Prayer at night

prayer at night

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This, without doubt, will produce salutary results when vespers are conducted in a worthy and fitting manner and with such helps as foster the piety of the faithful. The Way of Trust and Love A hundred and fifteen years after Therese of Lisieux’s death, the message of the young saint and Doctor of the Church has traveled around the world inspiring millions. People said grace before meals and had family prayer and devotional rituals. Alongside the Jerusalem and Grail translations authorised by the Vatican for use in the Liturgy: New directories of references for readings used in the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, including the fuller two-year cycle for the Breviary NB: On viewing the “Click to see inside” the text may appear a different size.

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Prayers of Early Christianity

Because the Holy Eucharist is the whole Christ with His human heart. Margaret Mary, the Sacred Heart is the Holy Eucharist. So it follows that devotion to the Sacred Heart is devotion to the Holy Eucharist Beyond Our Tears: Resources download for free Don’t try to “make up” the next day any Psalms (or Proverbs, if you have chosen to include them) that you may have missed the day before. Remember, the Psalms (and the Book of Proverbs) start over again each month (some may, however, want to catch up on the Bible Chapter readings when they have more time — this is easily done with an AudioBook Bible on CDs ). _____________________________ A churchgoer had just swiped her credit card and was in the middle of a transaction. I asked Katie what that was, and I could tell she had answered that question many times before. “A lot of people find it much more convenient to give their tithe electronically, they use their card and their tithe is withdrawn automatically,” she said , cited: Word by Word: Slowing Down read online Sir Kenneth knew enough of the Eastern languages, to be assured that he chanted sonnets of love, containing all the glowing praises of beauty, in which the Oriental poets are so fond of luxuriating, and which, therefore, were peculiarly unfitted for a serious or devotional strain of thought, the feeling best becoming the Wilderness of the Temptation. With inconsistency enough, the Saracen also sung lays in praise of wine, the liquid ruby of the Persian poets, and his gaiety at length became so unsuitable to the Christian knight’s contrary train of sentiments, as, but for the promise of amity which they had exchanged, would most likely have made Sir Kenneth take measures to change his note E M Bounds: The Classic Collection On Prayer (Pure Gold Classic) download for free. He had been an apostle and a missionary, now he would become a hermit. One day as he was kneeling before an image of the Sacred Heart, and praying with great fervor, he heard a mysterious voice which appeared to come from the Heart of Jesus, and which said to him: “Your prayers are pleasing to Me, Alphonsus; but your preaching and your apostolic journeys were still more pleasing in My sight, for they caused many to bless and honor My Father , cited: Activating God’s Power in Leah: Overcome and be transformed by accessing God’s power. Activating God’s Power in Leah: Overcome.

Do you or your children struggle to know what to say when asked to pray? Is prayer time becoming routine around your house–even boring? Actually she has 100 Creative Prayer Ideas that are guaranteed to make time with Jesus interesting, meaningful, and even fun! And don’t assume grown-ups are left to watch from the sidelines. A helpful index organizes the various prayer activities by age and other categories ref.: Water of the Word . Knowing that I am incapable myself of understanding the deeper truths of my God, I have become reliant on the truth of Your Word and the power of Your Holy Spirit. I see in me today a new creation, that even at this very moment, is being changed , cited: Meeting God: Carmelite Reflections and Prayer

. Born to ex-slaves in Reconstruction-era Tennessee, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason had a vision for the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) that thrives today in an international Pentecostal church with more than five million members. With Signs Following: The Life and Ministry of Charles Harrison Mason examines the social, cultural, and religious aspects of Bishop Mason’s leadership and creative genius in establishing COGIC as a distinct Black Church tradition , source: Psalms of an Ordinary Woman


Mighty Prevailing Prayer: Experiencing the Power of Answered Prayer

A Prayer Odyssey: A Journey to Effective Prayer

Watchmen, Come up Higher!

Prayer-book for religious: a complete manual of prayers and devotions for the use of the members of all religious communities a practical guide to the … examen and to the methods of meditatio

Alive Now magazine seeks to nourish people who are hungry for a sacred way of living. Alive Now is a thematic, bi-monthly magazine that seeks to nourish people who are hungry for a sacred way of living. This four-color, 48-page publication of The Upper Room speaks to the opportunities and challenges of following Christ in the modern world Praying Made Simple 101: Mini read online . In its more developed forms, puja consists of a series of ritual stages beginning with personal purification and invocation of the god, followed by offerings of flowers, food, or other objects such as clothing, accompanied by fervent prayers. Some dedicated worshipers perform these ceremonies daily at their home shrines; others travel to one or more temples to perform puja, alone or with the aid of temple priests who receive offerings and present these offerings to the gods , source: Activating God’s Power in Abigail: Overcome and be transformed by activating God’s power.

download epub . Also, your Grace is pleased to term me sometimes a brute myself; besides that I serve the Lion, whom all men acknowledge the king of brutes.” “By Saint George, there thou brokest the lance fairly on my brow,” said the King. “I have ever said thou hast a sort of wit, De Vaux—marry, one must strike thee with a sledge-hammer ere it can be made to sparkle Activating God’s Power in Mike: Overcome and be transformed by accessing God’s power.

read online . GOD HAS ONE LAST WORK FOR US TO PERFORM AND THAT IS TO HELP LEAD A NATIONAL REVIVAL , source: Prayers for Pilgrims download pdf

. Just before they killed him, Channah made this statement: “Go, my children, and tell our ancestor Abraham, ‘You were prepared to kill one son for the sake of Hashem., I have given up seven sons for the sake of Hashem!'” When the last child had died, Channah, the pious and pure, supreme in her devotion, stood over the bodies of her seven sons, and lifted her hands skyward. “My heart exults in Hashem Life’s Daily Prayer Book: for read for free

. It contains prayers, praises, and selections from the Bible to be used at different times and occasions , source: Sacred Heart with Prayers and Devotions (Florentine Lives of the Saints)

. For both merge harmoniously in the single spirit which animates them, “Christ is all and in all.” Both tend to the same objective: until Christ be formed in us. 38. For a better and more accurate understanding of the sacred liturgy another of its characteristic features, no less important, needs to be considered. 39. The Church is a society, and as such requires an authority and hierarchy of her own Archangels Saga I (Archangels Saga I Revised Book 1) .

The Testamentum Domini: A Text for Students, With Introduction, Translation, and Notes (Gorgias Liturgical Studies)

Great Southern Wild Game Cookbook, The

The Book of Praise, Audio Hymnal, Volume 5: Christian Hymns and Religious Songs with Audio for Advent and Christmas

Rossdhu Book of Hours

Activating God’s Power in Erron: Overcome and be transformed by accessing God’s power.

Smaragdus of Saint-Mihiel: The Crown of Monks (Cistercian Studies)

Thinking Simply About the Mass

Activating God’s Power in Kim: Overcome and be transformed by accessing God’s power.

In Search of Christ: A Prayer Book for Seekers

Ten Prayers For Godly Wives (Tin Roof Church Devotionals Book 1)

The Tao of Jesus: A Book of Days for the Natural Year

Throughout the day, at special selected hours, set Him apart from the world as you pray the Psalms and words of worship and adoration, including ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘The Nicene Creed’ and ‘The Jesus Prayer’ and ‘The Trisagion Prayer’ and other hymns of the Christian faith. All the words of the Psalms are from the KJV Bible (Pure Cambridge Edition) , e.g. The Mystery of Seduction read online

. Roman Missal, Collect for Feast of Corpus Christi. 114. Roman Missal, Postcommunion for Sunday within the Octave of Ascension. Ibid., Postcommunion for First Sunday after Pentecost. 123. Second Council of Constantinople, Anath, de trib. Capit., can. 9; compare Council of Ephesus, Anath The Daily Service Prayer Book download epub . I offer Thee in return the thanksgivings of all fervent souls, those of the Blessed Virgin and the saints, and with Thy prophet I will never cease to say: “Give praise to the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endureth for ever.” Amen

epub . It would almost be criminal not to do so! So if MOST souls are lukewarm―are you likely not to be among MOST souls? If you had studied any spiritual manuals of note, then you would realize that those souls who are improving in their fervor, are the most likely to be attacked by the devil with lukewarmness. So don’t be offended if you are told that you are lukewarm―it is your doctor speaking PrayerTime Cycle A : Faith-Sharing Reflections on the Sunday Gospels

read for free

! Gradually try to think of the qualities of the Manifestation, and in that way a mental form will fade out, for after all the body is not the thing, His Spirit is there and is the essential, everlasting element. 1780 , source: A Mother of Sons: Poems of read pdf

read pdf

. Ducharme You may print out as many copies of the Participant Guide at no charge for non-Internet distribution to your group or congregation. You may purchase this version directly from Amazon using one of the links above. This is read using a your Kindle or a Kindle Reader program installed on your computer. PDF E-book format, $8.49 (59 pages, not printed, but a computer download) Personal Prayers in Times of read epub . First Peter 2:9 identifies you as: “a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” Do you belong to God? Will you let that truth bind itself to your heart , e.g. Prayer for the Day Volume II: download pdf

download pdf

? No, this applies to those men who have a truly Apostolic spirit and are willing to follow in the footsteps of the Apostles who left all almost two millennia ago to follow Jesus and to found His Church upon earth My Catholic Prayer Book

My Catholic Prayer Book

. Certain it were, that the cord or the sabre had justly avenged such guilt.” “I am glad to hear that its influence shall be availing to me,” said the Knight; “for I have heard that the road is infested with robber-tribes, who regard nothing in comparison of an opportunity of plunder.” “The truth has been told to thee, brave Christian,” said the Saracen; “but I swear to thee, by the turban of the Prophet, that shouldst thou miscarry in any haunt of such villains, I will myself undertake thy revenge with five thousand horse; I will slay every male of them, and send their women into such distant captivity that the name of their tribe shall never again be heard within five hundred miles of Damascus , source: A Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer

A Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer


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With closed eyes I sit in the temple of night, and worship Thee. The sunlight, revealing a million alluring things, has vanished. One by one I have closed the doors of my senses lest the fragrance of the rose or the song of the nightingale distract my love from Thee. I am alone in this dark, dark temple. I have left everything — but, where art Thou? Darkness is haunting; still, unafraid, I am groping, seeking, crying for Thee. Wilt Thou leave me alone? Come, show Thyself!

The door of my memory swings open. Throbbingly thrilled, my heart looks for Thee, but I find Thee not. Halt! Ye thronging, million thoughts and past experience: come not into my sacred temple! I close the bursting, thought‐pressed door and run everywhere to find Thee. Ah! Where art Thou?

Darkness deepens. As I sit silent, in anguish of despair, I behold a little taper of concentration burning within me. I stand up mentally, and madly rush through the dimly lighted temple. The farther I go, the deeper grows the gloom. I clasp the empty darkness in hope of seizing Thee. Finding Thee not, I return again, and see the taper dimly burning.

I sing outwardly a loud prayer. My large teardrops and my strong gusts of prayer almost extinguish the taper. I will pray no more with words, nor rush and run about in the temple of Stygian darkness, nor drown the taper with my tears. I will sit still, and command my breath to make no sound. I rebuke my boisterous love for Thee.

The taper of meditation burns brighter now.

O, how maddening! I cannot worship Thee with words, but only with wistful yearning. Brighter the light grows: I behold Thee now. Thou art I. I worship Thee.

As night hides everything, so will I worship Thee in hidden silence.
I am glad with the joy of all minds. I will use the screen of the night to hide myself from the tempting things of the day.

O Night, when I am worried, throw thy veil of silent darkness around me. Create a dark temple for me wherever I go, that I may invoke and call Him, whom I love, at any time, anywhere, everywhere!


15. Prayer-Demand Before Taking Food

The fireflies start coming out around seven o’clock, and the sun sets noticeably earlier than it did in June. In my back yard, I can hear bats and owls, foxes, and an occasional coyote. Every so often, a Fisher Cat’s cry pierces the night, eerie in its humanity. Stars shine, the moon glows, and the world lives in shadow. It’s time to release the day, giving all that was back to God as I prepare to close my eyes….

A Prayer for Children

Lord Jesus Christ, you received the children who came to you, receive also from the lips of your child this evening prayer. Shelter me under the protection of your wings that I may lie down in peace and sleep. Awaken me in due time that I may glorify you, for you alone are good and love all people.

A Prayer for Adults

Lord our God, whatever sins I have committed this day, in word, deed or thought, forgive me, for you are good and love all people. Grant me a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. Protect me from every abuse and plot of the evil one. Raise me up in due time that I may glorify you, for you are blessed, together with your only begotten Son, and your all holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

when ready for sleep, say:

Under the protection of your wings I shall be covered and fall asleep, for in you only, Lord, does my hope lie.

All Prayers are from Daily Prayers for Orthodox Christians (N. Michael Vaporis, ed.; Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek School of Theology, trans; Brookline, Massachusetts: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1986, 2010 reprint), pp. 19, 23
prayer at night

Verily, your Lord knows that you do stand (to pray at night) a little less than two-thirds of the night, or half the night, or a third of the night, and so do a party of those with you, And Allah measures the night and the day. He knows that you are unable to pray the whole night, so He has turned to you (in mercy). So, recite you of the Quran as much as may be easy for you. He knows that there will be some among you sick, others travelling through the land, seeking of Allah’s Bounty; yet others fighting in Allah’s Cause. So recite as much of the Quran as may be easy (for you), and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) and give Zakat, and lend to Allah a goodly loan, and whatever good you send before you for yourselves, (i.e. Nawafil non-obligatory acts of worship: prayers, charity, fasting, Hajj and ‘Umrah, etc.), you will certainly find it with Allah, better and greater in reward. And seek Forgiveness of Allah. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most-Merciful.

நிச்சயமாக நீரும், உம்முடன் இருப்போரில் ஒரு கூட்டத்தாரும் இரவில் மூன்றில் இரு பாகங்களுக்குச் சமீபமாகவோ, இன்னும் அதில் பாதியோ இன்னும் இதில் மூன்றில் ஒரு பாகத்திலோ (வணக்கத்திற்காக) நிற்கிறீர்கள் என்பதை உம்முடைய இறைவன் நிச்சயமாக அறிவான்; அல்லாஹ்வே இரவையும் பகலையும் அளவாகக் கணக்கிடுகின்றான்; அதை நீங்கள் சரியாகக் கணக்கிட்டுக் கொள்ள மாட்டீர்கள் என்பதையும் அவன் அறிகிறான்; ஆகவே, அவன் உங்களுக்கு மன்னிப்பு அளித்து விட்டான். எனவே, நீங்கள் குர்ஆனில் உங்களுக்குச் சுலபமான அளவு ஓதுங்கள். (ஏனெனில்) நோயாளிகளும்; அல்லாஹ்வின் அருளைத் தேடியவாறு பூமியில் செல்லும் வேறு சிலரும், அல்லாஹ்வின் பாதையில் போர் செய்யும் மற்றும் சிலரும், உங்களில் இருப்பார்கள் என்பதை அவன் அறிகிறான்; ஆகவே, அதிலிருந்து உங்களுக்குச் சுலபமான அளவே ஓதுங்கள்; தொழுகையை முறையாக நிலை நிறுத்துங்கள்; இன்னும் ஜகாத்தும் கொடுத்து வாருங்கள்; அன்றியும் (தேவைப்படுவோருக்கு) அல்லாஹ்வுக்காக அழகான கடனாக கடன் கொடுங்கள்; நன்மைகளில் எவற்றை நீங்கள் உங்கள் ஆத்மாக்களுக்காச் செய்து (மறுமைக்காக) முற்படுத்துகிறீர்களோ, அவற்றை நீங்கள் அல்லாஹ்விடம் மிகவும் மேலானதாகவும், நற்கூலியில் மகத்தானதாகவும் காண்பீர்கள்; அன்றியும் அல்லாஹ்விடமே மன்னிப்புக் கோருங்கள் – நிச்சயமாக அல்லாஹ் மிக்க மன்னிப்பவன், மிக்க கிருபையுடையவன்.

تمہارا پروردگار خوب جانتا ہے کہ تم اور تمہارے ساتھ کے لوگ (کبھی) دو تہائی رات کے قریب اور (کبھی) آدھی رات اور (کبھی) تہائی رات قیام کیا کرتے ہو۔ اور خدا تو رات اور دن کا اندازہ رکھتا ہے۔ اس نے معلوم کیا کہ تم اس کو نباہ نہ سکو گے تو اس نے تم پر مہربانی کی۔ پس جتنا آسانی سے ہوسکے (اتنا) قرآن پڑھ لیا کرو۔ اس نے جانا کہ تم میں بعض بیمار بھی ہوتے ہیں اور بعض خدا کے فضل (یعنی معاش) کی تلاش میں ملک میں سفر کرتے ہیں اور بعض خدا کی راہ میں لڑتے ہیں۔ تو جتنا آسانی سے ہوسکے اتنا پڑھ لیا کرو۔ اور نماز پڑھتے رہو اور زکوٰة ادا کرتے رہو اور خدا کو نیک (اور خلوص نیت سے) قرض دیتے رہو۔ اور جو عمل نیک تم اپنے لئے آگے بھیجو گے اس کو خدا کے ہاں بہتر اور صلے میں بزرگ تر پاؤ گے۔ اور خدا سے بخشش مانگتے رہو۔ بےشک خدا بخشنے والا مہربان ہے

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