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unborn child quotes

“Those were days of learning the reality behind the phrase Ive often used, “ruthless trust.” Its something easy to say but much harder to live. But I have learned in my life that grace often gestates, like an unborn child. And when the expectant mother grabs the hospital-prepared suitcase and screams, “Lets go!” then youd better go.”
— Brennan Manning —

“Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that’s the inheritor of our fear. Let him not love the earth too deeply. Let him not laugh too gladly when the water runs through his fingers, nor stand too silent when the setting sun makes red the veld with fire. Let him not be too moved when the birds of his land are singing. Nor give too much of his heart to a mountain or a valley. For fear will rob him if he gives too much.”

— Alan Paton

“The woman who purposely destroys her unborn child is guilty of murder. With us there is no nice enquiry as to its being formed or unformed.”

— Saint Basil

“And it came to me that these trees had been hardly smaller when I was yet unborn, and had stood as they stood now when I was a child playing among the cypresses and peaceful tombs of our necropolis, and that they would stand yet, drinking in the light of the dying sun, even as now, when I had been dead as long as those who rested there. I saw how little it weighed on the scale of things whether I lived or died, though my life was precious to me. And of those two thoughts I forged a mood by which I stood ready to grasp each smallest chance to live, yet in which I cared not too much whether I saved myself or not. By that mood, as I think, I did live; it has been so good a friend to me that I have endeavored to wear it ever since, succeeding not always, but often.”

— Gene Wolfe

“When we look to the unborn child, the real issue is not when life begins, but when love begins.”

— George W. Bush

“I’ve thought that perhaps that’s why women are so often sad, once the child’s born,” she said meditatively, as though thinking aloud. “Ye think of them while ye talk, and you have a knowledge of them as they are inside ye, the way you think they are. And then they’re born, and they’re different – not the way ye thought of them inside, at all. And ye love them, o’ course, and get to know them they way they are … but still, there’s the thought of the child ye once talked to in your heart, and that child is gone. So I think it’s the grievin’ for the child unborn that ye feel, even as ye hold the born one in your arms.”

— Diana Gabaldon

“It is no secret. All power is one in source and end, I think. Years and distances, stars and candles, water and wind and wizardry, the craft in a man’s hand and the wisdom in a tree’s root: they all arise together. My name, and yours, and the true name of the sun, or a spring of water, or an unborn child, all are syllables of the great word that is very slowly spoken by the shining of the stars. There is no other power. No other name.”

— Ursula K. Le Guin

“When the mother herself kills her son she goes against her own nature, against her own instinct. People talk about ‘choice’, but when a woman does that, when she destroys the life of her unborn child, then we have arrived at the limit. The level cannot go higher regarding evil.”

— Jim Caviezel

“All who are genuinely committed to the advancement of women can and must offer a woman or a girl who is pregnant, frightened, and alone a better alternative than the destruction of her own unborn child”

— Mary Ann Glendon

“There are demons and there are evil people in the world And you post a picture like that, and some cultist gets a hold of it or a coven and they begin muttering curses against an unborn child.”

— Pat Robertson

“Rich meanings of the prophet-Spring adorn,
Unseen, this colourless sky of folded showers,
And folded winds; no blossom in the bowers;
A poet’s face asleep in this grey morn.
Now in the midst of the old world forlorn
A mystic child is set in these still hours.
I keep this time, even before the flowers,
Sacred to all the young and the unborn.”

— Alice Meynell

“You have to decide what those issues are for you. What do you think disqualifies a person from holding public office? I believe that the endorsement of the right to kill unborn children disqualifies a person from any position of public office. It’s simply the same as saying that the endorsement of racism, fraud, or bribery, would disqualify him – except that child-killing is more serious than those.”

— John Piper

“Scientists can routinely predict a solar eclipse, to the minute, a millennium in advance. You can go to the witch doctor to lift the spell that causes your pernicious anaemia, or you can take Vitamin B12. If you want to save your child from polio, you can pray or you can inoculate. If you’re interested in the sex of your unborn child, you can consult plumb-bob danglers all you want … but they’ll be right, on average, only one time in two. If you want real accuracy … try amniocentesis and sonograms. Try science.”

— Carl Sagan

“As president, I will take that common ground and sign the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. I will stop allowing taxpayer money to fund Planned Parenthood. And I will support those pregnancy centers and women’s health clinics around the country that are actually serving their communities.”

— Carly Fiorina

“Human life, the person is no longer perceived as a primary value to be respected and protected, especially if poor or disabled, if not yet useful – such as the unborn child – or no longer needed – such as the elderly.”

— Pope Francis

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unborn child quotes

unborn child quotes unborn child quotes unborn child quotes


“…една жена с плаха усмивка и плавни движения, с архаичната маска на босонога слугиня с разпуснати коси тихо и свенливо моли да я пусна в моето ultimum moriens, т. е. в сърцето си, там се оглежда с мила и любопитна усмивка, докосва всичко с нежна ръка, тук-таме забърсва праха, проветрява застоялите кътчета, изхвърля едно-друго и на мястото нарежда собствените си вещи, настанява се изящно, акуратно и неотразимо, докато накрая осъзнавам, че съм напълно изтикан оттам и потиснат, като чужденец в изгнание, обикалям собственото си сърце, което ми се мержелее в далечината със затворени врати, както нечий топъл дом за бездомника; и доста често успявам да се нанеса обратно само ако се върна с друга жена под ръка и я настаня там.”

Imre Kertész Кадиш за нероденото дете


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Favorite Meeting Your Unborn Child Quotes

1. “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. I was so preposterously serious in those days…Lightly, lightly – it’s the best advice ever given me…to throw away your baggage and go forward. There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly my darling…”
Author: Aldous Huxley

2. “Words – I wonder if you can realize how much I love them. You are too much preoccupied with mere things and ideas and people to understand the full beauty of words. Your mind is not a literary mind.”
Author: Aldous Huxley

3. “If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are.”
Author: Alice Cooper

4. “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.”
Author: Brooke Shields

5. “Verily, God hath eighteen thousand worlds; and verily, your world is one of them, and this its bright axle-tree.”
Author: Dorothy Dunnett

6. “True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.”
Author: Erich Segal

7. “Be certain,” Catelyn told her son, “or go home and take up that wooden sword again. You cannot afford to seem indecisive in front of men like Roose Bolton and Rickard Karstark. Make no mistake, Robb-these are your bannermen, not your friends. You named yourself battle commander. Command.”
Author: George R.R. Martin

8. “All the dreams you show up in are not your own.”
Author: Gil Scott Heron

9. “Behold your nakedness as a precious stone, which not every miner is able to dig it out.”
Author: Gloria D. Gonsalves

10. “Longing, whether for a passion or person, is one of the most powerful, yet painful, emotions there is. It can drive you to its source under the most extreme conditions, or it can cripple you from obtaining your dreams. When it comes to the pull you feel, always go after it, if not, it’ll eat you alive.”
Author: Jennifer Salaiz

11. “I want to feel passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh, come make me cry… just make me feel alive.”
Author: Joey Lauren Adams

12. “Booker Sistrunk sat awkwardly with his hands behind him and continued the mouthing: “You oughtta be ashamed of yourself, treating a brother like this.” “The white guy’s gettin’ the same treatment,” Ozzie said. “You’re violating my civil rights.” “And you’re violatin’ mine with your mouth. Now shut up or I’ll lock you under the jail. We got a little basement down there.”
Author: John Grisham

13. “I took off petal after petal, as if you were a rose,in order to see your soul,and I didn’t see it.”
Author: Juan Ramón Jiménez

14. “I told them you hate herring.””Why?””And that you love plum cake. And that Ana Kuya took a switch to you when you ruined your spring slippers jumping in puddles.”I winced. “Why would you tell them all that?””I wanted to make you human,” he said. “All they see when they look at you is the Sun Summoner. They see a threat, another powerful Grisha like the Darkling. I want them to see a daughter or a sister or a friend. I want them to see Alina.”
Author: Leigh Bardugo

15. “Damn, Ripper,” Cox said, snorting. “You’re so pussywhipped you need your old lady defendin’ you?””Cox, don’t speak,” Kamie said. “It makes you less hot.”
Author: Madeline Sheehan

16. “I am the indoctrinated child of two lapsed Irish Catholics. Which is to say: I am not religious.”
Author: Meghan O’Rourke

17. “When you are skinning your customers, you should leave some skin on to heal, so that you can skin them again.”
Author: Nikita Khrushchev

18. “I’m going. But before I do, let me congratulate all of you on your stupidity. (Fury)”
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

19. “Meditation expands our inner being. The inner being is like a small, individual river flowering towards the Ocean. In meditation, I feel how my inner being expands into an inner ocean, which is part of everything, which is one with Existence. Through the inner being, we come in contact with the inner ocean, the undefined and boundless within ourselves, where we are one with life. We realize that God is part of life. We realize that God is not a person, but the consciousness that is part of everything. We find God in a flower, in a tree, in the eyes of a child or in a playful dog. Through discovering our inner being, we discover that we are also part of the flower, the child or the dog. We realize that God is everywhere.”
Author: Swami Dhyan Giten

20. “I started looking at small companies that were running a sort of virtual reality cottage industry: I had imagined that I would just put on a helmet and be somewhere else – that’s your dream of what it’s going to be.”
Author: Thomas Dolby

21. “The perfect being, huh? There is no such thing as perfect in this world. That may sound cliché, but it’s the truth. The average person admires perfection and seeks to obtain it. But, what’s the point of achieving perfection? There is none. Nothing. Not a single thing. I loathe perfection! If something is perfect, then there is nothing left. There is no room for imagination. No place left for a person to gain additional knowledge or abilities. Do you know what that means? For scientists such as ourselves, perfection only brings despair. It is our job to create things more wonderful than anything before them, but never to obtain perfection. A scientist must be a person who finds ecstasy while suffering from that antimony. In short, the moment that foolishness left your mouth and reached my ears, you had already lost. Of course, that’s assuming you are a scientist”
Author: Tite Kubo

unborn child quotes

(Getty Images)

Justin Bieber did not tell a Bible study class that “Hollywood elites” killed his “unborn child” with Selena Gomez, despite an absurd report. The tall tale comes from a website known for spreading fake news. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to YourNewsWire, the singer recently told fellow churchgoers that he’s quitting the “evil music industry” because it’s filled with “pedophiles and monsters” who drink the blood of babies. The unreliable blog quotes Bieber as having said, “Selena and I were expecting. It was early days and we hadn’t told anyone. At the same time I was being courted by the most powerful people in Hollywood.”

The site goes on to say that Bieber related a shocking incident that took place at a top-secret party thrown by record executives, who brought him into a room where a dead fetus was propped up against a chair. The singer allegedly told his bible study class, “They were wearing animal masks, sitting around drinking what they called ‘red wine.’ They offered me some.” The “red wine” turned out to be the infant’s blood, as the story goes.

The untrustworthy outlet further maintains that Bieber told his congregation he refused to drink the blood, so the industry executives “threatened” him. The site quotes the pop star as saying, “They said they knew Selena was pregnant. They asked if I wanted my baby to end up like the one in the center of the room… They murdered my unborn child. Me and Selena, we were driven apart by these people and the trauma.” It’s not entirely clear, but it seems the site is implying that Bieber made Gomez get an abortion to prevent the music executives from feasting on their child.

Despite how utterly insane this all is, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to Bieber, who laughed off the webloid’s absurd report. We’re assured that all of the quotes attributed to the singer were fabricated. And not only has no reputable site reported these claims, but also an online search of some key phrases from the outlet’s tale yields a handful of equally disreputable places simply regurgitating that blog’s article. No other media organization that covers Bieber has posted anything remotely like the report from YouNewsWire, which is famously known as a fake news website.

Although Bieber embraces religion and often attends church, he never went on a rant about child murder. Additionally, Gomez was never pregnant with the pop star’s baby. It should be noted, Gossip Cop previously busted the site for falsely claiming Bieber told his bible study class that “pedophiles run the evil music industry.” This latest article on the subject is similarly bogus.


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