Men and prayer

A Prayer for Men

Scripture Reading:

Exodus 15:2-18, II Kings 18:1-7

Reflections of the Heart:

God loves men and He wired them for success.  The enemy has been disrupting God’s preferred plans for our men through a strategy to steal, kill and destroy them.  Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams noted, “Life is not fair; we only get what we are willing to fight for!”  By praying for our men, boys and families we are positioned to “Fight to Win!”  God used a man to redeem humankind and He continues to empower men to lead and conquer.

Scriptural Prayer:

Heavenly Father, Your majestic Name fills the earth!  Your glory is higher than the heavens. May Your glorious Name be praised!  May it be exalted above all blessing and praise!  You are great and most worthy of praise!  No one can measure Your greatness.  Thank You, Father, for our men.  Lord, we thank You for equipping our men to take their rightful place in You.  Thank You for the men and boys who will join the body of Christ and glorify Your Name.  Thank You, God, for restoration, reconciliation and healing in our families and communities.  Thank You, for giving us everything we need to live a godly life.

Father, let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in the lives of our men on earth as it is in heaven.  By faith, we call our men saved, sanctified, and filled with Your Spirit.  Your Word instructs that faithwithout works is dead and useless, so we confess that our men will work to develop and demonstrate their Christian faith, daily.  We declare that they will be priestly providers and protectors of their families.  We confess that as they submit to Your Word, they will be transformed into new people by changing the way they think.  Lord, we decree that their belief systems and behavior patterns will reflect Your righteousness in their personal and professional lives.  We declare that the light of Jesus will be reflected by their actions.  As they fellowshipwith one another; others will see their good works and praise You, our Father in heaven.  Lord, we confess that Your favorsurrounds them like a shield.  We confess that they will earn, save, spend and invest money in obedience to Your perfect plan for their lives and families. We declare that their finances are blessed and they are lenders, not borrowers.  Lord, because we realize that the food we put in our bodies can impact our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capabilities, we declare that our men will practice healthy eating practices.  Above all, we confess that they are victorious in everything they do, because Your future for them is filled with hope, good and not evil.

Lord, we ask that You touch the hearts of our congregation to pray for the men and boys of this local assembly.  Holy Spirit, please empower us all to stand against society’s systems and structures that result in ten percent of all pre-school boys being suspended.  Holy Spirit, studies show that ninety percent of all “behavioral problems” in public schools are linked to boys.  Please touch the hearts of fathers (and mothers) to teach their children Your godly principles.

Father, forgive our men for sins of disobedience, selfishness, lying, pornography, fornication, adultery and for not accepting the responsibility for leadership within their families and the church.  Forgive our boys for rebellion, selfishness and for accepting the negative labels placed on them by the world.  Forgive our wives and mothers for being complacent. Lord, please help the men, women, boys and girls in our congregation to forgive past hurts caused by family members and loved ones.  Father, heal emotional wounds caused by these hurts.  Lord, remind all of us to forgive others and help us to forgive.

Lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from the evil one.

Lord, we praise Your Name.  Your Name is very great; Your glory towers over the earth and heaven. You are worthy, Lord, to receive glory, honor and power.  You created all things and they exist because You created what You pleased.  You are Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture References for the Written Text: Psalm 8:1, Nehemiah 9:5, Psalm 145:3, II Peter 1:3, Matthew 6:10, Hebrews 11:1, James 2:17, Romans 12:2, Matthew 5:16, Psalm 5:12, Deuteronomy 28:12, Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 6:13, Psalm 148:13, Revelation 4:11, Isaiah 9:6

Today, I will trust God to:

men and prayer

Men Praying – Active Duty
When Rick left for his second tour of duty in the Middle East, he shared some specific concerns with his wife Melissa. “I’m uneasy about some of the men in my new platoon. I don’t know them as well as the last team. Pray for us.” Like most men, Rick faces a culture that projects the misguided belief that fear equals weakness. Most men loathe admitting that they have fears—fear for their families, fear for their finances, fear for the future. Two months after Rick deployed, he woke up in Walter Reed Army Medical Center. His entire right leg was in a massive cast . . . and his left leg was missing below the knee. His captain recounted, “Following the roadside IED, Rick pulled himself from one wounded soldier to another, praying with them.” “I command you—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). During his grueling rehabilitation Rick explained, “The difference between a coward and a hero is not whether or not you’re scared. It’s about what you do while you’re scared.”

Men like Rick understand that prayer enables us to conquer our weaknesses. The apostle Paul prayed repeatedly to God for strength to face Satan’s torments. Only when he surrendered his pride did Paul understand how his weaknesses related to Christ’s power (2 Corinthians 12:6-10). Men of prayer surrender their fears, pride, and weaknesses to the One who is in control.

Men Praying – Under Attack
At one time or another, every man faces the crushing weight of powerlessness to do anything about a health issue. Attacks upon his body and mind present themselves relentlessly. Dr. Don Colbert, physician, author, and noted speaker, observes, “. . . When come into the doctor they won’t tell you their problem — until the last minute . . . It’s sort of like how men rarely ask for help.”1

Jim’s competitive nature revealed itself as a vice president as well as in his biking and kayaking. When a non-cancer-related abnormality appeared during a routine examination, Jim tried to remain unshaken. Further tests indicated Stage D prostate cancer (sometimes called Stage IV), which is considered not medically curable. Jim resented this intrusion in his life. “I didn’t get angry, but I felt very helpless and wondered, ‘Why Lord, why?’” Even though his faith in God had remained strong for the past fifteen-some years, Jim remembered the tense moments prior to a radical prostatectomy. Just before entering the operating room, he told the orderly to stop. “I looked and pointed up and said, ‘Lord, You know me and I know You—do with me what you will.’ Once I got those words out I was so at peace and I told the guy that was pushing me, ‘Let’s go!’” Men of prayer don’t run ahead of God by trying to deal with all the endless negative possibilities facing you down the road. They are just that . . . possibilities (Mark 10:27).

Men Praying – Authentic Manhood
The average male has only two confidants, including his spouse and a family member. Since most men are overworked, over-committed, and over-distracted, they don’t always feel victorious in regards to overcoming obstacles. Therefore, it is imperative that men pray with and for one another — strengthening each other (Proverbs 27:17). Rick, Jim, and the apostle Paul all realized authentic manhood accepts the need for God’s intervention and help.

Through prayer, every man obtains a vision of biblical masculinity that relates to their own lives and issues. Through faith, God provides the practical “how-to’s” for real-life. Men of prayer:

  • Accept responsibility for their actions (Psalm 32).
  • Lead courageously against opposition (
  • Receive God’s reward for obeying Him (1 Chronicles 4:9-10).

Why Pray?

1 John DeMarco. “Live Longer and Prosper.” New Man Jan/Feb 2007: 19.


– We have all


and deserve God’s judgment.


, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him.


, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He


for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was


, and

rose from the dead

according to the


. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your


, declaring, “

Jesus is Lord

,” you will be saved from


and spend eternity with God in heaven.

What is your response?

Yes, today I am deciding to follow JesusYes, I am already a follower of JesusI still have questions

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the last book in bounds’ series on prayer. every christian servant should read this series at least once in his life. convicting, doctrinal sound, impassioned. walking with God should be our passion as servants and these books foster that passion like very few others. highly recommended.

Feb 09, 2017 Benhur Congo

rated it

it was amazing

This is a book worth reading and I Highly recommend it (Not only men).

Excellent read… better to put into practice.

Amazing that though it was written so long ago is so completely applicable today. Prayer hasn’t changed. Bounds uses Old Testament examples to show the power of prayer in their lives and in ours. My favorite quote from the book “They were not leaders because of brilliancy of thought, because they were exhausted in resources, be user of their magnificent culture or native endowment, but because, by the power of prayer, they could command the power of God.” Holds so powerful in my life day to day.

I doubt that I am capable of speaking highly enough of Rev. Bounds classic on praying men. He powerfully and beautifully displays the traits of the Saints who changed history through the power of Prayer to God. The book is highly quotable and filled with golden nuggets to challenge God’s people to live in a continual and fervent spirit of prayer. This short book should be required reading for every prayer warrior. As Bounds wrote, “We must die in our closets before we can die on the cross. The p I doubt that I am capable of speaking highly enough of Rev. Bounds classic on praying men. He powerfully and beautifully displays the traits of the Saints who changed history through the power of Prayer to God. The book is highly quotable and filled with golden nuggets to challenge God’s people to live in a continual and fervent spirit of prayer. This short book should be required reading for every prayer warrior. As Bounds wrote, “We must die in our closets before we can die on the cross. The prayerful saint will be a suffering saint, and the suffering prayerful will be a sweet saint.” …more

This book inspires the reader by examining the prayer lives of several people from the Bible, mainly from the Old Testament, but including a significant examination of the apostle Paul’s prayer life.

Great book by E.M. Bounds and how important it is that men, Christian men should be men of prayer, following the example of Jesus.

A truly inspirational book on the subject on prayer, our relationship with God and our relationship with what is around us.

Jun 11, 2018 Chuck Shorter

rated it

it was amazing

Working through EM Bounds’ complete work on prayer. This book, as noted in the title, examines many of the biblical saints of God and their specific prayers. I have been teaching about prayer at NTBC during our mid-week service and was greatly encouraged by what I’ve read. Each of us should devote some time to read and study what great men and women of the bible prayed. Lots of lessons to be learned.

Sep 06, 2018 Chris Helmkay

rated it

really liked it

This is a great book that will inspire you to pray. Like only EM Bounds can, he highlights the praying men of scripture, such as David, Daniel and the apostle Paul. This is a good easy read it inspires pray-er within.

Awrah in paryer

Almighty Allah says: “O Children of Adam, take your adornment (by wearing proper clothing) for every mosque.” (Al-A`raf 7:31)

Covering the awrah is one of the prerequisites of salah. Allah (glory be to Him) says in the Qur’an:

“O Children of Adam, take your adornment (by wearing proper clothing) for every mosque.” (Al-A`raf 7:31)

The word “adornment” here refers to covering the awrah (private parts to be covered in public), while the word “mosque” means prayer. Therefore, the whole phrase means “Cover your awrah for every prayer”.

Salamah ibn Al-Akwa` (may Allah be pleased with him) said to the Prophet (peace be upon him): “O Messenger of Allah, may I pray in a long shirt?” He said: “Yes, but button it, even with just a thorn.” (Al-Bukhari)

Man’s Awrah

As for men, they have to cover what is between the navel and thighs. But, there is disagreement regarding the navel, thighs and knees. The following hadiths prove that such parts are not part of man’s awrah.

`A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) narrated: “The Prophet was sitting with his thigh exposed when Abu Bakr asked, and received, permission to enter. The same thing happened with `Umar. However, when `Uthman sought permission to enter, the Prophet covered himself with his clothes. When they left, I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, you allowed Abu Bakr and `Umar to enter while your thigh was exposed. But when `Uthman asked permission to enter, you covered yourself with your clothes.’ He said: ‘O `A’ishah, shouldn’t I be shy of a man even the angels, by Allah, feel bashful in his presence’?” (Ahmad and Al-Bukhari)

Ibn Hazm says: “It is correct to say that the thigh is not part of awrah. Saying otherwise will conflict with the fact that Allah allowed His Prophet (peace be upon him), who is protected (from sin), to uncover his thigh so that Anas and others could see it. Allah (glory be to Him) would have kept him from doing this.”

According to Jabir, when the Prophet (peace be upon him) was young (before his Prophethood), he was once carrying the stones of the Ka`bah, wearing only a loincloth. His uncle Al-`Abbas said to him: ‘O nephew, why don’t you untie your waistcloth and put it on your shoulder for padding?’ The Prophet did so and fell unconscious. He was never seen naked again after that.”‘ (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Ibn Hazm mentions that Hubair Ibn Al-Huwairith looked at Abu Bakr’s thigh when it was uncovered.

However, the following hadith show that the thighs and so on are part of `awrah:

Muhammad Jahsh reported: “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) passed by Ma’mar while his thighs were uncovered. He said to him: ‘O Ma’mar, cover your thighs, for they are (part of) `Awrah.” (Ahmad)

Women’s Awrah

There is no such controversy over what constitutes a woman’s awrah. It is stated that her entire body is awrah and must be covered, except her hands and face. Allah (glory be to Him) says in the Qur’an:

And to display of their adornment only that which is apparent (do not expose any adornment or beauty save the hands and face). (An-Nur 24:31)

It has been authentically related on the authority of Ibn `Abbas, Ibn `Umar and `A’ishah that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah does not accept the prayer of an adult woman unless she wears a head covering (full hijab).” (Agreed upon)

It is related from Umm Salamah that she asked the Prophet: “Can a woman pray in a long shirt (like a night shirt) and head covering without a loincloth?” He said: “If the shirt is long and flowing and covers the top of her feet (i.e. she is allowed to do do).”  (Abu Dawud)

It is also narrated that `A’ishah was asked about the kinds of garments a woman is allowed to pray in, she answered: “Ask `Ali ibn Abu Talib and then tell me what he says.” `Ali’s answer was, “In a head cover and a long flowing shirt.” On conveying this reply to `A’ishah, she said, “He has told the truth.”

Women’s clothes must cover the awrah, even if they are tight enough to highlight those features. If the clothes are so transparent that one’s skin color can be seen, they are not suitable for prayer.



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