Prayer before interview

Scriptural Reference: The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the Lord. 

Proverb 21:31

Loving heavenly father, you know all my worries and fears regarding this interview! You are a most loving heavenly father and you understand my innermost feelings! Yes Lord! I am so nervous thinking about the outcome of this interview.

You know my limitations Lord, but your word says that your strength is enough in our times of weakness. I admit that I have no wisdom or knowledge of my own. But I have confidence that I can do everything thorough Christ who strengths me.

​I do not know what is in store for me but I know that my future is in the hands of Lord of Lords, Who has made me. So Lord be with me and help me to find grace in the sight in the eyes of the concerned authorities. I need not be afraid of men because I have the Lord Almighty beside me.

Please go before me and let me answer the questions boldly and intelligently. Please remove all the unwanted fears and worries and fill me with courage. Let me never be put to the shame. I thank You Lord for listening to my supplications and filling me with your peace. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Dua Before Interview, Exams, Hearing

prayer before interview

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Note from HopetoHeal: There are so many requests for duas in this posting that I cannot possibly respond to each dua by typing.  It is important that you visit this site (click the HopetoHeal header)  and look for other supplications in other postings and read up on  the comments below because many questions are repeat questions that I have answered alreadty. You will find beneficial information for your needs, bi-idhnillah.  When I do see a request for dua, I try to make it immediately so continue to post them, I am making dua.  I just may not be able to respond to all of you.  May Allah grant you all  success in this dunya (for all your Jaiz needs) and in the aakhira, and kindly make dua for me and for all who are part of this effort too.  May Allah bless you all and forgive me – Ameen!

It’s Monday.  Most of us have meetings to go to today or later this week.  Here is a prayer before a meeting.  It’s published on the St. Louis University Prayerbook, a site where members of the SLU community share prayers.

Heavenly Father, we come to you today asking for your guidance, wisdom, and support as we begin this meeting. Help us to engage in meaningful discussion; allow us to grow closer as a group and nurture the bonds of community. Fill us with your grace, Lord God, as we make decisions that might affect the students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of Saint Louis University. And continue to remind us that all that we do here today, all that we accomplish, is for the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of You, and for the service of humanity. We ask these things in your name, Amen.

For other prayers on this site, see the Prayers by St. Ignatius and Others.

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