Prayer during difficult times

Sometimes I struggle with prayer during difficult times. I mean I know that I need to pray. I know that prayer changes things. But sometimes I just don’t know where to start.  When the hard times come I don’t always have time to create a prayer strategy.

My emotions often overwhelm me. Even to the point where I cannot pray.  If you are anything like me I bet you can relate. No worries though I’ve got you covered.  (If you are struggling to know how to pray you might want to check out my FREE email course: How to Pray Your Way to Victory)

Over the years I have learned a few things about prayer during difficult times: how to create a prayer strategy,  overcoming obstacles to prayer and spiritual growth and more.  I share all these things right here on the blog. You will find a little of my personal testimony mixed in with practical tips, encouragement and the occasional kick in the butt (all with love of course).

prayer during difficult times

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Prayer for the Sick During Difficult Times

prayer during difficult times

Are you suffering from a cold or possibly chronic pain for years, maybe even a life-threatening illness? Do you find it difficult to pray when you’re not well, or maybe you feel like you’re praying the same words over and over again? When we feel helpless we often cling to control as a life raft, but Christ tells us to cling to him during times of illness and every other time imaginable. We can pray for the sick and rest knowing God can restore health! He has the power to heal us, and he has the power to comfort us and give us new hope. He gives us rest when we are weary and peace when we are uncertain. If you find it hard to pray during difficult times you are not alone; pray along with this prayer for the sick!

Jesus, you control all the parts of my body, and you know when they’re not working at their best. Sickness leaves me stressed and steals time from all the things I want to be doing. I’m honest, Lord. I don’t like to be sick. But times like this also make me rest in you, so I thank you for this chance simply to wait on you.

I come to you today asking for your touch, Lord. Help me to be patient and allow you to do your work. If doctors are involved, give them wisdom, and thank you for providing the help I need, however you choose to provide. Whether this is a test, or simply a time to trust, I want my response to honor you.

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As my Good Shepherd, I know you will lead me beside quiet places and restore my soul and body. I trust you and want to follow your leading. Help me to welcome this time not as an interruption in my carefully planned schedule, but as an opportunity to draw strength and nourishment for the journey ahead. You are my healer and my Great Physician. I look to you and give thanks for the promises in your Word that assure me of your presence and your help.

Teach me what you want me to learn during these unpleasant times, Lord. Help me not to take out my discomfort on those around me, and show me how to be a good patient while I’m recovering. In these days of sickness, Lord, I’m trusting you and asking you to make me well. And when you’ve restored my health, give me wisdom so I can treat my body as the temple of your Spirit. I’m eager to get back on my feet serving you, but I realize that even in sickness, I can still draw near to you.

Thank you, Jesus!

Rebecca Barlow Jordan is an inspirational author, speaker, and passionate follower of Jesus who loves to encourage others heart to heart. She has written 11 books and over 1700 other articles, greeting cards, and other inspirational pieces. Her daily devotional Daily in Your Presence is available for delivery through You can find out more about Rebecca

Here’s A POWERFUL PRAYER For When Sickness Comes!

prayer during difficult times

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