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Silliness isn’t just reserved for five year old kids–it’s important for older people, too. In fact, a little silliness can make for a happier, stronger relationship. To bring out your silliness around your boyfriend, don’t be afraid to be your genuine, goofy self. Start a food fight or a tickle war. Joke around with crazy selfies, playful teasing, and a funny nickname or two.

Method 1 Getting in a Silly Mood

  1. how to pray with your boyfriend Embrace your unique personality.

    To act silly around your boyfriend, stop worrying about what he thinks. Commit to being yourself instead of trying to change your personality for him. If he doesn’t appreciate your genuine personality, he’s definitely not worth your time.

    • Make a list of all your strengths, and read it daily to give yourself a confidence boost.
    • When you’re feeling unsure, stop for a moment and remember a time when you felt super confident. Try to recall the sights, sounds, and smells of that moment. Bringing yourself back to a moment of high confidence can help you feel more confident in the present.
    • Listen to some confidence-boosting jams! You can even make a “confidence playlist” to psych yourself up.
  2. how to pray with your boyfriend Be present.

    Part of being silly is being completely present. Instead of worrying about being funny or saying the right thing, focus on having a great time with your boyfriend.

    • If you feel yourself starting to worry, focus on your breathing. Then, bring your attention to what you see, feel and hear around you.
    • Notice your boyfriend’s smile, the feeling of his hand in yours, and the sound of his laugh.
  3. how to pray with your boyfriend Be more spontaneous.

    If you feel the urge to do something silly, do it right away. After all, being silly is about letting go. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to hold back.

    Try channeling your goofy inner child who doesn’t care what others think.

    • If you’re sitting by the lake, start a splashing war!
    • Propose an impromptu game of hide-and-seek or tag.
  4. how to pray with your boyfriend Don’t take things too seriously.

    While there’s definitely a time for seriousness, there’s also a time to laugh and be goofy. Not every conversation with your boyfriend needs to be deep and emotional. Having silly, lighthearted interactions is important for a strong relationship, too.

    • Don’t take yourself too seriously, either. It’s ok to act like a fool sometimes. In fact, it can actually be pretty fun!

Method 2 Playing Games

  1. how to pray with your boyfriend Have a wrestling match.

    Challenge your boyfriend to a wrestling match, or surprise attack him from behind! Have fun with it, but keep the fighting under control. You don’t actually want to hurt each other.

    • Pretend to fight in a specific fighting style like boxing, martial arts, or sumo wrestling. Take turns being the announcer.
    • If your boyfriend is much stronger than you, make a few rules to level the playing field. For example, you could make him fight with one of his arms behind his back.
  2. how to pray with your boyfriend Plan a surprise pillow fight.

    Next time you’re lounging on the bed or couch with your boyfriend, grab a pillow and whack him. Next thing you know, you’ll have a full blown pillow war.

    • Choose a great weapon! The best pillow-fight pillows are soft and filled with down, polyester, cotton, or wool.
    • Play King of the Ring. The first person to fall off the bed or couch loses.
    • Try Pillow Ninja. Hold one pillow in each hand, and whack each other. If you drop one of your pillows, you lose!
  3. how to pray with your boyfriend Have a dance party.

    Turn on your favorite jams and have a dance party! You can do a silly partner dance, or have a dance off. Don’t be afraid to bust out all your hilarious dance moves.

    • Try playing a dance video game together, like Dance Dance Revolution or Just Dance.
    • Watch a video of professional dancers and try to copy their crazy moves. Put your own spin on a Dancing with the Stars performance and let the hilarity ensue.
  4. how to pray with your boyfriend Play with your food.

    When you’re baking cookies in the kitchen with your boyfriend, blow a little flour on his nose. When he blows some back at you, throw a couple of chocolate chips at him. Let the food fight commence!

    • Play catch with your food. Throw him a few jellybeans or grapes and have him try to catch them in his mouth.
  5. how to pray with your boyfriend Start a tickle war.

    Ambush your boyfriend in the middle of a movie with a tickle fight! The two of you will be doubled over in laughter in seconds.

    • Find his most ticklish spots. Try his ribs, tummy, armpits, and even the soles of his feet.

Method 3 Joking Around

  1. how to pray with your boyfriend Give him a funny nickname.

    The options are endless. You could pick nickname that reflects a funny habit of his, or one that’s hilariously mismatched.

    • If your boyfriend is has an intense obsession with Star Wars, call him Chewbacca.
    • If your boyfriend is a super tall, call him Tiny.
  2. how to pray with your boyfriend Do some gentle teasing.

    Playful banter is flirty and fun. Make fun of one of his quirks, do a light-hearted imitation, or give him a backhanded compliment. Keep the teasing gentle and fun. His insecurities shouldn’t be the subject of your jokes. Stop right away if he looks upset or asks you to stop. Hurt feelings are certainly not funny.

    • Say something like, “Wow, you’re not so bad at cooking for someone who lives on Ramen noodles.”
    • If he has a crazy laugh, do your best impression.
  3. how to pray with your boyfriend Take goofy selfies.

    Make your weirdest faces and snap a ton of selfies. Try to recreate famous photos or paintings, or use Snapchat filters to make your photos even more bizarre. Then, look through them together and appreciate your silliness.

    • Send your boyfriend one of these goofy photos a few weeks later with a text like, “Why are we so attractive?”
  4. how to pray with your boyfriend Act out a scene from your favorite movie.

    Put on the scene, turn down the volume, and do your own interpretations of the dialogue. Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous–the sillier, the better.

    • For a hilarious contrast, do goofy dialogue for a super intense romantic scene.
    • Use foreign accents to spice up your scene.
  5. how to pray with your boyfriend

    Steal something of his and make him chase you. Grab his hat off his head, swipe a shoe, or snatch a cookie off his plate. Give him a playful smile, and dash away. Use furniture for cover as you dodge him.

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    My boyfriend often seems to be depressed. How do I make him feel better?

    Start by talking to him about his feelings. Don’t force him to share, but let him know you’re there for him if he wants to talk. You can do little things for him that make him happy, like baking his favorite dessert or having a surprise date night. If his mood is getting worse or interfering with his daily functioning, he may have clinical depression. Talk to him and his family immediately so he can get the help he needs. Check out

    wikiHow’s article on helping someone with depression

    for more information.

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  • This works best with easy going guys. Be aware that your guy might not be into it.


  • Some of these things might turn guys off. Make sure he likes what you’re doing before you take it too far.
  • Don’t be pushy or annoying. This stuff isn’t funny when only one person is in the mood to be silly.
  • Many of these silly jokes and games should be done when the two of you are alone to avoid embarrassment.

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I remember my boyfriend Tyler’s dad telling me that he raised his son to show his love for his woman, by being a hard working man and assuring that she is taken care of. For me, my highest act of love is simply praying for him, as he holds much of my heart, and loves me to his best ability. I make it one of my top priorities every morning, and every night, to thank God for Tyler, and to take time to pray for him.

Here are some things I pray for and recommend for you;

1. I pray for Tyler’s relationship with Christ.
I pray that The Lord is pursuing him, and that Tyler is staying close to Him at all times. It’s easy to fall off the righteous path, and to forget that God is there. I ask Him to remind Tyler every day of His Sovereignty. All I could ever want for Tyler, is eternal life with Christ. With, or without me in the equation. Therefore, this prayer is the most important one to me.

2. I pray for God to bless Tyler.
Tyler is a very hard working man, yet still manages to find time for me. Therefore, I pray that God blesses his day, his work, and his rest. I pray for blessings to be bestowed upon him in the most needed of times. He deserves any and every blessing that comes his way.

3. I pray for his leadership.

Although we are not married, I pray that the Lord is growing Tyler in this area. Christ said that the husband will lead your family. He should be my spiritual leader one day when we are married, one who I trust and respect. I pray for him to lead me well, to follow Christ in wherever He may call us as a couple. I pray that he learns what it means to be a Godly leader before we are married so he can lead me in the way Christ would desire when you are married. I pray for this, even with the realization that God could call us down different paths, and we may not marry each other. So when praying this, I make it a point to note that I still pray this upon him, even if he marries another woman. I would hope Tyler could be all of this to her, and more.

4. I pray for Tyler’s well-being.
I pray that God takes his anxiety, frustration, worry and sadness away. I also pray that Tyler grows the desire to lean on Him in those times of trouble. Now, I am aware that he will have to face all of these feelings, as he is human. However, I pray that he handles it in a Godly manner, and does not let his heart become overwhelmed. I pray that he is reminded of Romans 8:28, and takes that as an application of strength.

5. I pray for his safety.
I pray for God to take care of Tyler. That is the most important thing to me. I pray God places His Protecting Hands upon Tyler, and assures safety to him. I pray He is with him while he is driving, and working. This prayer also gives me assurance that Tyler is in very good Hands.

6. I pray for his future.

As stated above, even if I am not the one he marries, I wish Tyler the absolute best in his future. I pray that God is there, even if I am not. I pray he marries a woman of God, who is able to love him the way Ruth loved Boaz, but most importantly the way Christ loves us. I hope she loves him selflessly, and in the way he deserves. I hope she lifts him up in every aspect of his life. I pray he makes wise decisions, and seeks God’s approval in all that he does. I pray he gives God the glory in every achievement, and thanks Him for every blessing.

No matter what prayer you say for your boyfriend, God hears all, and sees your heart.

We are called to love one another, as Christ loves us. I feel as though, the more you pray for your boyfriend/husband, the more you grow to appreciate Christ’s love. Loving is a hard thing to do, especially when you are to love someone regardless of their mistakes. I’m a very difficult person to love. And so I thank God, that Tyler wakes up every morning and chooses to see the good in me, and loves me regardless of the bad. I thank God for sending me such an amazing man. I thank God for finding me fit of such love.

I give all Glory to Christ in my relationship. For, without Him, there would not be such. He is the foundation on which I grow my relationship on. I love Christ first, and Tyler second. It is so very important to lift your boyfriend up, in all ways possible. The best way to do so, is through prayer. The power of prayer is unremarkable.

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him–a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Long distance is not easy.

If you’ve done it, you most likely never want to go back, and if you’re in the thick of it now you probably want nothing more than for it to be over.

It can be full of missed phone calls, misread texts, and bad communication. But it can also be full of strengthened communication, getting to know your partner spiritually instead of physically, and those long-awaited visits.

Nothing is more fun than visiting your significant other after weeks of missing them.

So when I entered into this season of my relationship, I decided that this would be a blessing instead of a hardship.

I set out on strengthening my own faith, as well as the shared faith of my boyfriend and I through this bout of distance.

Personally, my boyfriend and I have gone weeks without seeing each other, oftentimes days without speaking because of work. But we prayed for each other.

Here are five ways to pray for a long-distance relationship.

5 Ways to Pray for a Long-Distance Relationship

1. Pray for Healthy Communication

God is using this time in your relationship in a special way. By not being physically nearby you’re forced to communicate. You literally have no other choice if you want it to work.

God is forcing you to lean on verbal communication. Relationships hinge on communicating with your significant other.

There will be days where it might seem easier to ignore the phone call, give up on an argument, and close the Bible. But praying for the person on the other end is worth it, just as your relationship with God is worth it.

This season of being apart is useful in developing healthy lines of communication.

2. Pray Specifically

Take this season of your relationship to pray with intention.

Approach each day, week, month, and year of long distance with a new specific area of focus.

Pray for more understanding when he goes out with friends or less jealousy depending on your specific situation.

Praying with specific intention doesn’t have to be an area that is lacking or that you’re struggling in, pray for the areas that you’re excelling in as well. Pray that it might continue and that you might keep improving.

3 . Pray Generally

If the man your dating is meant to be your future husband, then you definitely want to be praying for him. You want to have an open line of communication with your Creator about the man you love.

While praying for him, praying for your relationship will come naturally.

Something that has a tendency to be forgotten in a lot of posts similar to this one is to continue to pray for your future husband in case the one you are dating is not the one.

Here are some things to remember while praying:

  • Pray that he might grow closer to God and depend on Him while you’re apart.
  • Pray that he might become a spiritual leader in your relationship and within his own life.
  • Pray that he will love and respect you the way that you deserve.
  • Pray for him even when you don’t feel like praying at all.

4. Pray for Yourself

Take time to pray for yourself and learn more about your personal relationship with God.

Pray for discernment to know the type of relationship you want with your significant other and with God.

Seek out Bible verses to keep handy for those tough moments… no matter how hard we try, they will happen.

Verses about jealousy, trust, anxiety, and others. These will save your relationship as you pray them over yourself.

5. Pray to be prepared

Finally, remember that the distance will end. You’ll get to live out the rest of your days with your best friend.

Pray that you are prepared for the transition so that it doesn’t damage your relationship.

What Are Some Other Prayers?

Are there any prayers you’ve felt led to pray for your long-distance boyfriend?

Share them in the comments below!

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A college student living on Grace and coffee. A lover of pink peonies, baby cuddles, chocolate-chip pancakes, and writing to-do lists.

Our boyfriends make our lives more enjoyable by providing companionship and support through life’s journey. Therefore, on their birthdays, it’s only natural that we want to say a prayer or two for them. This is why, on your guy’s big day, we think that you might find these prayer lines particularly helpful.

Feel free to slip them into envelopes, write them on cakes and walls, customize them for personal use, etc. They’ll work just fine.

Birthday Prayers for your Special Guy

  • Happy birthday to you, my dear. I pray that God’s light will shine on your path, and lead you to success after success.
  • On your special day, I pray that the Father of all creation will bear you on the wings of eagles so that you can rise above the storms of life. Happy birthday.
  • Boo, on this day, I pray that my love for you will be made as perfect as your unwavering love for me. Have a blessed birthday.
  • I pray that our love for each other will be stronger with each passing second, minute, and hour. Enjoy your day to the max!
  • Darling, you’ve shown me what it means to love and be loved, and I can’t thank you enough for that. On your anniversary, it’s my prayer that your will be blessed with more wisdom, good fortune and happiness. Have a blessed day.
  • May you see great visions, and have the courage and tenacity to pursue them. Sending you lots of love today. Happy birthday.
  • Like King Solomon of biblical times, may you be blessed with wisdom and riches, according to God’s riches and amazing glory. Happy birthday.

Real love is when your boyfriend accepts you with all your imperfections. Honey, may God be kind to you, as you’ve been kind to me. I love you. Happy Birthday.

  • Boo, we may have our fights but I’ll always love you, and I pray that you find every reason to do the same. Love you.
  • I may ask God for many things, but a new boyfriend is not one of them because you are phenomenal, babe. May your special day see you receive the most special of blessings from above. I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  • Real love is when your boyfriend accepts you with all your imperfections. Honey, may God be kind to you, as you’ve been kind to me. I love you.
  • Spending my life with you is a huge blessing for me. May the times always bring us together in love, unity, and cheer. Happy birthday.
  • You are ever willing to share the little you have with me, and I’m grateful for that. I pray that God will forever be exceedingly generous and kind to you all the days of your life. Cheers.
  • May this be a year of daring hopes and limitless possibilities for you, honey. May you find everlasting companionship with happiness. Happy birthday.
  • Sweetheart, just as you light up my world and bring smiles on my face, may this day bring you news of cheer, happiness and laughter. Happy birthday.
  • I pray that God will keep you from the plights that come by day and the sinister forces that work by night. Enjoy today to the max.
  • In the end, good things come to those who trust in God and do His will. I pray that you keep living a life that pleases Him. Happy birthday.
  • Your soft and kind words give me hope for the future. May you dare to hope for a better future too, and may happiness forever dominate your life. I love you. Happy birthday.
  • May God keep death far from you, and bring his joy closer to you so that you can live to declare his good works. Happy birthday to you, boo.

Happy Birthday. May God be your custodian and protector all the days of your life.

  • Honey, my prayer for you May God keep the weapon of the enemy away from you.
  • I pray that you will find strength in the joy of the Lord, and passion in his peace through Jesus Christ. Have a blessed birthday, boo.
  • May your life always be filled with happiness that never sleeps. Happy birthday.
  • On this special day of your birth, I pray that the heavens will turn whatever dolefulness is in your life into dancing, and fill your mouth with praise. Enjoy your day.
  • With all my heart, I give God praise for an amazing companion like you. May He carry you in His light and reward you with long life and abundant happiness
  • May He who is able to bring to pass what He has promised remember you on this day, and manifest Himself in your life. I love you, boo. Happy birthday.
  • Sweetie, happy birthday! May goodness abound in your life, and may you always flourish in your pursuits. Enjoy this day to the fullest.
  • Just like a child is shown the way so that he doesn’t get lost, so too will God guide your steps so that you will always find your way to success and happiness. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to you. I pray that God’s light will shine on your path, and lead you to success after success.

  • Sometimes life is an adventure on the brinks of a precipice; you remain stagnant if you don’t take that leap of faith. May you leap in God’s faith this year. Cheers.
  • Boo, happy birthday! I pray that you’ll grow in maturity and understanding, and use this benison to help others to realize their potential. May God bless you beyond man’s imagination.
  • The true measure of wisdom is his ability to solve life’s problems in a manner that pleases God. May you be blessed with wisdom to do God’s will. I love you.
  • God has blessed us with a beautiful relationship. On this special day, I pray that He will help us grow this relationship and make it even stronger. Happy birthday.
  • May God bless you with the desires of your heart. And may He always place you a thousand steps ahead of your enemies. Happy birthday.
  • Since our ways are not God’s ways, and our plans pale in comparison to His, I pray that He will guide you to make good choices in life. Honey, I hope you have a birthday that is as beautiful as the love of God.
  • Praying for goodness and mercies for the rest of your days. Have a blessed birthday, darling.
  • Happy birthday, my precious love. I pray for breakthroughs and divine protection for you in a world that is increasingly becoming uncertain and dangerous.
  • This is a truly special day for you, my love. I pray that this day will usher you into the realm of everlasting bliss, where your heart and soul shall know no trouble for as long as you live. Have an exceptionally happy birthday.
  • May all the things that your heart greatly desires come to fruition. Happy birthday.
  • May this new stage of your life be absolutely good to you. I pray it will fill your world with all the good fortune of the universe so that true happiness may forever walk with you. Happy birthday.
  • May God be your custodian and protector all the days of your existence. Happy birthday.

Spending my life with you is a huge blessing for me. May the times always bring us together in love, unity, and cheer. Happy birthday.

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how to pray with your boyfriend

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them. -Matthew 18:20

We are all called to take time out of our day to pray—to converse with our God, our first Love. The Catechism tells us that prayer leads us to love.

This love opens our hearts to three enlightening and life-giving facts of faith about prayer: it is always possible to pray, prayer is a vital necessity, and prayer and Christian life are inseparable. -CCC 2742-2745

When we pray, we unite our hearts to God and leading others to Him. If Christ has called you into a relationship, make Him the center of it through prayer. The fruit of prayer is always holy and authentic love.

Praying When Dating

Dating is a special time to discern the vocation of marriage. It is an opportunity to build a friendship founded in Christ with someone. It is a beautiful gift to be able to share your personality—your likes, dislikes, joys, and sorrows—with another person. And in return, receive the gift of their personality.

Prayer during dating is important. Taking personal time to pray and discern is essential, as is taking time to pray with your boyfriend. By taking time to pray together, you set Christ as the foundation of your relationship. You allow your perspective to become Christ-centered. You open your hearts and minds to hear and follow His will.

Don’t be afraid to pray with your boyfriend. Ask one another about your favorite ways to pray. Invite Christ to be present with you in your conversations and your relationship.

Ways to Pray with Your Boyfriend

Here are three ways to pray with your boyfriend:

  1. Pray A Group Rosary // Prayer is an intimate act, and praying out loud in front of the person you are dating can be intimidating. Group prayer allows everyone to participate at his or her own level of comfort. Invite friends over to pray the Rosary. It is a beautiful way to honor Our Lady.
  2. Read about the Lives of the Saints // The Saints are models of virtue and a source of inspiration. Share with one another about your favorite Saints and spend some time researching them together. Look up quotes by them, celebrate their Feast Day, or pray a novena in honor of them. When my husband and I first started dating, we prayed to God to send us a Saint to be the patron of our relationship. Call upon the Saint Christ reveals to you to protect, guide, and help you both as you discern!
  3. Read from the Bible // One of the best ways to discern God’s will is through reading the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word spoken to us. Reflect on a verse, talk about the daily Mass readings, or share how the Bible has affected your life. Be open to what Christ is revealing to you both as you pray.

how to pray with your boyfriend

how to pray with your boyfriend

Praying When Engaged

Engagement is a wonderful time to grow with your fiancé. This time of preparation presents many opportunities and challenges to go deeper, to better understand each other, and to better support each other. Prayer, and especially prayer together, is a crucial element of the growth that occurs during this time.

The engagement period will be an exciting time as you begin to make wedding plans! Planning will also be a challenging process as you both try to juggle family dynamics, traditions, personal desires, and the many vendors that a wedding requires. It can be exciting and stressful all in one breath!

A movement toward being vulnerable and completely open with one another will likely take place during engagement. Praying together is a great way to facilitate this openness. Encourage each other, support each other in every way that you can, and pray for each other’s mind, body, and soul as you approach the day of the wedding. Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit as ministers of the Sacrament!

Ways to Pray with Your Fiancé

Here are three ways to pray with your fiancé:

  1. Attend Mass Together // The celebration of Mass is the highest, most Heavenly prayer here on earth. This form of prayer is especially beautiful if you are in a long distance relationship. We are united with the entire Church during Mass. Even if you are many miles away from your fiancé, you truly meet them in the Eucharist each time you attend a Mass!
  2. Pray in Adoration Together // The silence and stillness experienced during Eucharist Adoration brings healing and clarity. Schedule in time to adore Christ in the Eucharist.
  3. Volunteer // I remember being so humbled by all the friends and family who sacrificed their time and gifts to help us prepare for our wedding day. During engagement, it is easy to fall into self-centeredness. The remedy to this is to serve others in need. Some of our most joyful days during our engagement were spent volunteering with The Missionaries of Charity or with our young adult group.

Praying When Married

The goal of any marriage is salvation. It is a vocation in which one loves another fully, completely, and without restraint. To love is to will the good of the beloved. We will the good of our husbands when we desire Heaven for them. In marriage, we hope for salvation through prayer, through sacrifice, through mercy, through love, and through the widening of our hearts. There is no greater love than this, but to lay one’s life down.

Marriage is a continual death to self and selfishness. Prayer with your husband opens a window to his soul—his desires, his needs, his hurts, and his joys. Through prayer, we can enter into an even deeper and more intimate understanding of our beloved. In understanding, we are better able to serve our spouses and help them to attain salvation. After all, the word “family” comes from the Latin word famulus, which means “servant.”

Praying for each other throughout the day is another way to be close to one another when jobs and other daily duties keep you apart. Your work can be a prayer for your husband. If you are at home, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and caring for your children are all acts of love, and acts of prayer, that can be directed for your husband and his intentions. And when you have time together, prayer is vital to the health of your marriage.

Ways to Pray with Your Husband

Here are three ways to pray with your husband:

  1. Eat a Daily Meal Together // I once learned that an order of monks would say to those in their novitiate that the most sacred place in monastery, outside of the chapel, was the kitchen table. Jesus gives us the perfect example of this at the Table of the Eucharist. He elevates the ordinary into something extraordinary. He invites us to do the same. Take the time each day to eat a meal together. It is good for the body and for the soul!
  2. Go to Confession // Mercy and love are the cornerstones of marriage. The more mercy we are shown, the more mercy we are able to give. Participating in the Sacrament of Confession instills humility and peace within our hearts, marriage, and home.
  3. Adore Christ in your Husband // Last year during our family pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy, I explained to a priest what I was experiencing in my prayer life. I often felt defeated, distracted, and overwhelmed. He lovingly looked at my son, who was asleep in my husband’s arms. Then he turned to me and said, “Claire, maybe your prayer now isn’t meant to be hours in the adoration chapel, maybe it is meant to be looking at Christ in Mike and Peter, adoring Him in Mike and Peter.” As he spoke those words, my heart and mind were flooded with peace and profound joy. I immediately saw the hidden beauty of my vocation as wife and mother. I was to serve Christ, to love Christ, to look adoringly at Christ in my husband and son. Time spent with God must be my number one priority as a baptized follower of Jesus, no matter what state of life I am in. That is essential. Yet that time should not be surrounded by guilt, fear, or frustration. God is merciful, loving, and kind. He works with us in every state of life and every vocation. My prayer life has not regressed; it has beautifully evolved. It may be more challenging to set aside time for prayer, yet it is necessary that I do. And I know that the rest of my time, the time spent with Mike and Peter can be a prayer, too. When we look lovingly at our spouse, when we serve them through our daily tasks, we can offer those moments up to Christ and adore Him in prayer.

How do you pray with your significant other?      

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Claire Couche is a wife and mother. She graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville where she studied history and theology. She later received her B.S.N. and worked as an oncology nurse before becoming a stay-at-home mother. Claire enjoys cooking, traveling, creating, living life in abundance, and petite French pastries. You can find more writings from Claire and her husband, Michael, here.

I have a little advice I would like to share to all the ladies in relationships. First, I must ask the question; how many of you pray daily for your boyfriend? I’ve been in two relationships where my prayer life has been in complete contrast to the other. The first relationship, I only prayed for him when he was struggling with something or if I was worried about the relationship. It was not part of my daily routine to come to God and pray for him and the relationship. Why? Apart from me being lazy, I mainly felt that it would be selfish to sit down and pray for our relationship when there are other more important issues like matters of the soul. How wrong was I to think I had to censor what I want to pray about based on what I believed God wanted to hear. God cares about the desires of your heart. Prayer is powerful and effective. To think it is too unimportant to bring to God is to think that God is not the Father he says he is. God has revealed so much in the past year about what it truly means to love someone. If you genuinely love them with a godly love you’re going to WANT to pray for them everyday.

how to pray with your boyfriend

When Brandon and I first met, for the first two months I prayed to God thanking him for blessing me and allowing me to be with him. I still smile at remembering lying in bed saying thank you a million times and asking God to take over because I had no earthly clue what I was doing! Whenever I would get ready to go on a date with him I would be so nervous and self conscious. One day I was putting on makeup before seeing Brandon and God spoke to my heart and said, “Brooke. I’m going with you. I’m going to guide you. Don’t worry daughter. I know the plan remember? You just focus on Me, and I’ll take care of everything.” It became a routine for God and I to talk out my nerves and allow Him to assure me He is in complete control. What sweet moments! God covered His grace over my past and gave me a hope for a future. God will move in different ways according to where the relationship is at. When Brandon and I first started dating, it was more of an individual thing where God guided us to the point where we could begin to grow together.

Now that God has allowed the relationship to mature, we are less anxious and more comfortable around each other. We’ve seen just enough to say, “Yep. I still want this.” I know his strengths and weaknesses and he knows mine. We learn more about each other everyday and navigate “the waters” by His direction. Something I have recently realized is, how lost we are without His guidance. The moment you decide to be in control and call the shots, you will miss out on God’s plan for your life. The best place to be is in His will and under His obedience.

So now that you know a little background, I just wanted to share some ways I lift Brandon and our relationship up to the Lord. Prayer is not all about what I want God to do, but the ways He will use that to speak into my life and reveal His will for me. Whenever I pray, God reveals something new to me. And whenever He doesn’t, I know that He’s about to!

Brandon & Brooke
1.) May Your words be reflected in the words we speak to each other.

2.) May Your love be manifested in our love. 3.) Mold us into more willing instruments who are humble and obedient.4.) Help us be holy as You are holy.5.) Help us flee sexual immorality and lean on You in temptation.6.) May we glorify You and reflect Your character.7.) Show us the ways we are sinful and tune our ears to Your instruction.8.) Provide the soil for us to grow in.9.) Speak daily Your loving grace over our mistakes and intercede in our weaknesses.10.) Let us keep the attitude of “God willing”  when we speak of the future.My Love1.) Give protection over him every day.2.) Ignite his passion for You and desire to please You.3.) Strengthen his leadership by becoming a man after Your heart.4.) Walk with him through school and work and uplift him.5.) Remind him to get in Your word and feed his soul.6.) Reveal to him Your will and make him open to your guidance.7.) Ease his worries about where he doesn’t “measure up” and speak, “you’re more than enough.”8.) May the Father’s love and mercy cover him.9.) Show him humility and point out wherever pride takes away Your glory. 10.) Prepare him to love in a way that reflects the love of Christ and the Church.

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