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zakke street skatefelix nilsson

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josef sackrisson (zakke) skatar street i skövde men självklart lite klipp från skatelokala. Music: The passenger med iggy pop.

Skate in the town!crewFantastic4

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våran första film på denna kannalen blev lite koert men hoppas att ni tycker den blev bra :)! medlemar na i filmen är skatare: filip vom hofe,Felix mordbrink,Anton …

Skate trip to GothenburgMrPjaax

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Day trip to Gothenburg. Riders: Kim Nilsson – black hoodie Jacob Hedén – red predator helmet Gurra Funck – Lumberjack shirt Rasmus Jarlson – Orange …

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at the party with the gang~ Laura:I don’t know how to swim Sel:you don’t know how to swim Laura:I know right what can I do Bidg: Don’t worry we’ll do something …

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Unexpected- Ch. 1 July 2nd, 2008. Natalie was sitting in the park, alone, wondering why again? Why can’t she just forget? Is it because they are the most …


Nice God phrases for my boyfriend

When you wish to send all the love to the person that you love so much, just wish many blessings to your loved one, or just say thanks to the Lord for putting him in your way.

Because when you ask for blessings, you are begging to god that bless his way and protect him from all danger.

In this section you will be able to find a several God phrases filled of love for your boyfriend. Do not forget to send it because your loved one will be appreciate it.

Download best God phrases for my boyfriend :

– “I always ask to god to watch over our love to last forever. The Lord blessed our marriage and that’s why he will watch over us.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I am so happy because God put you in my way, that’s why I’m sure that God will enlighten our way every day.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I always beg to God to let me be with you forever and also you be protected from evil every minute of your live.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I pray that God always bless our love and enlighten your way wherever you are.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I wish that the holy light enlighten our love forever and we always be together.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I ask to God for watch over our love and protect you from evil.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I always ask to God for guide you in the right way and I give thanks for put you in my life.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “The grace fills my life because you are beside me, that’s why I tell God to watch over our marriage and to be together forever.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I don’t know what would I do if you aren’t with me, that’s why I pray to God for watch over you and be together forever.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “Thanks God for the love that puts on my life, and I hope to have this feeling that fills my life with happiness until the end of my days.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I beg each day to God for that make our love be stronger and nothing and no one can destroy it.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I always asked to God for send me one person worthy who I can love and you came to my life. You don’t know how much I love you, you are a blessing.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “You are the most important person in my life. I beg to the Lord to care of our love and that lasts forever.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “If God had not given you life, you wouldn’t be with me. I always pray for you that you do well and protect you from all evil.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I hope to have the joy of being with you forever. I’m very happy for the gift that God gave me to put you in my way.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I wish that God make our love stronger. I hope you never go away from me and I wish with my entire heart share with you my life forever.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

– “I always pray God to keep us united to continue enjoying those wonderful moments that the life gives us.”
Category :God phrases for my boyfriend

Do not forget to send a beautiful message to that person that you love. Make him/her know how much important is for your life and tell him that you feel very happy for have them in your life. Good luck.

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It can be so hard to watch someone we love doubt what we feel so strongly about. I can tell it weighs heavily on your heart, and I don’t blame you! This may not be an easy road, but hopefully having someone from the outside looking in will help you wade through the confusion and hurt.

Doubt isn’t the biggest enemy of faith, apathy is.

First, it’s totally okay to give your boyfriend time to wrestle with God. God is big enough to handle our doubts, fears, complaints, tears and even shrugged shoulders. The best thing you can do for your boyfriend is to let him know that he’s not crazy for doubting, and to encourage him to keep searching until he finds answers. Doubt isn’t the biggest enemy of faith, apathy is. When we stop caring and give up the hunt for truth, that’s when Satan is able to steal the little “seed” of faith we have (see Luke 8:12).

None of us feels great about seeing pain in this world—it’s frustrating and hard for all of us. God’s role in worldwide pain is a subject for another day, but for the moment, you can encourage your boyfriend to wrestle with God and keep looking for answers. (Stay tuned for some resources you can recommend to him.) Then pray that he finds answers that satisfy him.

You can offer to help your boyfriend look for answers, but it’s important for him to take an active part in it too. You’re absolutely right—your boyfriend’s faith is ultimately between him and God. That means it’s not your responsibility to provide all the answers for him, and you can’t take it personally if he doesn’t grab hold of the truth. If he turns away from the Lord for a time—or forever—you can’t blame yourself. There’s an old saying, “You can lead a camel to water, but you can’t make it drink.” In other words, you can be encouraging, kind, wise and loving, but you can’t make your boyfriend believe. You are only responsible for your own faith. Live in that freedom, being careful not to let his doubts sway your faith.

That brings to my third (and hardest) lil’ bit of advice: If your boyfriend denies his faith in the Lord, you just can’t follow, sis. At that point I’d strongly recommend you stick with the Lord and say goodbye to your boyfriend. Unequal faith is a deal breaker (here’s a post that explains why). Believe me—I don’t say that lightly because I know how hard that would be! But if the day comes, be prepared to choose who you will follow. It’s hard to choose between a boyfriend we care about and the Lord, but I have so much confidence that you’ll stand firm in what you know is right.

I promised to give you a few resources that you can give your boyfriend as he wrestles with God. This is just a place to start, but hopefully he’ll be open to checking them out:

  • Phillip Yancey Blog – Faith and Doubt

  • Sticky Faith blog – I Doubt It (Making Space for Hard Questions)

  • Bible Gateway – Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?

  • LifeHopeandTruth – Why Does God Allow Suffering

  • ApologeticsGuy – How to Honor God in the Midst of Your Doubts

I know it’s not easy, but you can be a calm, godly example to him while he wrestles, keeping in mind that in the long run you don’t want to be falling for someone who doesn’t have the type of relationship with God that you need in the man in your life. Be brave and stand strong, beautiful!



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