Prayer for anxiety and depression

Important Principle —  To be really submitted, we must believe what has been accomplished in the Finished Work, and what Jesus spoke to us;

I have come that you might have abundant Life ….John 10:10-I have come to set the captives free ….Luke 4:18-The Truth will set you free, Who the Sons set free, is free indeed ….John 8:32-36 -I have Overcome the world, in me you will also..John 16:33 -You have been delivered out of the kingdom of darkness, finished work…Col 1:13
We all want God to take these problems away, to come and do it for us.
Faith demands, and  our Father wants us to use what we have been given.

Through the victory of the finished work of Jesus, and for us to Overcome through what has already been done, and not ask heaven for things that have been done through the finished work.

When we are Submitted to God… Now we can Resist the Devil… Now they will Flee ……James 4:7

 I now know that you have defeated the enemy for me, and that you have set me free from these things that have kept me captive, you have set me free !!!!!

This is a major mindset change, that lines us up to the scriptures, it is the beginning of our first steps into freedom from these oppression’s…..

Now we can go on to the bible remedy, James 4:7  Submit to God, Resist the Devil, and they will Flee.

Can we be Submitted to God… if we do not believe and trust in the finished work on the cross

He has delivered us out of the kingdom of darkness….

Now we must change our prayer from asking / begging to thanking Him for what has been done through the finished work

Author: Pastor Pat Buckley
Published on: May 1, 2016 @ 22:06



Best Prayer for Anxiety


The best prayer for anxiety is one that has its foundation in the Word of God. A Prayer that agrees with and lines up to the truth in the Word. Therefore, we do not ask God to do something that He has already done.

Be encouraged!

Nobody can take away God’s love from you.
It’s infinite and indestructible.

Don’t give up hope. It’s never too late. You can be free of excess fear and worry.

prayer for anxiety and depression

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Worry does not have to control your life.
Let God put your life and thoughts in order.

Trust Him.

Anxiety might be that you are just nervous or overwhelmed sometimes. Or it can be a problem that disrupts your life, as in anxiety disorders like phobias, panic, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Prayer for relief from anxiety, stress or depression makes a big difference. Remember, God always hears your prayer.

We recognize that healing also comes from the support and care of loved ones. Some might even need professional help. The goodness of God works in many ways.

May the Lord bless you abundantly!

Lord Jesus, I know that somewhere in the past my family’s DNA was damaged so that depression has been passed down through the generations. I also know that Satan has taken advantage of this vulnerability to torment my family line.

I acknowledge and confess that my ancestors have sinned, and as a result my DNA has been damaged and I have become vulnerable to Satan’s attack on my mind.

Jesus, as the current representative of my family, I repent on behalf of my ancestors for their sin that brought depression as a curse or iniquity into my family line and damaged our DNA.

Specifically, I repent for any involvement by my ancestors in witchcraft or occult practices such as séances, fortune telling or divination. I repent for their memberships in associations that required oaths and promised curses for breaking those oaths. I repent for any unholy vows they have made. I repent for my actions that have allowed these curses or iniquity to continue.

I forgive my ancestors for their sin and for how they have brought depression and other curses and iniquity into my family. I now renounce all unholy agreements that have been made by my ancestors or me. I renounce any agreements I have made with this curse and iniquity.   I now break off any and all generational curses and iniquity that may have come down to me. I break all generational ties to the occult and witchcraft, and sever its influence over my family and me. I place the cross of Christ between me and the sin and genetic damage that has been running through my family.   Lord Jesus, I take back the ground and authority that has been given to the enemy. I cancel all assignments and bondages the enemy has against my generational line and me. I take back all authority and control of my life and turn it over to You.

Lord Jesus, please wash each generation with your blood, and I call forth the blessings that have been blocked to come down through all the generations; past, present and future.

I acknowledge that our family DNA may have been damaged as a result of traumatic events in the lives of my ancestors.

I forgive the people who caused the trauma. I forgive my ancestors for agreeing with the fear caused by the trauma and for believing the lie that their minds were permanently damaged. I forgive myself for believing that I cannot escape from the curse or iniquity of depression. I repent for everything my ancestors did in response to this trauma that has brought depression into my generations.

Use the following section as an example of how to pray every day.

I repent for basing my identity on the diagnosis that I have depression. I choose to forgive anyone including myself who has convinced me to believe the lie that my identity is my diagnosis and that I will have this for life.

Through the blood of Jesus, I renounce agreement with the lie that has attached my identity to something other than who Jesus says I am. I break your power in Jesus’ name.

I receive the truth that you, Jesus, have made me in your image, totally accepted, fully loved, and created with a destiny and a purpose.   I choose to forgive my mind for failing to work correctly so that I have not been able to control my thoughts.

I repent for believing lies that you won’t heal me, that I will always be depressed, and it will always be in my family. I repent for agreeing with the expectations that my illness is a life sentence. I repent for any vows I have made or curses I have spoken to myself in response to this illness. Jesus, forgive me for believing the lies and agreeing with them, thereby empowering them in my life.  I instruct my soul and my spirit to embrace the truth that I will not always be sick.

I repent for everything I have done, said or thought based on those lies. I repent for using depression as an excuse for sinful behavior. I repent for every time I have hurt someone physically or emotionally, including myself because of depression.

I renounce every agreement I have made with the spirits of depression and I command them to be loosed from me and go to the foot of the Cross in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I hand to you, Jesus, the identity I assumed as a depressed person.

Lord Jesus I take back the ground and the authority that I gave to the enemy.  I cancel all assignments and bondages the enemy has against any in my generational line and me in the past, present and future. I take back all control and authority of my life and return it to you, Lord Jesus.   In the name of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and in the authority of the blood of Christ, I command all spirits attached to depression and to the lies that I have believed to leave me now in Jesus’ name. Specifically, I command the spirits of depression, fear, insanity, death, suicide, addictions, torment, self mutilation, self hatred, shame, humiliation, inferiority, low self esteem, discouragement, rejection and self pity to leave me now.   I speak now to my DNA, “Be healed in Jesus name.” I speak to the nerve cells in my brain, “Be healed in Jesus name.” I declare that I have the mind of Christ.   Jesus, I now receive your healing into my body, soul and spirit. Amen.

Whenever you are tempted to return to old thinking patterns or temptations, use these prayers to fight back against the spirit trying to lure you:

I know what you are trying to do to me.

You have no power over me.

I refuse to give in or agree with you.

I send you to the foot of the cross for disposal.

Jesus, what do you have for me in exchange?

Remember to focus on God’s truth in His word, not the lies of the enemy.  The verses in Swatting the Fly of Depression are a good starting point.

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