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29th. Day of Prayer  
April 28th. 2018
“So I Prayed To The God of Heaven” – (Neh. 2:4)
Please watch the complete  two portions of the 29th. Day of Prayer, appreciating and giving glory to our Lord who gave us such a historical day.  Please feel free to share it with others.
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LPG’s Story

In the Spring of 1990 several of us felt a special burden from God to pray for Lebanon as it was going through the worst time of its civil strife.  Four months after the first planned day of prayer for Lebanon was held, in the providence of God, the civil war in Lebanon came to an abrupt end.  In that year the Lebanon Prayer Group came into existence.    (Read more)

Press Release

The Lebanon Prayer Group, a California-based 

501 C3 Organization 

Christian ministry, has told to ANS that its Annual International Day of Prayer for the Arab World and the United States will be held on… (Click for more information)

“This is an opportunity for the community of born again Christian believers to unite in worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for prayer on behalf of the Arab world and the United States,” said Dr. Ray Sleiman, pastor of Grace and Truth Gospel Church in Long Beach and founder of The Lebanon Prayer Group.

“Our prayer is to reach the almost 400 million Moslems in the Middle East with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray for the evangelical churches in the region and for God’s opening of the door in order to reach so many Moslems with the gospel. For the last 20 years we have seen the Lord answer our prayers in a dramatically meticulous way.  Read more

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Lebanon Prayer Group Page

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Thank you for your donation, LPG is a Tax Exempt 501 C3 Organization.
All donations to LPG are tax deductible.
“God Loves A Cheerful Giver” (2 Cor. 9:7)

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Request for Prayers

A fraternal greeting to everyone. I am Andrea, I am 54 and live in Italy. I’m going through a very difficult time in my life and humbly ask the help of your prayers. I would also be happy to receive your messages or ask for friendship. ****

Request for Prayers

A fraternal greeting to everyone. I am Andrea, I am 54 and live in Italy. I’m going through a very difficult time in my life and humbly ask the help of your prayers. I would also be happy to receive your messages or ask for friendship. ****

Catholic Hermit from WI

Hello Everyone: I just wanted you to know that if you have any prayer requests I will be happy to pray and make friends too if possible

Naturist Christan group in SE Florida

We have formed a naturist Christian group in the West Palm Beach /SE Florida area. Please visit us at Do you have an interest? Or do you know a nudist or like-minded preacher, biblical…

Nudist Church in SE Florida

We are disillusioned by the negative attitude of conservative Christians regarding social nudity. We would like to form a conservative Christian church in the SE Florida area. Can you give any adise as to how to locate a like-minded preacher or…

Pray for me – my health and what’s next

Hello everyone! I am here pretty new to the TrueNudists site but “into” nudism for a little more than 18 months already. I am requesting that you pray for me in some things, particularly my health. I’m Catholic but no matter the…

Hi A new member.

Hi I just found this group, and would love to join. I have been a praying Christian for almost as long as I have been a naturist. Praise the Lord he has seen me through some stormy waters, but our friendship is still undetered.CheersFrank

Greetings all – Sorry for being out of the…

Greetings folks – I see we have some new members. Welcome to you all. I would just like to explain the reason for my tardiness here in the room. We have had a lot of things going down in my family. Satan is at work and is attacking through health…

Prayer Request for my family

Hello folks – I am asking for prayer for my family due to a “small crisis” involving my 18 yr old son. Pray that the lord will allow us to make the right decision as it relates to a girl friend and a trip to Oaklahoma. If you have kids you…

pray request for my mom

i come to you wit5h a heavy heart. you see my mom has gangreen thru ou ther stomach and colon whats left of it.. the doctors are filling her with drugs to ease her pain.. its just a waiting game now.. ive been praying myself to end the pain for her…
Prayer Card

     I like to keep many notes, scriptures and prayers on recipe cards. I am a big recipe card person. I have files of scriptures organized with different subjects. I also found this prayer card you may want to print and fill in. You can allow others to fill in the cards with requests or fill them in yourself and carry them in a pocket or purse or backpack to look at several times during the day. Remember to thank the Lord for answering the prayers listed on the card.

Casting Your Cares and worries on the Lord.

     One thing to remember when you become a serious intercessor is that your faith is important. Fight the good fight of faith and protect your heart. Your faith is effected by the things you allow to influence your mind and heart. Scripture tells us that faith is built up by hearing and understanding the word pf God. Daily reflection and study of the bible is an asset to keeping your faith and your prayer life active and strong.

     Another way to guard your mind and heart is to remember to cast all your cares on the Lord. It is easy to get caught up in trying so hard to help others that we forget that the battle belongs to the Lord. Many of the requests you receive for prayer will be a burden and can cause you to be weighed down. Intercession should be a blessing to yourself and to those you pray for, so it is important to pray earnestly and sincerely and then cast the answer and care of the prayer over on the Lord. You don’t have to do the fighting and answering, just the praying. God is the greater one and He is greater than any problem you bring to Him, He will defeat the hindrances and carry our sorrows and griefs. When you sense a relief or when peace returns to your heart and mind you are done praying. Leave the rest to the Lord and thank Him for answering.

     Also, remember we have all the help we could ask for. The Holy Spirit is our helper and comforter. Ask him to help you in your prayer life. Ask for his guidance and strength. He is always there with you and is there to be your helper.

group prayer christian
group prayer christian

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this is a group for christians to pray for one another this group will allow people to  gain support for one another.                `                                

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