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I need guidance in my life

Apparently i need guidance in my life, as according to this quiz thing im “very confused in your life, and are unable to make decisions that please you.You may resort to drastic methods such as harming yourself, although the situation doesn’t seem to get any better by whatever method you are using for now’. There is a pain inside because of this and you feel helpless in your life, thinking you will never find your way back. But even though the path may seem dark you still try to find yourself, which means your inner battle is not over.”
Cheerful no ?? Sounds about right to be honest, although i wasnt planning on jumping off a bridge quite yet. Felt rather shit a lot recently yeah so a pain inside for sure but what can you do?
Although i did av an amazing time yesterday at kings of leon gig (dont consult Jose on this subject youll recieve the wrong impression) but it was awesome. Also seein townsleys new house (although im told i missed a rather cool goat) and watchin a bit of cricket.

I might take quizzes advice and go overdose on something or other, love to anyone who took the time to read this (although it was probably a waste)

How pointless, and what a load of Bullshit.



by Arin (U.S.)

Dear Lord, my life up to these past couple years have been great. I’ve had a family that’s loved and supported one another through bad times, and one that always stuck together, but then I grew up. I’ve became a disappoint to my parents, never caring about school, always being disrespectful, and lying. I’ve acknowledged these things, and I wish for help, please send me your blessing. Please provide me with the will to become a better person. Please strengthen my family bond. I’ve only recently discovered you but I know you can help me.

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People say it gets better and life gets so much better, but I’m 22 and it seems like its getting worse for me. I go to a technical college and I work part time job. I know I should be thankful, but my hours are getting cut because the store is on a very low budget, not to mention Im in school too. Im taking psychology and learning support math 90 (which is the lowest math class), psychology isnt bad, but the math Im HORRIBLE seriously to the point I just want to cry. I took my test today and I got a 21% out of 100% for 30 questions in 2 hours. I wont get a tutor because it would be a waste of money and patience for them and me trust me I had 2 before, it didnt work out. Even my manager told my coworker that I was bad at math like algebra when she was trying to help me. Im that bad!

I dont have any skills that are worth hiring for a real job like a administrative assistance/receptionist or a HR assistant at a office which I would like to work for, not exciting but it literally pays better than working at a grocery store.

I dont know what I want to do for a career however my dream interest career is in TV/Film entertainment industry at the careers that I want to be and very interested ive been told by people that its unrealistic, I would like to be in Casting, casting actors & actresses for TV/Film or a celebrity interviewer or a entertainment reporter for a radio show.

Since Im gay and under the LGBT umbrella I think it would be awesome to work at a place about LGBT working at LGBT community centers.

I kind of had a plan that was to complete my general core classes at college (since I dont know what to major in) after the core classes then to apply for a internship at casting agency or a production assistant at a small tv/film production. But TV production assistance doesnt really have income if so very little but the production assistant is pretty much a temp job.

I dont know where to start, Im lost?

Plus Im living in a tough situation with my parents we really are Hot and Cold completely opposites and Im ready to get out of this house. Im gay liberal and spiritual, they are strict and conservative. Since I dont like to argue I dont say anything. I dont know what to do for a higher in come Im scared of letting go of my job right now because even though I work at a grocery store Im getting paid 9.50 an hour as a cashier and most place is $7.25, but im afraid that Im going to be fired if I want to be a administrative assistant or receptionist because of the job work load. Currently right now mentally Im getting help Im on a antidepressant and anti anxiety and also going to see a therapist as well.

What should I do and Im so desperate to get out of my parents house but im scared that I wont keep a job and would have to move back in which I REALLY DON’T want to do.

I ask & think to myself why was even born, it would be so easier if I wasn’t even born and I wouldn’t be dealing with all this crap honestly!


I know that things like this happen before a major shift in your life. At the moment, I feel weak, tired, I feel like I have lost my spiritual connection to God. I feel isolated, I cant talk to my friends or family or my partner. I want to live my best life. I want to feel a connection to God again. I want to feel happy, healthy and I want to step outside myself and do something for others. I want to do something big but I cant seem to make the first step.. Why am I feeling trapped? What is the next step?
Thanks for the reply’s guys, some sensitive, some insensitive, some neutral, some judgements, some really positive ones that really helped.

I know that what I am feeling is temporary and its making me think alot about what i should do with my life.. Im trying to work with what I am feeling and move closer to being a better human being. I really need that great push of energy to move my forward, i dont know if its depression, insecurity, my introvertedness that is not letting me move forward.


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