My son graduation

The graduation wishes for the dearest son is sent to the when he passes her graduation with grand success. The grand success of the graduation is a special moment of celebration for both the son and the parents. The graduation wishes for the son are sent through text messages or through cards with beautiful gifts of his choice. One can also send through social networking sites by uploading a graduation wish picture for the son. The parents can send a graduation wishes video clip for the son on a DVD. Let us see some of the samples of graduation messages for son sent in different ways:

Graduation Messages to Son from Mother

A son success is much special and proud moment for the mother. She dreams of her son’s success in career all her life and prays for the success always. The graduation wishes for the son is sent by the mother through text messages, cards with gifts or through social networking sites.

“Dear son, I wish you heartiest congratulations and all the love in the world for your grand graduation success. I am extremely happy with your success and wish you luck for a bright career.”

College Graduation Messages to Son

College graduation means the son is ready to take up the next level of career and merge into the job field. The college graduation wishes are sent through cards along with gifts of the choice of the son. One can also send a beautiful video clip with the wishes for the son on a DVD.

“I send heartfelt congratulation son your college graduation success and pray to Lord to bestow upon your good opportunities on your job field you will be merging in soon.”

Elementary Graduation Messages to Son

Elementary graduation means middle school passing out and venturing into high school.  The elementary graduation wishes for the son can be sent through text messages, cards or beautiful gifts from the parents. One can also send a video clip with the beautiful moments of the son along with the graduation wishes to make the moment much special for the son.

“Son, I wish you all the best wishes for your elementary graduation and pray for best of opportunities for your bright future and next phase of your career life.”

High School Graduation Messages for Son

High school graduation means the son is ready to venture into college life and for higher educational opportunities. The high school graduation wishes can be sent through text messages and cards with beautiful gifts of the son’s choice.

“Dearest son, I wish heartiest congratulations on your high school graduation success. I wish all the luck for your bright career and future and better opportunities for your college life soon.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Son

Funny graduation wishes are humorous and are sent to make the son happy with a smile on his face. The funny graduation wishes are sent through text messages with funny smiley, through cards with funny characters or funny quotes. One can also send a funny video for the son with the funny graduation wishes to make the success moment more special for him.

“Son, I am proud that you beat the geek rival with all your success. Do call him for the party in the evening to make him go all purple. I wish congratulations on your success.”

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I remember taking you to kindergarten on the first day of school. We walked into the classroom and you just stood there, shy at first but then the teacher came over and introduced you to the others kids and you went off to play. I watched you for a few minutes to see how you would do and then you came up to me and said “Momma, you can leave now” and I just laughed and said “OK”. I hugged you and said “I love you and that I’ll be back soon to get you” and you said “OK, I love you too” and then went back to playing. I hated to leave you there but I knew you had to go. I really thought you would be crying like I seen some of the other kids doing, but you didn’t. I was the one crying. I thought about you the whole time you were gone, just wondering what you were doing. When I came to get you, you were so excited and before you got in the car you were telling me all about your day. Your eyes were so bright and you were just filled with so much information, I swear you didn’t stop talking until we got back into the house.

I can’t believe that soon I will be standing there watching you walk across a stage to be handed your high school diploma. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point. I’m proud of you. You began this life as a beautiful baby boy but grew up to be a handsome young man. Today is your day to shine. You’ll be nervous but I hope not scared, you’ve done your part and soon will be standing up for our country. I don’t know how to tell or show you how proud I am of you. My heart hurts to know that you will be leaving soon for the military, but I know this is what you want and that you will be alright. I will be worried about you and I’ll miss being able to call you and tell you I love you every day but you know how much I love you and I can never say it enough. I’m glad that we have the mother & son relationship that is very rare and far between, and that you know you can trust me and talk to me about anything.

I’m not the perfect the mother, I’ve made my mistakes and I know those mistakes have hurt you and I’m so sorry and I hope you can forgive me for those. But I know one thing that I don’t regret is having you when I did, I’m honored to be the one who saw your first step, hear your first words, there’s so many things that I’ve watched you do that was just a surprise to me.

I know that you will go far in this life, you deserve the best this world can give you and I know that you will get it. Even though today is the day I have to let you go to discover the world on your own, please know that I’ll be with you no matter where you go and that I’ll be there anytime and anywhere you may need me. You are my heart, my soul, my life, and my world. I love you my son very much and thank you for the best 18 years of my life.

I Love You,


my son graduation

A letter to my son upon his high school graduation. So proud of him!

Dear Matthew,

Love is not easy to put into words, especially a mother’s love, the depth of which is unfathomable.

When I look at you now, tall and strong, I don’t just see an eighteen-year-old man, I see you in all of your life’s stages at once.  I see you as a newborn in my arms in the shadows of midnight, a blur of blonde hair racing down the stairs in Barney pajamas on Christmas morning, the navy shorts and pressed white shirt of a first grader not sure why he has to go to school, the tender realization in your eight-year-old blue eyes that stealing the puck was okay in roller hockey. (Who knew that sharing with others didn’t apply in sports?)

I remember the white pooka beads and Hawaiian shirts that heralded the onset of middle school, basketball and volleyball uniforms, a well-worn back pack and a handful of snacks on trains through Europe,  the royal blue gown of an 8th grade graduate, the proud captain of your high school volleyball team, and now, a man.

As much as a mother raises her son, so does a son raise his mother.  You have taught me many things as I have watched you grow.  From you I have learned the power of a tender heart as I have witnessed your quiet kindness to others all of your life. (Though there was that rough patch when you were three and almost asked to leave Debbie’s Daycare when you knocked over the boy who kept stealing your matchbox cars )  Your teachers throughout grade school always remarked about your concern for the feelings of other children. You attract friends wherever you go, and you are loyal to them.

You taught me how to find joy in the moment. You have the gift of turning the mundane into amusement.  You see subtext and comic irony in the world around you. Your wry humor is a constant source of delight that lightens our days.  It reminds us to relax and not take everything so seriously. I will miss this tremendously when you go to college. Who will alert me to the new, must see, You tube videos?

And you taught me about courage.  Our family life has been marked by transition, and you have endured many relocations from a young age.  In your 18 years you have had seven homes and attended five schools.  Change has been constant.  Anyone who has moved knows that it is never without trial.   You have navigated these changes with elegance, courage, acceptance, and again humor, when all else failed.  It has been remarkable to watch.  You are stronger than you know.

You have a natural tenacity and ability to accept life as it unfolds.  This is a skill that will serve you well in the years to come, because life is about transformation, a decades long process of becoming. There are chapters, but no destinations. And if you are able to visualize each stage as having a beginning, middle, and end  it will be easier to recognize God’s plan for you as He chooses to reveal it.  His plan is rarely the same one that we envision for ourselves, so, in the years to come, as you are surprised or sidelined unexpectedly or sent in directions unanticipated, remember that it is unfolding as it should be.  That’s when you will appreciate your already sharpened abilities to navigate change.

Each chapter has a specific lesson that God, in His all knowing wisdom, sees that you must learn. Painful chapters draw us near to Him, and joyful chapters illuminate the glory and wonder of our world. Both are important.

Matt, I love you. You are the son that every mother dreams of having. I could not be more thankful for you and proud of the man you have become.  Your character and integrity are important to you.  You are finding your voice and moving forward in positions of leadership.  God will rely on you to use that leadership to model the qualities of a good, honest and loving man.  You have been blessed with height and people will have to look up to you during your lifetime, the important thing is to make them want to.

A faith journey is a daily one.  It is vital to see our moral choices, both grave and not, as turning points.  Your choices will lead you closer to God or further from Him.  Lead you down a path toward a peaceful heart or a troubled one.  No choice is made in secret as God is always with you.  Choose wisely and you will live without regret, because real and lasting happiness has nothing to do with material possessions, it is a result of living your values, even when it is difficult. Even when choosing to stand for what is right means that you will lose friends or perhaps a job/position.

This gift of clear sightedness, to recognize the path that supports your values is the prayer that I will pray for you every day as you move forward into the world. Sometimes it is not so easy to discern.  We live in a world that rewards bad behavior in order to boost media ratings. A world that teaches athletes and leaders that there is some private permission to behave immorally because of their position. The temptations that come with success are real. The fallout of those lifestyles ruin families and deeply scar those closest to them. The most powerful leaders, the ones who affect real change, are the ones who choose to lead their families in the ways of love that strengthen the home and thus the community.

Senior year is a year of letting go, when motherhood becomes a complicated mixture of pushing you forward and holding you back. Every day I cry a few tears as I get used to the idea of your moving on from our home, but at the same time, I am so excited for you to embrace this next phase of life.  Have fun, work hard, and enjoy every single day.

I am in your corner, your loudest cheerleader, and proudest Mother at Brophy College Prep  ~ Love, Mom

(Posted with permission!)

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