Cleanse my heart

Great song

I like how this song is mixed. Everything can be heard clearly and yet this song is very dynamic. Meanging that there are louder and quieter parts and instruments in it. But yet, everything can be heard just fine. Good job here.

The meldoies are very nice as well, they sound very happy without being “too happy” (I don’t know, sometimes the happiness in songs just feels wrong, but here it all seems to be very natural).

I also like how you change the song so often without losing it’s structure. It is very interesting to listen to this song as it is very varied. And yet all the changes are done very carefully. No abrupt changes in speed or rhythm, but yet the song constantly changes.

Very nice work!

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Studio Musicians – Cleanse My Heart 02:48
Joseph Nimoh – Cleanse My Heart 04:04
Riley Lake – Heart Cleanse 05:03
Biblical & Million 7 – Cleanse I Heart 04:24
Mark Cosmo & Sacred-Mind – Whisper of the Heart – Relaxing Piano Music to Cleanse the Spirit with Rain 04:59
ASMR Triggers – Asmr Sleep Clinic Roleplay 07:43
Heart – ÑΣVΣR GΣ† U$ΣD †Ø PΣØPLΣ 03:09
My Heart Will Go On – Céline Dion 04:41
My Heart Will Go On – Céline Dion 05:12
Heart by Heart – Demi Lovato 03:43
Kickstart My Heart – Mötley Crüe 04:44
Listen to Your Heart – D.H.T. 04:29
Nothing Broken but My Heart – Céline Dion 05:55
Dug My Heart – BØRNS 03:09
Heart Heart Head – Meg Myers 04:11
My heart will go on – Céline Dion 04:36
My Heart – Øystein Sevåg 05:37
Hungry heart – Loïc Nottet 03:13
Heart to Heart – James Blunt 03:28
Where Does My Heart Beat Now – Céline Dion 04:30
My Heart – Hera Björk 04:09

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