless gesture, unable to grant the couple happiness of procreation, a man lays hope in the Lord, turning to him with prayer.

Prayer for the conception of a child, like any other prayer, it can help only if it comes from a pure heart and is infinitely sincere. Prayers have power when they are uttered by the mouth of a person who is not defiled by evil thoughts and is not tainted by selfish prudence. In saying a prayer, one should always be ready for the fact that, ultimately, the decision to send a child to him is taken in heaven, for the ways of the Lord are inscrutable. Praying about the conception of the child, one should be aware: praying prayer entrusts itself to God, not without reason in prayers the recognition “Thy will be done” sounds. Prayer for the conception of a child is usually pronounced constantly and daily, however, one must necessarily confess and receive absolution – the impossibility of becoming pregnant can be a punishment for a dissolute way of life and a “motherless instinct” that precedes the maternal instinct with the change of sexual partners. Prayers of such a plan are offered to St. Joachim and Anna, the Holy Prophet Zechariah and Elizabeth, who also experienced the joy of fatherhood only in old age. In addition, there is a prayer for the conception of the child, which the Most Holy Theotokos, the intercessor and suppliant for the human race, are being elevated. And always the prayer should go from the bottom of the heart – the priests say that only this way the prayer will be heard.

Prayer for conceiving a child for the Lord

Lord, remember me, unworthy of Your servant, and deliver me from my barrenness, to be me matter. Give us a child that would be a joy in life and a defense in our old age.

God, I bow before Your Majesty, forgive me for all my sins and send me a healthy full-fledged baby, and if You give it to me, then save and help me deliver it before the deadline, but I will always praise and praise You. Amen

Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, forgive me, sinful and bezderznovennuyu, spare my brutal infirmity and look at my prayer! Receive my prayer and fulfill the desire of my heart, grant me my young for good and help bear the cross of motherhood for our salvation. Amen.

Prayer for the conception of the child to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Oh, Most Holy Devot, Mother of the Lord of the Most High, obedient to the intercessor of all, to Thee with faith in those who come! Look down at me from the height of his heavenly majesty to me, obscene, falling to your icon! Hear soon a humble prayer, less sinful, and bring it to your Son; implore Him, let my divine grace illumine my gloomy soul with light, and purify my mind from the thoughts of vanities, soothe my heart that is suffering and heal his wounds, let him teach me good deeds and strengthen him to work with fear, forgive me all the evil done by me, let him deliver eternal torment and not deprive His heavenly Kingdom.

Oh, Most Blessed Virgin! You have graciously embraced yourself in the image of Your Georgian, commanding all to come to You with faith, do not despise the less afflicted and do not let me perish in the abyss of my sins. On T’a, according to the Boz, is all my hope and hope of salvation, and I am entrusting to you for your protection and for all eternity. I praise and thank the Lord for sending me the happiness of a conjugal state. I beseech Thee, the Mother of the Lord and God and Savior, and with Your Maternal prayers will send me and my wife to my beloved child. May He give me the fruit of my womb. Let him be made his will, to his glory. Change the trouble of my soul for the joy of conception in my belly. I thank and thank you the Mother of my Lord all the days of my life. Amen.

To the righteous God-bearing fathers Joachim and Anne

Oh, the adore of Christ the righteous, the holy god-fathers Joachim and Anno, the upcoming Heavenly Throne of the Great King and the great boldness to Him of possessions, as from the Most Blessed Virgin, The Virgin Mary and the Ever-Virgin Mary, to be embodied by the one who chose!

To you, as a multifaceted representative and zealous about us as a prayer book, we resort to sinfulness and unworthiness. Pray for His goodness, for He has turned away His wrath from us, according to our deeds, He has righteously moved us, and our countless sins have despised us, will turn us to the path of repentance, and in the path of His commandments, He will confirm us. Also, with your prayers in the world, save our lives, and in all the good, all to the belly and godliness of the need for us from God, from all sorts of misfortunes and troubles and sudden deaths by your present deliverance, and from all enemies of the visible and invisible is defending, so quiet and silent life is lived in all godliness and piety, and such in the world the temporal flow of life is past, we will reach eternal peace, with your holy entreaty, and be granted the heavenly Kingdom of Christ our God, with all the glory, honor and worship for ever and ever, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

To the holy prophet Zechariah and Elizabeth

O, the holy bosom of God, prophesy Zacharias and righteous Elisaveta! A feat of the good, striving to the earth, perceived the crown of truth in heaven, it was prepared by the Lord to all those who love Him. Looks vaguer on your holy image, We rejoice in the glory of our residence, and we honor your holy memory. You, before the Throne of God, accept our prayers and bring it to the All-Merciful God, forgive us every sin and help us to stand against the wiles of the devil, and get rid of sorrows, diseases, troubles and misfortunes and all evil, we will live uprightly and righteously in the present We will be honored with your representation, even if unworthy, if you see the good on the land of the living, glorifying the One in his holy glorified God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer of the spouses for the gift of children

Hear us, the Most Merciful and Almighty God, may our grace be sent down to us. Be merciful, O Lord, to our prayer, remember Thy Law concerning the multiplication of the human race and be a merciful Patron, Yes, I will help you with the same kind of help.

You created everything out of nothing and created everything in the world of the existing, created man in his own image and secretly consecrated the marriage and predestination of the mystery of the unity of Christ with the Church. Grant merciful unto thy servants these , the conjugal union of those who are united and imploring thy help, that thy mercy may be upon them, that they may be fruitful, and that they may see the son of their sons even unto the third and fourth generation, and shall live to the desired old age they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all glory, honor and worship befits the Holy Spirit for all eternity.

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