Graduation prayer for my daughter

A letter to my precious daughter Joleen Ann David (16 years) who excelled in school for sports, extra curricular activities, Bible knowledge and many subjects in class exams. In a few months, she will graduate high school and go out to college and university. As such, she will not be under my supervision much.

Today, as she receives awards in school, I am presenting her a gift with this letter. Though I have always interacted much with her, this is a letter for her to keep as a few words, to last a lifetime. I don’t know how long I will stay by her and, as a mother, this is what I pray and tell my precious beloved daughter. (ALSO READ MY ARTICLE: WHEN ABORTION WAS ON MY MIND)

Letter To My Daughter

My beloved Joleen Ann,

You’re so beautiful and wonderful, made in the image of God and I bow my head and go on my knees, thanking God for the great gift of you as a daughter in my life and household.

I thank you for the excellent way you manage your time in doing chores around the house, to relieve me as I struggle with work and family, while excelling in your studies. I see you have a beautiful way with your brothers, as you keep them all in love and affection and united as a family of love. Your nick name ‘the bridge over troubled waters’ fits you perfectly in great length as you patch hurts between all of us.

I am lost for words in the way you excel in school. Your brothers tell me you ‘beat them to shame’ with marks higher than they got in high school. You’re one of the top scorers, your school and teachers tell me, and I’m so filled with pride and thank God for you.

And I pray that just as you have excelled well in your bible studies, you will keep the principles of what you learned burning within your heart as you go forth in life. I have seen many young women, who do well academically but fail hopelessly in life, as a daughter, wife, mother and most of all, a person in God.

I hope you understand that academic qualifications are a gift from God to make you a blessed, learned person, with all knowledge and wisdom rested in equality, of God and of the world. And the principles of how a woman should be, is all laid down so perfectly by God in the book of life for you to heed.

As I brought you up in faith, my prayer is that you abide by our Lord Jesus Christ, Your shepherd, Your Savior, Your Light, Your Guide and Your life. I pray you keep, deep within your heart, the way the Lord Jesus spoke to women in His time and the great lessons He taught them of life.

I pray and I ask you, my beloved daughter, never let pride and haughtiness break you apart. Never let your qualifications, status or fame make you a person too proud to acknowledge that you are gifted by God through our Lord Jesus Christ. And please, I appeal to you, never let your achievements get over your head and make you less loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving to another who is in need and who is not successful in life.

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I pray you find a suitable partner to share your life in marriage. You have read what the bible says about relationships and marriage. I pray you abide by those principles and be faithful to one man in marriage all your life. Remember the women of the Bible who were faithful, obedient and graceful in accepting God’s will and a light of hope in their families. May you submit yourself to your husband, in all things, and be a woman of God in family life.

May you be one where love and forgiveness abides, where faithfulness, loyalty and humility has a meaning in life. There will be times you will be pushed to the edge, tried and troubled for your steadfast love and tested for your patience. And you must never forget the words of our Lord Jesus “Come to Me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Rest your troubles in the Lord and never give up.

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You are to be gentle, loving, kind and submissive to your husband, only if he is in the way of the Lord. A man who is in the way of the Lord loves, provides, is the shield of armour and faith, and a guardian to your well being. Likewise, you are to acknowledge his strength, and support and live to please him who is in the Lord.

If in any way you are abused and abandoned, beaten and tortured, please, my child, come home to me, I will receive you with open arms, in the unending love I have for you. But if I have left the world and you have no where to go, remember, my beloved daughter, that Jesus loves you more than you know. As you give your life to Him, to green pastures He will lead you and in His arms of strength you will forever bloom.

Take care, my beloved child, my one and only, Joleen Ann David.

With love, from your mum.

graduation prayer for my daughter

My LORD JESUS, My Rock, My Fortress AMEN! Geevetha Mary Samuel is a working, widowed mother of 4 wonderful young adults.

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Born in Dublin, Ireland, on June 13, 1865, William Butler Yeats was the son of a well-known Irish painter, John Butler Yeats. He spent his childhood in County Sligo, where his parents were raised, and in London. He returned to Dublin at the age of fifteen to continue his education and study painting, but quickly discovered he preferred poetry. Born into the Anglo-Irish landowning class, Yeats became involved with the Celtic Revival, a movement against the cultural influences of English rule in Ireland during the Victorian period, which sought to promote the spirit of Ireland’s native heritage. Though Yeats never learned Gaelic himself, his writing at the turn of the century drew extensively from sources in Irish mythology and folklore. Also a potent influence on his poetry was the Irish revolutionary Maud Gonne, whom he met in 1889, a woman equally famous for her passionate nationalist politics and her beauty. Though she married another man in 1903 and grew apart from Yeats (and Yeats himself was eventually married to another woman, Georgie Hyde Lees), she remained a powerful figure in his poetry.

Yeats was deeply involved in politics in Ireland, and in the twenties, despite Irish independence from England, his verse reflected a pessimism about the political situation in his country and the rest of Europe, paralleling the increasing conservativism of his American counterparts in London, T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound. His work after 1910 was strongly influenced by Pound, becoming more modern in its concision and imagery, but Yeats never abandoned his strict adherence to traditional verse forms. He had a life-long interest in mysticism and the occult, which was off-putting to some readers, but he remained uninhibited in advancing his idiosyncratic philosophy, and his poetry continued to grow stronger as he grew older. Appointed a senator of the Irish Free State in 1922, he is remembered as an important cultural leader, as a major playwright (he was one of the founders of the famous Abbey Theatre in Dublin), and as one of the very greatest poets—in any language—of the century. W. B. Yeats was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1923 and died in 1939 at the age of seventy-three.

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