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A Prayer for a friend and Quotes, wishes ! search the very perfect words, browse our amazing collection of nice and heartfelt A Prayer for a friend and Quotes . send amazing good Latest I Hate You Messages , boyfriend, wife, husband, Mom Dad, and family as well. and now you can pick the one of them and express yourself, and you should send great all the best messages to your beloved in start a new life, and in the busy era you haven’t enough time to compose a prayer then browse the our very emotional and nice A Prayer for a friend and images, so now read below messages and wishes!

A prayer for a friend

Dear God If i could just be worthy of one wish from thee, i would not ask for wealth for

i have more in God name, i would no ask for times and lands my treasures lie in God hands

i would not ask for health for though friend give me all that good but i would that i could see,

only how the biggest friend to be to one though given me to love both he and in our homes

above that God the love thou has given me might fill his life and soul that he will never question never

dear my love for him in only veneer but person every time and got it that of they a lot gifts i

see he is a precarious one to me!

a prayer for friendship that is broken

As my day comes to an end i thank you God for giving it to me, i ask that you watch over my family

and friends. wherever they might be that you guide and protect them as you have forever done for me!

a prayer for my very sick friend

God, i thank you for the bond of friendship and approach you as brother sister and we are your daughters
we are in different seasons and want to remain close, let our connection be sustained by your love help us

to gracefully participate in each others lives remaining sensitive to every others hearts help us recognize

when you speak hearing above all else your voice Amen!

Top 15 All The Best Messages and Quotes

  • May the angels,
  • May they guide you through the night
  • May the angle keep you til morning
  • May they help you win the fight
  • May they comfort all your sorrows
  • May they show you better ways
  • May they keep watch on your soul
  • May they guard you while you are sleeping
  • May they calm your every fear
  • May they still your every doubt
  • May they angels keep you til morning
  • More than this i cannot pray
  • and if the angels over fail you then
  • may God be there that day!

a prayer for friends and family

My dear God

we don’t know all of the challenges my dear friend have but you know each and everything ,

i hear their silence you hear their prayers i see their laughter you see their tears i see when

they give you see what been taken from them, i see their nice and beautiful appearance,

you see the scars in their soul i experience their faith you know their doubts my prayers

for them God is that you hear every single prayer and meet them at their need in God Amen!

an encouraging prayer for friend

A prayer for friend

God please give my treasured friend blessing and love without end bring contentment in her life

comfort her in times of strife forever keep her safe secure let her path to you be sure God, i pray

my friend will be close to you eternally !

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Dear God

Thank you for my friends thank you for all of the people you have placed in my life i pray that you use

me to encourage them, to help any way i can  , to love them . i pray that my husband and i can work

together to bless others i pray that we are good friends to those who are close to us help us to be

mindful of others use us to be a blessing in their lives in Allah name Amen!

a prayer for friend with cancer

A wish for you my friend

God aid you forever a sunbeam to warm you a moon ray to warm to charm you a sheltering angel

so nothing can harm you laughter to cheer you firm friends near you and whenever you pray hear to hear you!

best birthday prayer for friend

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Pray For A Friend

Holy God i lift this precious friend to you in nice way please cover her with your blood wrap

her in your everlasting love spoil her with unending peace and happiness out of your hand

hold her tight keep her safe and close to your heart in Allah name i pray Amen!

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Lord , i pray for all our sister and brother whom are struggling with fear and anxiety .

we pray that you would surround them with your unfailing love, and give them peace

to look to you in the  midst of their struggles please cover them with strength to persevere

in times of trail, and faith to stand very strong on your word, we thank you God for forever

being near us help us trust in you!

a prayer for friend having surgery

Pray for friend

Sores don’t sell i must confess the joys of life that cheer and prayers are priceless treasure

beyond all monetary measures and so my friend i say a prayer that God will keep you in his care!

morning prayer for friend and family

Prayer for friendship

You have blessed us O God with the gift of friendship the bonding of persons in a circle of love we thank

you for such a blessing for friends who love us who share our sorrows who laughs with us in celebration

who bear our pain who hold us when words fail who need us as we need them, and who give the freedom

to be ourselves bless our friends with health wholeness life and love. amen!

A policeman prayer

When i begin my tour of duty God wherever law-breaking may be as i walk the old streets along let

me be close to thee, please give me got it with both the young and old let me perceive with attention

until their story told, let me never make a judgment in a rash way, but let me hold my patience let

each man have his say, God if some dark and dreary night i must give my life lord with your

everlasting love protect my family and those in my life!

a prayer for a friend who is hurting

Pray for someone

Prayer for those people who are hurting and going through some unimaginable situation,

pray for those who want their lives to be better and to be free from those things that may

be holding them back, even though you may not know them God knows their situation!

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This is a prayer for a Christian friend.  There are moments when we can feel so close to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Especially when they have supported and comforted us through difficult times. You may even run out of things to say in prayer for them so the Holy Spirit has provided this one by way of the Apostle Paul for us.

This prayer for a Christian friend you can pray daily if you feel led.  This was a prayer said by the Apostle Paul, while he was in prison, for his fried Philemon.

Philemon is a one chapter book found in the new testament of the bible.  We don’t hear a lot about this book but it is a very quick read and there is so much insight and knowledge on grace, forgiveness, friendship and brotherhood in this book.

First let’s share the scripture in 4 different versions so that you can meditate on it:

Philemon 1:6 The Voice (VOICE) “Thank You, Father, for Philemon. I pray that as he goes and tells his story of faith, he would tell everyone so that they will know for certain all the good that comes to those who put their trust in the Anointed One.”

Philemon 6 New Living Translation (NLT) “And I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ.

Philemon 6 King James Version (KJV) “That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.”

Philemon 6 Amplified Bible (AMP) “I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective and powerful because of your accurate knowledge of every good thing which is ours in Christ.”

So you can just pray this pray directly as it is in the scriptures by inserting their name where it says Philemon.

Thank You, Father, for _______. I pray that as he/she goes and tells his/her story of faith, he/she would tell everyone so that they will know for certain all the good that comes to those who put their trust in the Anointed One.

This is a very simple, beautiful and powerful prayer that when prayed daily you should see the amazing way in which God will work through this person for his Kingdom.

Be blessed

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What a wonderful thing friendship is! Do you have that one person in your life that you can confide in about anything and they will keep it a secret and pray for you? Do you have that one friend who knows your darkest secrets and will help hold you accountable? Friendship is a beautiful thing when it is done right, meaning, no gossiping or emotional beat downs. True friendship is a mutual nurturing of each other’s soul for the cause of Christ. Here are 7 different prayers you can pray for your friends or for friendship in general.

Your Spouse

Gracious Father in Heaven,

You have given me the most amazing spouse ever! I am proud to call him/her my best and dearest friend! Father, today I vow to show my spouse how much I love them. He/She listens to me when I am stressed. He/She rubs my shoulders after a long day of work. He/She takes the time to maintain our relationship emotionally, physically and spiritually. We spend time in the Word together! We sing praises to You together! I love my spouse more than words can say! I praise You, O Lord, for providing me with my best friend as my spouse! My cup is truly overflowing with blessings! Amen

The Longing

O Lord,

I am so depressed. I long to have just one friend who really understands me and who will not judge me. Lord, my church is full of men and women that seem wonderful but I have yet to actually build a concrete friendship with one. Please give me an opportunity to build one of these friendships, Lord. I pray that next weekend I can find someone to start a meaningful friendship with. If not, I will still follow You, Lord. May Your will be done always. Amen

Satan’s Demons

True friendship is a mutual nurturing of each other’s soul for the cause of Christ.

Omnipotent Lord

You have the power to do as You please and right now my brother, Your child, is under attack by Satan and his legion of demons. Father, I understand that all tests come because You allow them. May my friend find true knowledge through this trial quickly. Lord, I pray that You help my brother in Christ to stay strong. May he keep strong in prayer and in the Word! I will walk with him through this entire ordeal and when it is over, we will both say it is well. Amen

Mold Me


You are the potter and I am the clay. Lord, You know who my dearest friends are. I want them to see Jesus when they see me. Lord, please mold me in such a way that You can use me to be the feet of Jesus to them. Whatever the need is, I want to be there for them, Lord. I want to pray with them and for them. I want to study Your Word with them. I want to sing praises to You with them. I want to listen to them with a compassionate heart when they are hurting. Lord, may I always be willing to push pride off of me and allow You to shape me into someone who lives like Jesus does! I love you, Lord! Amen

Praising God for Friends

Loving Father,

I want to thank You for giving me the wonderful circle of friends that I have. You have surrounded me with people that really love You and that want to know me more each day! Thank you, Lord, for they have all shown me so much love and I am truly grateful for their friendship. Thank you for providing me with friends that hold me accountable in my walk with You as I hold them accountable as well. Lord, I praise Your holy name for blessing me with such amazing friends! I love You, Father! Amen

This isn’t Goodbye


My time has come to leave this world and my strength is failing. Thank you for the many loved ones in my life that You have grown so close to me. My friends throughout this journey of life have been there for me through so many things. They prayed for me when I lost family members. They sat with me and listened to me when times were rough. I helped them with financial difficulties when I could. I pray for them daily, Lord. We have grown so close over the years and this time is so difficult. I am ready for Glory, Lord. I am sad that I will be apart from those I love for a while. Please, Lord, give them strength to stay strong, run the race, and finish well! I will be at the finish line waiting for them! This is not goodbye, but only a short separation from them. Thank you for the life You have given me here. I can’t wait to see Jesus face to face! I love You, Lord! Amen

He Calls me Friend

Dear Lord,

What a friend we have in Jesus! He calls me His friend! Lord, I praise You for sending Jesus to die on the cross to save me from my sins. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) Jesus laid down His life for me and I can’t say “thank you” enough to Him! I want to love like Jesus does, Father! Jesus, my friend, is worthy of all honor and praise! Words can never express how great His love is for us, but I thank You, Father, for sending Jesus to us! Without His sacrifice we would still have a rift between us, Father. He tore the veil! Thank you for the wonderful friend we have in Your Son, Jesus! Amen


These are 7 different prayers relating to many different facets of friendship. I pray that no matter where you are at in your walk with God, you will continue to spur one another on in your friendships. “Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17) May God bless you as you live a life worthy of the calling!

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Resources –  The Holy Bible, English Standard Version “Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved. YouTube video “Friend of God” by Phillips, Craig and Dean

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Share beautiful encouragement quotes for a sick friend

Although we all know how important health is in our daily lives, we do not maintain many healthy habits, but it is then that we reconsider when a moment of illness arrives, to us or to the people we love the most. That’s why we bring you some cute encouragement quotes for a sick friend.

It is not a secret that much of the recovery of a person, who is sick, is obtained by receiving the encouragement and support of their loved ones, so if you have a friend who is going through a disease you should not hesitate to share sincere encouragement messages for a sick friend.

Do not get complicated at the moment of dedicating words of encouragement to a sick friend, you just need to express, with sincerity, that you want to see him healthy again and that he can count on your support for what he needs. It will be very easy to do if you share any of the following wonderful encouragement quotes for sick friends.

Send cute encouragement quotes for a sick friend:

– “I regret that you find yourself in a delicate state of health, but you will be very well and these moments will only be a bad memory. Cheer up!”
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “My dear friend, I wish you to have a speedy recovery. I love you a lot, God bless you! “
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “You are a warrior and this is one more battle that you will end up winning, you just have to comply with all the recommendations of the doctors.”
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “An illness is not going to stop you. Dear friend, you only need to have a lot of courage and you will see that you will overcome this bad moment. “
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “Do not fill your soul with fear in front of this disease, but with hope so that you can get ahead. I appreciate you very much, dear friend! “
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “Overcoming this disease is not impossible, you will see for yourself, now you only have to face it with courage and resolution.”
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “I admire the strength you have to fight against the evils that afflict you. Soon you will be fully recovered and celebrate as in the old days. “
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “Your recovery depends in large part on the mood you have, so keep a positive attitude, at all times, and you will feel how you are healing.”
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “Now that you are in delicate health you should not worry about anything. Rest a lot and preserve the joy that has always been in your heart. “
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “The angels that accompany you will help you overcome the evils you have and very soon everything will be part of a bad memory. Do not let your spirits fall! “
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “With patience you have to fight against this disease and God will reward you for having maintained faith during this adversity.”
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “Friend, I always remember you in my prayers, much more now that you find yourself facing this situation. God bless you!”
Category: messages for a sick friend

– “Have a positive attitude so that your health will improve soon, so we can have fun again, as always.”
Category: messages for a sick friend

When you share any of these great encouragement quotes for a sick friend you will be send nice words to that person who is most in need at this time, showing that you consider him/her very important and appreciated. Come back for more beautiful encouragement quotes for a sick friend or for any other time in your life.

When sickness comes into our lives, we felt a little depressed because we cannot perform our daily activities like we did before. However, we have good friends who are always there to encourage us and give us their help when we need it.

If one of our friends is in poor health, you can make yourself present through a message of encouragement you can get to him through an SMS message, social networks or a written card to wish him a speedy recovery.

You can use any of the messages we offer you below, choose the ones you like the most and do not forget that, as soon as possible, you should visit him and help with whatever he needs.

Free list of encouragement messages for a sick friend:

-”I send my best wishes for you to have a speedy recovery and do not forget that you can count with my help whenever you require it.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”Dear friend I want you to know that you are present in our prayers. We hope you can recover soon so you can be with us again.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”You have always characterized yourself as a person with a lot of will power, so I am sure that you will recover soon enough. Take care of yourself and follow the doctor’s recommendations.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”In this life we have to see everything that happens to us in a positive way. The disease is only a challenge we face and it will give us many valuable lessons for life. You will see that it will be over soon and you will be home again in no time.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”Soon you will feel better and you will see that this disease will be a thing of the past. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”I am so sorry I cannot go to visit you, but I want you to know that I always think of you and pray for you to recover soon.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”There is no better way to recover from an illness than to remain with good spirits and being eager to win. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can return to your daily activities in no time.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”Facing an illness is not easy, but you will recover faster if you stay in a good mood, so go ahead, we want to see you healthy very soon.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”Do not forget that you can rely on your good friends who remember you and are willing to offer you their help for anything that you need. Take care and get well soon.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”To recover your health it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions, rest and take your medication, but additionally you must be with good spirits and enjoy all the care that your loved ones can provide you with.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”In the distance we send you our best wishes for you to get well soon, keep in mind that we are praying as a family for your speedy recovery, we want to see you soon in good health.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”Remember that you are not facing this disease alone, beside you there are many people who love you and send you their best wishes for your speedy recovery.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”Never lose hope, if you feel sad at night, watch the moon and the stars through your window and think that we are watching them with you and wish you the best so that you can heal soon and come back home.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”Remember, you can count with our care and our support whenever you require. We will be visiting you to wish you a speedy recovery. You will see that soon you will be back with us.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”I always remember that you have accompanied me in difficult times, even when I had to go through the disease. Now that you are sick, do not hesitate that I will be there to give my full support and help in your recovery.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”If we have had some differences, they are no longer of any importance. You are a good person and you have always had good intentions, I wish you a speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart and that you can be with us very soon.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”I am very lucky to have a friend like you, so I appreciate you very much and wish you a speedy recovery. If you need something, ask me and I will give it to you.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”You have always been present in my life and that is part of my best memories, now that you face a disease I want you to know that I wish you a speedy recovery and that I offer you my help in anything you require.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”I want you to recover soon and so I send you this message of optimism to make you feel much better.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

-”When I received the news about your disease, I could not help feeling sadness, but then I remembered the strength of your character and I knew that you would immediately defeat the disease and that we will see you soon recovered. Much encouragement friend, remember that by you in our prayers.”
Category :messages for a sick friend

When your friend receives one of these messages he will feel much better and he will be happy to have good friends who always remember him.

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