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Recently I’ve finished my diploma thesis, and started to look for a new job. I just thought that the next step would be to do something in physics because that’s what I’ve studied. But suddenly I got the opportunity to start at an Open Source company, and only days after I moved 500 km and picked up work.

I finally finished my studies – I’m a graduated physicist now. Took me quite some time, especially since the German grade “Diplom” takes 5 years by schedule, and a bit more time in reality in average. But anyway, I did it! After I finished my last oral exam some weeks ago I waited for the official documents to be done. I used the time to apply for different positions – mainly PhD positions in physics. I also thought about joining a Linux company somehow, but since my programming skills are limited I wasn’t brave enough.

Until tackat from KDE asked me if I would not like to apply for a job at credativ.

In case you don’t know, credativ is a German company specialized in IT-consulting, -support, -project management and -development. And everything is done with Open Source. Of course the entire network stack is also presented: monitoring networks, fighting spam at large levels, enterprise databases and so on. Software wise the company has extended knowledge and experience with Debian, PostgreSQL, eGroupware, Kolab, Nagios, ClamAV – and the KDE desktop.

At first I wasn’t sure if I could fit in there – while I do know my way around Free Software quite well, I never really took part in an Open Source project. I did program stuff for my studies, but still. In the end, despite these concerns I got a job interview, which went very well for both sides. I decided that this is chance to try to work full time on my hobby, so I joined the company this week. I am now working full time on Open Source stuff.

I must admit that this was all quite fast for me – until some weeks ago I would only have dreamed of this possibility, but not really considered this as an option. Also, I had to manage the real live stuff quite quick: finding a flat next to the job place, moving several hundred kilometers, and so on. But I guess that is normal for such unique adventures in life.

The next days I will keep on working myself into the KDE desktop and some 3rd party applications, but I will also look into special kinds of network monitoring. This is of course very exciting, and I’m really looking forward to it. Still, it is strange that my hobby suddenly turns serious.

In case you are interested in working at an Open Source company: credativ is definitely worth a look! There are not too many so Open Source centered companies out there, and additionally credativ is always looking for skilled talents. Especially if you are an experted in a special area (for example, if you are a PostgreSQL developer, if you can speak python fluently, are a certified RHEL engineer or whatever) just get in contact. You should, however, keep in mind that credativ is a German company. While there are offices in Great Britain and Canada you should be prepared to move near the office in Mönchengladbach – and you should know German, or ready to learn it quickly 😉

I’m looking forward to dive deeper into the field of Open Source/Free Software in a company which really got the idea of it!

“Okay, now what you’re about to see may be the most depraved thing you’ve ever witnessed. Any sane person would ask me to turn back now.” Your new boss, Mr. Milton, says as you walk through the penthouse of his mansion.

He’s pulled you away from the party downstairs. It’s the most ridiculously lavish party you’ve ever attended.

“Let’s see” you say. When your boss tells you he wants to show you something, you don’t refuse. Not this boss. Not this job.

He takes you into a big room with what appears to be a 2-way mirror at one end. You walk up to it and look through it.

There you see a woman, totally nude, platinum blonde, not just thin but skinny, with massive fake breasts, DD’s probably, like basketballs plastered onto her frame, and fake thick lips wrapped around a cock. One of five cocks, that belongs to one of the five men who are currently fucking her.

Another is in her pussy. Another in her ass. The rest jerk and watch. Her slight body bounces up and down, though her fake tits don’t. The cock between her lips is deep in her throat. Spittle pours from the corners of her mouth. She gags. She wretches. Her eyes water. She doesn’t make any attempt to slow down.

“These are our investors.” Mr. Milton says. “And this is why they stick with us.” He smiles. It’s quite a visual.

The woman pulls her mouth off the cock. Spittle and precum pour from her lips onto her thick tits. “Make sure you fuck my ass deep. I want to taste it when your cock is in my throat.” She demands.

“You want to know why we didn’t suffer during the financial crisis, while every other firm in town did?” He smirks. It’s difficult to pull your attention away from what you’re watching to listen to him. “Because we don’t just promise money, we provide wish fulfillment.”

The man in front of her steps aside and one of the jerking men lines his cock up to her face. She glares up at him. “I want you to treat me like shit. I want you to fuck my mouth like it’s a cunt in the middle of my face.” She says. And he does.

You feel yourself getting hard. You’d never suspect something quite like this could make you hard. Then again, how could it not. You give your boss a look. “She’s quite something. Where did you find her?”

He laughs. You wonder why he’s laughing. “That is my wife.”

“Shit.” you say under your breath.

“Look.” He goes on. “Any company can provide whores. Our clients stay with us because instead of whores we give them something special. I, personally, give them something special.”

You glance back at the woman. She’s still going wild. One of the guys shoots a load of jizz into her platinum hair. “Yes! Cum in my hair like I’m your fucking ragdoll. But some of you assholes better save some for my face.”

Mr. Milton goes on. “And I wanted you to see this personally.”

“Why?” You ask.

“Because I’m retiring” He drops the news. It hits like thunder. “And because in the 6 months you’ve worked for us, you’ve impressed me more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Look, I’m here with you. Not your boss. Not your boss’s boss. You. Because I believe that you have what it takes to take over for me.”

“Thank you” you say trying to process everything. This is surreal.

“But if I’m going to begin grooming you to be in charge, I need to know something more important than that.” He takes a deep breath. “We can’t change the way we do things because you take over. If we change, we fail, right? So I need to know if your wife has what it takes to take over for her?”

He gestures at his wife. Two men are cumming on her face. “Yes! Yes!” she’s so very happy. “I’m not beautiful unless I’m covered in cum!”

“Well?” He asks

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