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“If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” – Ronald Reagan

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God promises that if Christians will humble themselves and pray and repent from their sins, He will heal our land:

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Let’s claim this promise!  Pray that America will turn back to God, that God will intervene in the affairs of America and that once again God will bless our land. 

My church, a small church in north Louisiana, believes that America’s hope lies in prayer – Christians asking God to heal our land. The following items were designed as reminders:

  • reminders to pray

  • reminders of the power that we have through prayer

  • and reminders of the privilege that is available to us as God’s children

We hope that you will find something that you, your church or your organization can use. This is not a fund raiser, so you can order the items directly from the supplier at their cost.

We pray that petitions to God and revival in the hearts of Americas will spread across our country, and that we will once again be “One Nation Under God”.

For ordering information see below:

Pray for America Pin

This soft enamel lapel pin is 1 1/4 inches wide and can be attached to cards which tell the purpose of the pins. In addition to serving as a reminder to pray, they also can be distributed among family and friends to encourage them to join us in prayer.

The price of the pins is considerably smaller when purchased in larger quantities. You may wish to combine with another church or organization in order to reduce your cost. These pins can be ordered at the following prices plus shipping and sales tax:

100 – $3.00 each

1,000 – $1.40 each

300 – $2.40 each

2,000 – $1.00 each

500 – $1.00 each

3,000 – $0 .94 each

Kathy Crowder

Crowder Concepts, Advertising Specialty Co.
318-255-4545 (Office)
318-251-9951 (Fax)

Pray for America Pin Card

Pin Cards can be purchased from:

Davis & Associates
305 East Mississippi
P. O. Box 814
Ruston, Louisiana   71270

318-255-3445 (Office)
318-255-3492 (Fax)

[email protected]

The cost of 1 package of 100 cards is $6.50 plus shipping and handling.

Town & Country Bookmark

Side one of this bookmark is a reminder to pray for America.  Some prayer concerns are listed as guides to use as you pray.

Side two is a reminder to pray for your hometown.  The company will print the name of your town on each bookmark.  Since America is made up of many, many towns, what better way to start a revival spreading across our country than for Christians to pray for their family, friends, and neighbors at home?

Keep a bookmark wherever you have your daily prayer time.  Giving bookmarks to shut-ins and nursing home residents is an excellent way to include some of God’s best prayer warriors in our goal to turn America back to God.   

The bookmarks can be purchased at the following prices plus shipping and handling.  You may want to join other churches in your area and place a larger order.

100   –   $67.88

2,500   –  $156.11

250   –   $73.76

5,000   –  $214.94

500   –   $85.53

7,500   –  $279.64

1,000   –   $96.11

10,000   –  $344.35

Ask about any current discounts being offered.

1-888-666-0744, Ex. 248 (Jamie Small)
[email protected]

*When ordering, please refer to:

First Baptist Church, Arcadia, LA
Art Work #132138J1

“Prayer – America’s Only Hope” Bumper Stickers & Yard Signs

Orders from across the country have been coming in for these Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers.  In the near future, we hope to see many more in yards and on vehicles throughout America.

These Yard Signs can be ordered from:

First Baptist Church
Texarkana, Texas

(Community Menu: FBC Store)  

5 Yard Signs


20 Yard Signs


100 Yard Signs


These prices include shipping and handling. They also include metal stakes.

Bumper Stickers are $1.00 each plus shipping and handling. They can be ordered by calling:

First Baptist Church
Texarkana, Texas

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By Franklin Marshall


The President

Lord you created the moon, the sun, the stars and the heavens oh God. You created the earth and all that is in it;  you control governments, presidents and you are in control of all things oh God.  Dear God look upon our land,  our president, upon his family, upon every branch of government, the senate, the congress,  the mayors and governors; towns, cities and states. We pray oh God that you will speak to their hearts, that they will be open to listening to your word and seek direction  to know you Lord for the sake of our nation, in Jesus name,  Amen

Governors And Mayors

Oh Lord God you are my hope, you are my salvation, you are the answer to every prayer. Lord I bring before you the governor,  leaders and the mayors of each state.  God I pray that you will give them wisdom, you will give them grace, give them peace and the proper interaction with our federal government. Lord I pray for your wisdom to be with them in the judicial system, that you will give them wisdom to judge in a righteous way, to choose in a Godly way father. I pray that you will bring prosperity and blessings upon each of our cities of the state God.  Give our mayor favor with the governor and the governor’s relationship will be blessed as he interacts with all the mayors of the states. God we thank you and we ask you for your blessings upon their families and upon every aspect of their lives. God give them your grace and tenderness to hear your voice and to abide by your word, we ask all of these things in Jesus name Amen

States And Cities

Our Country  is yours oh God of heaven and earth you are victorious in all of your ways,  there is none like you.  You are like the flowers and the blooms of spring.  We thank you for allowing our prayers to go up to heaven.  God our cities and States all over this nation are in need of your power, your presence,  your comfort God.  Where there’s crime bring salvation, where there is death and destruction bring peace father.  Where there’s homelessness and poor living on the streets give your people, the body of Christ, a heart of Mercy.  God I pray for those who are in hardships in any way in the towns and cities across this nation, give the mayors and the governors wisdom how to address these issues. God give the governors and the mayors of the cities hearts after you God. Lord help us to be holy that we will have prayers that are effective onto your thrown. God Almighty in the name of Jesus hear our prayers in Jesus name Amen


Victory oh God, victory oh God is yours forever you are the king,  you are the Creator, you are the almighty,  you will live forever and ever and ever father God.  Thank you for our industries, thank you for the businesses all over the city, the state and this nation God.  I pray for the industries Lord God I pray for innovation and that creativity will continue to flow. Creativty will continue to be a source of providing for the people in the towns and states across this land. God I pray that you will raise up your people with creative and innovative ideas, give them hearts to use their resources to further your gospel to bring hope, life and salvation to the world.  God only you can move mountains,  only you oh God can strengthen hearts, only you oh God can give ideas and innovative thoughts that will result in Great benefits to people on this earth.  It is you oh God who controls all things and we pray for your control and for your blessings to be upon our industries in Jesus name Amen


Oh God my soul cries out to your greatness, my life is yours oh God, my mind is yours my father.  God I pray for our institutions, our universities and schools Lord.  You said, “people perish for the lack of knowledge.”  God open the minds of our young people, middle-aged people, our older people, give them a learning and a teachable spirit, open their hearts to learning father.  I pray that you will bring upon this group of institutions, universities, schools and places of learning the proper teaching. Teaching that will inspire,  teaching that will tell the truth about life, health and every area of learning.



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Ministry Info

The Chichicastenango Guatemala area is a worn and torn land rich in Mayan culture and traditions. The Pray America/Manos de Jesus ministry began serving the local Mayan people in 2003 with James 1:27 as a foundation. Though many churches and short-term teams have partnered with our ministry, there is still much ministry and much work to be done.

We invite you on this journey with us. This is a life-long journey in pursuit of the heart of God. Much ministry is still needed to continue bringing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Chichicastenango, one soul at a time. As St. Francis of Assisi once said: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words”.

Learn More

Why 12 O’Clock?
Significant happenings in scripture at noon!
• Acts 26:13 – It was about noon when Saul had the encounter with Christ and was changed to another man.
• I Kings 18:26 – It happened at noon when the prophets of Baal stopped and Elijah began to speak & mock them
• Acts 10:9 – Peter praying at noon it was revealed to him that the Gospel was to be taken to the gentiles
• John 4:6 – at noon Jesus speaks to Samaritan woman at Jacobs well about living water that will never thirst again

• In New York in 1857, a great financial crisis caused widespread panic. In response, a businessman, Jeremiah Lanphier, sent out the invitation to join him at twelve o’clock noon every Wednesday in earnest prayer for the city and situation. The account is, what began with six people praying every Wednesday eventually became ten thousand praying every day in New York. This flood of prayer began to overflow to the churches praying in the evenings. As this daily prayer movement spread, church bells would ring as a signal for people to unite in prayer at 6:00 a.m., twelve o’clock noon, and 6:00 p.m. The result: millions were saved and the launch of moral and social reforms.

Everywhere – at Home, at Work, at School, around a Flag pole at Government buildings. We invite you – businessmen, Pastors, and Christians everywhere to begin inviting people to join you at noon to pray for our nation.

How to Pray:
“Nation-Changing Prayer” is 3 fold:
1. Pure—no hidden sin or unforgiveness.
This requires a genuine repentance to position us for effective, unhindered prayer. For it is the effective fervent prayer of the righteous that is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

2. Passionate—fervent prayer of the righteous is very effective.

3. Persistent—relentless until will see the answers.
Daily prayer for our churches and nation is required before we will see everything change.

We are asking everyone to pray for:
1. A Great Awakening and outpouring of God’s Spirit all across America, and a Great Reformation.
2. The Pulpits: Pastors – to humbly unite and lead their Churches in genuine repentance and prayer.
3. The Pews: For the Church to be a House of Prayer. For a cleansing and purifying.
4. The Multitudes: For the lost to be saved, the prodigals to come home. And the Nation to humble itself, acknowledge and turn back to God.
5. For Israel & the peace of Jerusalem
For more details see our Top 5 Prayer Guide.


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