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healing from surgery quotes

“There is a pain that means things are coming apart. But then, sometimes there is a pain that means that things might be able to come back together. Surgery can be as painful as stabbing, but it leads to healing. I knew I was beginning to heal.”
— John Ortberg —

“There is a pain that means things are coming apart. But then, sometimes there is a pain that means that things might be able to come back together. Surgery can be as painful as stabbing, but it leads to healing. I knew I was beginning to heal.”

— John Ortberg

“Love and intimacy are at the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well, what causes sadness and what brings happiness, what makes us suffer and what leads to healing. … I am not aware of any other factor in medicine-not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not surgery-that has a greater impact on our quality of life, incidence of illness, and premature death from all causes.”

— Brian L. Weiss

“Five hundred years before Christ some physicians of ancient India, working under the influence of the Lord Buddha, advanced the art of healing to so perfect a state that they were able to abolish surgery, although the surgery of their time was as efficient, or more so, than that of the present day.”

— Edward Bach

“Organized medicine quickly adopted the stance that his alleged “cures” fell into three categories: those who never had cancer in the first place; those who were cured by prior radiation and surgery; and those who died. When Healing Becomes a Crime”

— Kenny Ausubel

“Once we have forgiven, however, we get a new freedom to forget. This time forgetting is a sign of health; it is not a trick to avoid spiritual surgery. We can forget because we have been healed. But even if it is easier to forget after we forgive, we should not make forgetting a test of our forgiving. The test of forgiving lies with healing the lingering pain of the past, not with forgetting the past has ever happened.”

— Lewis B. Smedes

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healing from surgery quotes

healing from surgery quotes healing from surgery quotes healing from surgery quotes

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“I didn’t expect to recover from my second operation but since I did, I consider that I’m living on borrowed time. Every day that dawns is a gift to me and I take it in that way. I accept it gratefully without looking beyond it. I completely forget my physical suffering and all the unpleasantness of my present condition and I think only of the joy of seeing the sun rise once more and of being able to work a little bit, even under difficult conditions.”

Henri Matisse

“No matter who you were in sixteenth-century Europe, you could be sure of two things: you would be lucky to reach fifty years of age, and you could expect a life of discomfort and pain. Old age tires the body by thirty-five, Erasmus lamented, but half the population did not live beyond the age of twenty. There were doctors and there was medicine, but there does not seem to have been a great deal of healing. Anyone who could afford to seek a doctor’s aid did so eagerly, but the doctor was as likely to maim or kill as to cure. His potions were usually noxious and sometimes fatal—but they could not have been as terrible and traumatic as the contemporary surgical methods. The surgeon and the Inquisitor differed only in their motivation: otherwise, their batteries of knives, saws, and tongs for slicing, piercing, burning, and amputating were barely distinguishable. Without any anesthetic other than strong liquor, an operation was as bad as the torments of hell.”

Philip Ball The Devil’s Doctor: Paracelsus and the World of Renaissance Magic and Science

“Scars are simply modern battle wounds. Sometimes the enemy happens to be inside us.”

Andrew Grey

“I used to think how dangerous the world would have been if these ants were the size of dogs. They would have cut the humans in two halves just by a single strike of their flippers.”

Abhishek Leela Pandey The Man with Five Heads

“Whenever they are condemning weaves or breast implants, some people speak so passionately that their false teeth almost fall out.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“He walked across the room and flicked a switch. A spotlight turned on, illuminating a laminated poster of a woman on his wall. He took a crayon from his pocket and began drawing on it. I could see smudges from past demonstrations. His dashed lines crisscrossed the woman’s chest as if he were planning a military maneuver on undulating terrain.”

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“His information was multifaceted, almost colorful. Had he not delivered it with such impassivity, spinning on his backless chair as if he were at the center of some odd carousel – we the horses, each with our own rigid purpose: names for me, numbers for my father, promises for my mother – it would have been a speech worth remembering.”

Elizabeth Percer An Uncommon Education

“I made the mistake of using my earned sick time at the W. M. Keck Observatory for essential surgery. When I returned to work the management team demanded my resignation numerous times, citing my essential surgery as a reason. The W. M. Keck Observatory taught me that using earned sick time in the USA may put your future employment at significant risk.”

Steven Magee

“Do I shock you? We are very playful here. It’s a good tone for an operating theater. It is a theater, after all.”

David Cronenberg Consumed

“My luminaries!” he sang out. “I am thrilled to have you here. I have been rereading both your works in preparation for our glorious collaboration.”


“You will forgive my enthusiasm and my presumption. But you must accept that what we are here today to do with each other cannot be subsumed under the mantle of medical procedure alone. For me to put the scalpel into your hand, my dearest Monsieur Arosteguy, is basically a crime, you understand. Though I fully comprehend the emotional ownership of the breast involved with the husband and the wife. In the light of that ownership, the alien surgeon is an intruder, a rapist, a violator. Why should he be allowed to sever that most beautiful organ from that beloved body? Who the fuck is he anyway? No, only the husband should have the right to do that intimate severing with all its resonances of personal history. And so on. But legally it’s a crime. So what’s the solution in our heads? In my head, the solution is that we are not committing surgery, but are creating an art/philosophy / crime/ surgery project. The three of us. A collective. The Arosteguy Collective Project. Do you agree?”

Celestine and I glanced at each other and could see that we were immediately in sync. We were overwhelmed, horrified, and also delighted.”

David Cronenberg Consumed

“And, for the first few months after her surgeries, Holly had felt, horribly, as if she’d been turned into a machine, an unkillable robot. She had terrible dreams in which she was searching for her body parts on shelves lined with thousands of other body parts, floating in thousands of jars. In the dreams, Holly was convinced that her soul had been located in one of those body parts, and now her soul was trapped for eternity in formaldehyde and glass.”

Laura Kasischke Mind of Winter

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Socal Dental Care

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Avante Plastic Surgery

“To her despair was added a philosophical dejection, the feeling of every thinker who, venturing an inquisitive finger beneath the velvet of a throne, comes upon the coarse pinewood . . . And then it was she fell victim to a still more painful disquiet. The dead man they had just carted off, like a lump of matter no longer of any use, made it hideously plain how closely hospitals resemble factories. Under the scalpel, living flesh is treated there like wood under the plane or steel under the rolling-mill.”

Maurice Renard The Hands Of Orlac

“His chief delights were of a less public and philanthropic kind, requiring many explanations of sounds which seemed peculiar even amidst that babel of the damned. Among these sounds were frequent revolver-shots—surely not uncommon on a battlefield, but distinctly uncommon in an hospital. Dr. West’s reanimated specimens were not meant for long existence or a large audience.”

H.P. Lovecraft Herbert West: Reanimator

“His most famous (and possibly apocryphal) mishap involved an operation during which he worked so rapidly that he took off three of his assistant’s fingers and, while switching blades, slashed a spectator’s coat. Both the assistant and the patient died later of gangrene, and the unfortunate bystander expired on the spot from fright. It is the only surgery in history said to have had a 300 percent fatality rate.”

Lindsey Fitzharris


Healing From Back Surgery – The recovering period after a tough back surgery is hard. But it can easily be shortened. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind in this period. The period of Healing From Back Surgery can be easier by thinking of these few steps:

Healing From Back Surgery

Never Give Up On Your Rehabilitation Program. It is painful and hard, but rehabilitation is necessary for the proper healing of your back. Therefore, make sure that you stretch every day. You also have to move regularly, because many of your back muscles will get weak if you don’t move them every day. So, laying in bad all day is not an option.

Quit smoking and alcohol. They are not only unhealthy, but they harden and even stop the healing process. Nicotine increases the pain in the surgical area. Also, alcohol causes depression, which will remove your positive mind necessary for healing. So, avoid these vices and replace them with a healthy diet.

Prepare your home before surgery. If you prepare your home before you go into surgery, then your period of recovery will be easier. Therefore, make more reachable stuff that you will need daily after your surgery. Also pay much attention to your kitchen. Buy food that is easy to prepare. So, you will not have to stay hours in the kitchen. And don’t forget about sanitary and hygiene products. They also have to be in a handy place.

Healing From Back Surgery

Try an alternative therapy. There are many options of alternative healing practices. You can try Reiki, holistic healing, meditation, yoga, ayurveda, shiatzu healing massage and many more. You can learn more about them here or you can do your own research.

Keep a positive mind. Healing From Back Surgery is a very stressful and depressing process. Therefore, you have to stay positive and hopeful. With a positive mind and a positive attitude, it will not be as bad as you thought. You can become optimistic by reading motivational books, watching comedy movies, reading positive quotes and many more.

The process of Healing From Back Surgery is not easy, but with these easy steps, you can ease it. Be aware of your body. It heals, if you let him to. Don’t push yourself too hard and enjoy the process of healing. Because it is the path to a healthier and less painful life.


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