A prayer for grandma

May God bless our Grandmothers on this day, and every day.

Here is a small collection of prayers for grandmothers. Submit your prayer request below, and our community will pray with you.

A Prayer for Grandmothers

We thank You, God, for all of the grandmothers who are here today.
Their love and wisdom have helped to shape us into who we are,
and we have learned about how to love You and how to love each other
through their example.

Bless each of them with long life and show us all how to
honor them in ways that would let them know how much they mean
to us and that would also be pleasing in Your sight.


A Prayer for Grandma’s Health

Oh God, we come before you with a request for healing for our beloved grandma. We know that it is within Your power to make her well again, but we also know that to everything there is a season, and sometimes we must simply trust You.

Still, we want to make our petition known, Lord. If it be Your will, we ask that You pour Your healing oil on our grandma that she can once again be healedand whole.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.


The Grandmother’s Prayer

a prayer for grandma

From the scriptures…

“My son, keep your father’s commandment, and forsake not your mother’s teaching.”

Read more bible verses about Mother’s and Women.


My grandmother, Margaret Alice Van Wyk, née Puth in South Africa, was the only daughter in a family of 7 brothers. She took care of us,5 children, as both my parents worked and I never realised how wonderful she was until the end of her life – and as I was ill, I did not show her love with my presence in her life.
My name ‘Marilese’ is a contraction of ‘Margaret Alice’ and I chose this ‘nom de plume’ to honour and commemorate my grandmother who was the best cook, seamstress, care-taker and helper there ever was. So I wish her spirit to feel the love and admiration I have for her as she felt lonely and rejected in life. She will never ever be rejected while my spirit exists to give her the love she missed in life!
My alias for my mother is ‘Queen of Hearts’ – obviously, she was imperial, and for my grandmother it is ‘Cinderella’ who served everyone – but who never went to the ball. So in the afterlife I’m going to take grandma Alice to a ball of admiration and delight – starting with my poetry!


As I lie down to sleep,  I am praying to the Lord.  I am praying that my grandma knows,  That her life is worth living for.  Will you help my grandma?  Please help her understand,  That anything I do or say,  Is because I want to be that helping hand.  I love my grandma very much.  And I know that she knows I do.  Just help me Lord one more time.  Help me bring her closer to you.  I am asking this of you,  One time again.  And in your name I pray.  AMEN    

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