Prayer for a good job

by Katherine ()

Father God I ask in Jesus name that you by your great love, mercy, favor and power hear and answer this prayer for a miracle for my husband Tim to land a permanent good paying job near our home. We have prayed and searched and seeked for an answer to this prayer for 3 years now.

I feel like I cannot bear anymore of the finanicial pressures of not enough money to pay our bills and be able to enjoy some of the things in life that require money.

Like being able to visit my children, grandchildren and mom. Please God send us a miracle of employment and end this finanicial famine we have been in for too long. I implore you in the sweet and loving name of Jesus.

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by Lisa (Connecticut)

Lord, father, I come before today and beg you to help me secure the best job position, I have passed your many tests, I am your loyal servant, I have adored you praised you, at times, I may have been weak, but I have always known that you are there with me, carrying me and helping me along the way, at this point in my life,

I am happy because I know you are there for me, but I really need to secure a much more better position, I have applied to a lot of different positions, one in particular that I love, I know I would shine, I want that position, I claim that position, in Jesus name, Thank you God for your mercy….Amen.

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1. Praying for the right job:

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I ask that you provided a job suited for my needs this day. Lead me to a job that will accommodate me without hesitations. You are the rock on which I stand I ask that You provide me with a job that is stable and without shaky grounds.

I ask that my talents, skills, abilities and education will be put into practical use, so that I can have sufficient to pay my bills and place bread on my table for myself and my family and even to give back what is due to You, Father.
prayer for a good job

Lord You command blessings upon me in my barns and in all that I put my hands to do, and You will bless me in the land which You give me. Right now, I proclaim that I will receive many job opportunities that will allow me to perform at my best, remembering You in all that I do.

Lord You command blessings upon me in my barns and in all that I put my hands to do, Click To Tweet

I speak that doors will be opened to me in every direction I turn, because Your light shines upon me. I decree and declare that unemployment is that of the past and will be no more. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen!

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