Friends are blessings from god

  What a blessing to have a friend,  I reflect on friendship through the years.    Miracles from God, I say,  Your relatives are your wonderful companions.    I always say friends care enough ,  To have conversation with you.    Listen to your hopes and dreams,  Care about your health and well-being.    Appreciate a poem you have written,  A song you have sung.    Maybe they  liked you enough ,  To climb a mountain with you.    Perhaps you went to school together,  You shared dreams of becoming more learned.    University, you strived to become educators,  You shared a love for learning.    A friend is someone who fills your day with a smile.  God Bless friends everywhere.    copyright Gwen Schutz  

Copyright © Gwen von Erlach Schutz | Year Posted 2007

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Poem Title: Friends Are Blessings From God

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Friends Are Blessings Sent From God

Hey there! Thanks Moosh, Kiet, Teri, Tony, Gabby and everyone for reading my blog. Thanks for your support. I truly appreciate it. Thank you for visiting and and many others. I am very blessed to have such great friends. Thanks for all your encouragements. You all have a place in my heart, and whenever you need me –holler @ me (you know my digits) 😛 Thanks for everything.

“I miss the good memories and even the embarassing moments. Whenever I look back, my heart smiles, and as I reminisce, tears of joy fall from these eyes of mine. I feel truly blessed to have met you” -anonymous

My priority is always my family and true friends. My next priority is school. I’m crazy. I’m taking too many credits, so I won’t be online as much, but don’t ever hesitate to call me whenever you need me alright? Forgive if I miss your call. I’m still going to visit and every other sites linked to daily, so I definitely have time for you. If you consider me a friend, then let me be a friend to you. Don’t be stubborn, and you know you are.

Go Peace Corps!! Whoo-hoo!!


                            ITS ABOUT WHO CAME

                                        AND NEVER LEFT YOUR SIDE AT THE DARKEST MOMENT”

Friendship is that type of bond which overpowers all other bonds whether it boyfriend or girlfriend bonds,or that bond between relatives.Friends are the blessing from god with whom we share our darkest secret to our fear to our every tiniest  thing happening in our life.I am going tell a story that happened recently . There was a boy named “Ram”. He was away from home  leaving with his friends.He left his hometown for further studies.

One day as he was crossing the road while talking on his phone with his mother,suddenly a car crashed against him. He was all over the road.The blood   coming out of the wound was unstoppable,as his friend saw him from down the road ,he ran out to help ram. He immediately called the ambulance , to take ram to the hospital. After arriving at hospital he was rushed to operation theater by the doctors by seeing the wounds. He was told by the hospital management to pay some money in order to start his ram’s operation.He emptied all his pocket in order to start ram operation and informed  all his other friends about the incident. All his friends came running down to the hospital immediately after listening this bad news about ram. The time was half past ten at night.All his friends contributed some money and paid the rest for  rest of  the treatment.

They all waited till his operation was successfully completed.After completion of treatment , one of his friend contacted his family and narrated all the story and informed them  that now  ram was out of danger. All his friends waited in nervous situation as ram was still unconscious ,after the operation. Some of friends prayed to the god  so that they can get back there old friend.All the nervousness was seen on the faces. As soon as ram got in conscious state,the first words that came from his mouth was “shivam…shivam”, as soon as hearing this shivam came to the meet ram.Before going to unconsious state after the accident the last face he saw was shivam who took him to hospital.Ram thanked shivam for such a wonderful deed which he had done saving his friends life. Ram also thanked all the other who came running down to the hospital even at night. After have a little light hearted movement with his friends , they all cheered up,and the happiness covered all the nervousness that they had  before on their face.

From this short story , i got to learn “FRIENDS DON’T LEAVE YOU EVEN IN YOUR WORST DAYS”.The way his friends  helped him defined what the friendship truly is.The help that shivam  did was totally above the mark. I would end up by saying “CHEERS TO FRIENDSHIP,AND CHEERS FOR SUCH FRIENDS.”

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