Patron saint for job interviews

Interviews for hospitality and customer service positions are tricky.

A recruiter will like to hire a person who knows that there is nothing important than a patron and his demands.

If you are looking for a job as a hostess, you should prove in your interview that you possess exceptional customer service and communication skills.

Hostess Interview Tips

Homework is the most critical part of the hostess interview process. The more time you spend on preparation interview – the more will be the chances of your success. The following are some tips on what you can do to prepare yourself for a hostess interview:

❖ Review the job description and needs of the prospective employer which can be found in the job advertisement.

❖ Read your resume three times before going to interview and be prepared to talk about your relevant talents as mentioned in your resume.

❖ Bring a copy of your resume and a notebook.

❖ Dress formally for Success; your appearance should reflect maturity and self-confidence.

❖ Confirm the route of interview place before and plan to reach 15 minutes early.

Take a look at the following examples to get an idea of interview questions and answers.

Hostess Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to work as a hostess?
I have worked in a similar capacity for four years. I enjoy meeting new people every day. Nothing makes my day contended than knowing that the patrons are happy because of my direct and indirect service.

Tell me about your expertise as a hostess.
I understand that the role of a hostess is crucial for the employer because it is a tier one job. From greeting customers to showing them their tables, presenting menus and taking orders, I can do all most effectively. I know just when I need to ask a particular question and when to wait so that I am not interrupting a customers’ conversation.

Did you read the job description posted for this position in detail before coming to this interview? Are you clear on the tasks that we expect you to perform?
Yes, I read your job description carefully and am eager to perform the required tasks efficiently.

From our job description, what areas do you think you are proficient at and what areas would you need to be thoroughly trained on?
I am adept at providing excellent customer service, setting up the dining halls and making sure that guests’ experience will bring them back again. I effectively perform bussing duties, manages cash counters and maintains a clean and positive environment in the hotel. The only part I would need to get familiar with will be your specific set of rules and regulations as they differ from hotel to hotel.

How would you keep our patrons satisfied?
As a core effective communication rule, I believe in maintaining effective eye contact, having a welcoming gesture and a smiling face, breaking the ice between the new customer and the hotel by speaking first and greeting the guests. What adds value is using the guest’s surname in the conversation to make the guest feel comfortable.
I am recognized for providing guests with friendly, competent and courteous service while answering their queries in a professional and polite way

How do you handle a particularly irate customer?
My training and experience have taught me never to be rude to a customer even if they are offensive. The trick is to stay calm, maintain composure and never interrupt the customer during a rant. When they said their concerns, I analyze the situation and take appropriate action.

How do you take criticism?
Very well. I understand that this position is a sensitive and any criticism directed my way will be constructive and will enable me to provide better services.

What is the most recent skill you have learned that would assist you in your hostesses position?
Patience! You cannot be a successful hostess if you are not calm. Not only this, I understand the need to look interested and nonchalant as and when needed!

Are you familiar with operating Point-Of-Sales terminals, P.O.S systems and its manual procedures?
Yes, I am. I have hands-on experience in using P.O.S terminals and systems.

How will you serve a V.I.P. guest as compared to a regular one?
By making special arrival arrangements, maintaining their preference lists, escorting them to the halls and providing them with the best place. If the arrival is already known then research on their likes, dislikes, and personality to provide them service accordingly. Providing them efficient service is the key to serving VIPs since they are always in a hurry.

In case of an emergency, what would be your course of action?
Following the standards of operations described in your hotel’s policy manuals. If it is something unusual, I will take guidance from my supervisors.

Describe yourself in three words.
Polite, Efficient and Passionate

What do you do in leisure time? Any specific hobby?
I love cooking meals at home and try new recipes whenever I get free time.

In your opinion, what are the most critical aspects of a hostess’s duties that will create value for our restaurant and the customers?
Quality of communication, patrons’ needs anticipation, and professional demeanor.

Last updated on April 1st, 2018
patron saint for job interviews

The traditional patronage of many saints could be extended to cover modern-day issues that students face. Here are five that we propose.

1. Patron saint of simplicity – St. Francis of Assisi
With members of the millennial generation favoring minimalism and simplicity, over luxury and status, who better to emulate than St. Francis? The Italian friar and preacher’s life serves as a model of voluntary simplicity, clarity and love for those looking for (or defaulting to) a more frugal or sustainable way of life

2. Patron saint of the Internet – St. Isidore of Seville
Not only is St. Isidore considered the patron saint of the Internet, this Spanish bishop was known for his prolific writing, including a dictionary, encyclopedia and historical writings. He can serve as a helpful intercessor when looking for credible sources of information on the Internet for assignments, work projects and other research

3. Patron saint of photographers – St. Veronica
St. Veronica, who received an image of Jesus when she used her veil to wipe his face, is the patron saint of photographers. In today’s world of selfies, Vine, Instagram, Facebook and other media sharing tools, look to her for an appreciation of considering truth, beauty and modesty when it comes to sharing—as well as viewing—photos and videos online.

4.Patron saint of coffee shops – St. Drogo
For those times when a caffeine-fueled all-nighter is warranted to prepare for a test, finish a project or otherwise meet an unforgiving deadline, consider asking for help from St. Drogo, known as a patron saint of coffee house employees. The Flemish nobleman was also reportedly able to bi-locate, which most of us feel could come in handy at times.

5. Patron saint of workers – St. Joseph
Whether looking for a summer job while on break, work during college to help make ends meet, or seeking a profession once entering the real world, consider asking St. Joseph, the patron saint of workers, for guidance during the discernment, job search and interview process.
St. Walter of Pontoise knows exactly what you are feeling.

According to a national survey, “65% of workers said that workplace stress had caused difficulties” and more than 10 percent described these difficulties as “major.”

If you find that you are suffering from work stress, with ramifications in both your mind and spirit, the saint to call on is Walter of Pontoise.

Born in France during the 11th century, Walter was an intelligent and devout man, becoming a professor of philosophy and rhetoric. He then felt called to the religious life and become a Benedictine monk at Rebais-en-Brie.

King Philip noticed his natural abilities and appointed him abbot of a monastery in Pontoise against his will. Walter didn’t have much of a choice, so he obediently accepted his new position.

However, the appointment wasn’t easy and the discipline at the monastery before he arrived was horrid. Walter fled several times from the monastery because he couldn’t deal with the stress of the situation.

He even fled as far as Rome, delivering a written letter of resignation to Pope Gregory VII. The Holy Father turned him back and said he was forbidden to run away from his monastery ever again.

After coming back to Pontoise, Walter worked hard to combat corruption and the lack of discipline among his monks and the clergy of the region. This angered many of the priests, who captured and imprisoned him. He was eventually released and resumed the work he began, devoting himself more to prayer, asking God to grant him the strength to persevere.

Invoke St. Walter for help with workplace stress. A simple prayer that may be helpful is the popular “Serenity Prayer,” asking God to help you discern the best course of action in your stressful situation.

God, grant me the grace to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

St. Walter of Pontoise, pray for us!

The Patron Saint’s Heart
Dependent, Realistic, Passionate, Indulgent

You are the most protective of hearts, the Patron Saint. You crave love and value harmony with your match. You are passionate and rambunctious, but at the same time you are observant and down-to-earth about your relationships. You care deeply for those you love and will watch over them as a guiding light. You are sensual and enjoy the fiery aspects of a relationship, but can also be needy and value you and your partner as one. For this reason, you will always be on guard to protect those you love.

Matches for the Patron Saint: The Bleeding HeartThe Bleeding Heart craves love just as much as you do, and value harmony just as you. They are also passionate. Bleeding Hearts are more idealistic in their views, but you can very well appreciate such views, even if you don’t agree with them. Bleeding Hearts need to be looked after, and will value a Patron Saint for being there for them

The Lonely HeartThe Lonely Heart shares all of your qualities, but is more intimate than passionate compared to you. However, this is a quality you can easily appreciate, and the Lonely Heart will cherish your protective and loving nature.

The Slave to EmotionsThe Slave to Emotions shares your neediness and need for harmony in a relationship, but is more idealistic than you and values intimacy over passion. Both of these qualities you can appreciate, however, and the Slave will very much so appreciate your concern for them and will value your love greatly.

The Soldier of FortuneThe Soldier of Fortune is like you in ever way, though is a more self-absorbed and forthright than you are. You may appreciate such candor, and find that being with someone more explicit is a worthy challenge.

Your exact opposite is The Rebel’s Heart.

Avoid Independents if you can. You are the type who needs someone to love you as much as you love them, and the Independent’s tendency to be more of a loner can be difficult for you as a protector to take. Explicits may also be difficult for you to put up with, however, if you are willing to work at them (and being an indulgent you very well may be), you can make such relationships work. You might be the heart that is easiest to get along with, and can create a bond with anyone.

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