Prayer for a job i want

Dear St Jude

Please help me get the job that I am waiting to hear back from. I will always be grateful for this blessing and vow to work harder than ever to ensure that I achieve success in this position. I will work honestly with intregrity and with all my heart.

I believe that this job will suit my abilities and will give me the opportunity to showcase my talents that have been graciously given to me by god.

Thank you for all your support and success that I have achieved over the years and now I am just looking to broaden my outlook and step outside my comfort zone and achieve success in a challenging field.

I pray that you will interceed for me to god to help and ensure that I am selected for this job.

With a humble heart I pray to you, Jesus and Mother Mary to ask god on my behalf for this blessing.

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Lord Jesus, I humbly ask for a job. I want so much to reunite with my husband, for whom I thank you for and for his job. I want to live as husband and wife again under the same roof. We need two incomes to be able to provide for our family needs. So, again dear Lord, please bless me with a job that will be beneficial to our needs and allow me the time I need to be a good wife, mother/gandmother to my loved ones. Lord, with your blessings and guidance I plan on moving, relocating to be with my husband, which means leaving my current job and all that I am familiar with. Lord God, please bless our move and I leave it all to you Lord. My move is planned for July… dear Lord in Heaven, please hear the prayers from myself, husband and intercessors. Thanking you now for all your mercies and generosity. Amen

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by Bridget Swann (Louisville, Ky)

Lord, I am tired and fearful of my current job. I just want to do your will. I am a new nurse and am struggling to find my niche. I just want to do my job well but lately find it difficult with the people and politics at work.

I’m tired of trying to be in a power struggle with people at work. Please lord put me in the right place with encouraging, Christian, supportive people. I know you go before me and have a great plan… but i need peace about it. If you want me at my current job, please show e confirmation. Im tired and scared! In your perfect name, Amen

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