Thies and offerings

Chapter 226: Offering of the Murlocs

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Lu Li’s ring could only be upgraded by exchanging a sacrificial offering into energy, or at least, that is how it was done for the first three levels. Hence, there was a need for an altar that could supply energy to the ring.

In saying this, the Altar of Tides was not the best option out there. Perhaps there were other altars that could provide a better upgrade for the ring.

However, the Altar of Tides was the best altar that Lu Li could get his hands on. It wasn’t just a random altar built on a deserted island – it was one with a long history.

Stranglethorn Vale appeared to be the only peace zone in Azeroth where the war had not yet breached.

Within the Vale resided a great Troll civilization from the ancient past. They had built grand cities that the Trolls and Goblins lived in.

Most of the Trolls still followed the tradition of eating humans and a few of the troll tribes had already been recognized as man eaters. These included the Mossflayers and the Vilebranches.

Besides these tribes, Ice trolls had also been proven to be man-eaters. Desert trolls, Forest trolls and Jungle trolls also occasionally displayed man-eating behavior.

Even the mysterious Dark trolls showed man-eating behaviour, however, there were still some noteworthy exceptions. For example, the Zandalar clan and Raventusk clan would eat any food that looked like a human, but they wouldn’t eat their own kind. The Darkspear clan also kept their man-eating tradition until they joined the tribe, however, they gave up on their cannibalism.

The cooking recipe that Lu Li had looted was evidence that the trolls seemed to enjoy eating barbecued Murlocs.

According to records from the past, Murlocs who were afraid of being eaten called upon the Tidelord to descend upon them.

Neptulon responded to their call and sent a huge wave to sink the grand city. The tides even raged through the entire Stranglethorn Vale.

The city was flattened into ruins and the trolls turned against each other to form a few opposing tribes.

After that, Thrall led the orcs and their allies, the Darkspear clan, to move to this land together. The Deakspear clan were the group of trolls from the Jungle troll tribe who gave up on cannibalism.

The island under Lu Li’s feet was only the tip of the iceberg – underneath it slept an ancient troll city.

The altar that the Murlocs used to call upon the Tidelord stood in front of him.

It should be noted that the words used in the lore were “call upon” and not “summon”.

With their limited abilities, the Murlocs were not strong enough to summon a demigod, such as an elemental lord.

However, this altar was enough for Lu Li.

All he needed now was a caster, as Thieves could not activate altars.

Fortunately, he was prepared.

Lu Li walked towards the altar and placed down the Jade Statue that was in his hands.

The crystal-clear statue radiated a green glow with a ripple-effect that began to spread outwards.

Unfortunately, this was only an average Jade Statue of Neptulon. The altar reacted to the statue because Neptulon had descended here before, but the statue itself was not enough to summon Neptulon.

Lu Li wasn’t planning to summon Neptulon anyway – he still wanted to stay alive.

“Who is summoning the great God of the Tides?” A violet teleportation channel appeared in the inscriptions outside of the altar, followed by a Murloc priest wearing a green robe.

“Luna on high, this night elf from Darnassus greets you,” Lu Li said as he took the Jade Statue and passed it to the priest.

The murloc priest grabbed the statue and exclaimed with excitement, “Oh, what is this I’m seeing?!”

“It’s a gift. I hope you like it.” Lu Li was relieved to see the glow of the Murloc priest change from hostile-red to friendly-green.

Only Murlocs could activate the Altar of Tides, so it would be quite troublesome if the priest hadn’t shown up.

“Young elf, you’re such a well-mannered child. Speak, what is your request of me?” The priest was in a good mood and carefully carried the statue in his arms.

“I am an adventurer who is seeking great power. I wish to obtain the power of the tidelord,” Lu Li replied, cutting straight to the point.

The priest immediately changed his expression.

“What? How dare you set your target on the altar.”

He was only slightly stronger than an elite monster, and there was no guarantee that he could beat this thief who had a Jade Statue, so he remained on his guard.

Night elves were very strong and were even capable of defeating what the Murlocs feared most – Nagas.

Murlocs had always been cowards and were only tough on the outside. They swarmed upon their enemies and ran away when they couldn’t win.

“You’ve misunderstood – I do not plan to use this altar without paying a price. I’ve brought you rewards in exchange.”

Lu Li took out a great amount of rare materials and placed them in front of the altar, one by one.

The priest widened his eyes at the sight, mumbling the name of Neptulon to try and maintain his sanity.

The NPCs in Dawn were also capable of leveling up through two methods. The first method was to defeat strong opponents and grow through battle. This method was ineffective for the Murloc priest, as he had to stay and protect this altar.

The second method was to gain power from an outward source.

The materials that Lu Li had brought were extremely tempting for the priest. Not only could the priest use these materials to absorb energy, he could even use them to absorb purer, divine power from the altar.

“Help me drain the power from the altar and these will all be yours.”

Like the whispers of a devil, Lu Li’s words were filled with temptation.

“No, the altar’s power cannot be used carelessly. Punishment will descend upon us from the great tidelord.” It was easy to tell from old priest’s dry face that he was in a dilemma.

“Don’t be silly – the tidelord won’t descend upon these ruins. Ask yourself, what does this wasteland have that can possibly attract a demigod?” Lu Li interrogated, persecuting the murloc’s soul.

The poor old thing was almost about to cry.

“Murlocs shouldn’t be enslaved. You all need to break away from the grasps of the Nagas. Only then will you guys have the chance to find great power – power great enough to summon your tidelord.” Lu Li decided to tackle this from another angle.


The old priest’s eyes sparkled as he declared, “We were once rulers of the seas. No one other than the gods can enslave us.”

“As a friendly elf, I must agree with your words,” Lu Li replied, pretending to side with the Murloc priest.

His words were clearly untrue. Elves loved nature and balance, but they were never a friendly race to begin with.

Unfortunately, all that the old priest could think about now was the blueprint that Lu Li had just described to him.

Murlocs shouldn’t be enslaved, they shouldn’t be struggling in these ruins, and they needed a strong leader. The old priest felt as if his youth had returned to his body once again.

Lu Li collected the materials and pushed them towards the priest, saying, “Take them, for the sake of greater power and for the future of the murlocs.”

“I need to check if these materials are really what I need.”

With his bloodshot eyes, the old priest nodded his head heavily.

Of course, these were the materials that he needed. Azure Sea Breeze had already interacted with this old Murloc priest in his previous life and received a long list of materials from him.

“I doubt that anyone else will be able to provide you with better materials than me.” Lu Li was slightly anxious – who knew if this NPC would suddenly change his mind?

Fortunately, these materials were what the Murloc priest wanted.

The pile of materials that Lu Li offered not only contained the rare materials that the priest needed, but it also included the sacrificial offerings required to activate the altar. The priest didn’t need to supply anything at all.

The old priest was surprised, in a good way of course, as he checked every single material and held all of them tightly in his arms.

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Editor in Chief, Metabomb


There’s a total of twelve special safes to be unlocked in the world of Thief, and laying your hands on the right code can often be a case of fumbling through documents that you’d really rather not read. That’s where this section of the guide comes in.

While a lot of the game’s special loot can be found tucked away in crawl spaces and hidden rooms, the most valuable items are locked up safely – or so the owner thought – inside these safes. If you’re struggling to complete a collection, take a look through our easy reference guide to unlocking every last safe in the game.

Chapter 1: Lockdown safe – Serendi Jeweler’s Cellar

You’ll find this safe tucked away behind a painting inside the Jeweler’s Shop. You’ll have to infiltrate this shop as part of the main campaign quest, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting inside. Once you’re in, make your way downstairs and into the basement where the Jeweler’s tinkering away.

It’s up to you whether you want to knock him out or just cause a distraction, but either way you’ll have to get your hands on a document called Lygrove’s Letter – you’ll find it on the workstation he’s toiling away at. If you examine this document, you’ll find the code you need for the safe: 7-3-9.

Use this combination code on the safe behind the painting, and you’ll be able to loot Unique Loot (2/9) – Lyegrove’s Jeweled Mask.

Side Job: Beauty Within safe – Miss Scarlett’s Town House

You can only gain access to this safe by accepting the special side mission called Basso’s Beauty Within – you won’t encounter the location while playing the game’s main campaign. Leave your hideout to enter Clock Tower Plaza, then find Miss Scarlett’s Town House over by the Clock Tower Bookbinders.

When you enter the premises, Miss Scarlett herself will be fast asleep, but keep a close eye out for her father who checks in on her frequently. He’s very easy to take down, so knock him out and then get up on to the house’s main floor.

The safe you’re looking for is over on the southern wall, and you can get the combination to the lock by looking inside the cabinet by the northern wall, on the right-hand side. Use your Focus ability if you’re struggling to make it out in the gloom.

If you’d rather just get at the goodies right away, use this code: 8-2-4. The safe contains Miss Scarlett’s Hand Mirror, the item you need to complete this side job.

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust – Workshop safe

You’ll find this safe inside the Workshop while you’re playing through the Dust to Dust mission. The three different parts to the combination are located all around this area. The first is written on the back of the mechanical man, the second is on the metal skull that’s on the chair, and the third is simply a case of trial-and-error. Or you can just cheat and use the combination 3-1-4 to get inside and bag Unique Loot (3/9) – Soul of the Automaton for yourself.

The City – Sick Willy’s Stash safe

The next safe to have a rummage around is located in Baron’s Way South. As it’s not a part of the main campaign quest, or any of the many side missions in the game, it can be tricky to find. Once you get to the Baron’s Way part of town, head south and then keep your eyes peeled for a ladder that you might be able to lower.

When you find it, fire a Blunt Arrow towards it to bring it crashing down to earth. Climb up it, but don’t take the obvious route of the open window when you get to the top. The real target you want to get towards is the closed window just further along to the south – prise it open.

Once you’re inside, you’ll need to use the in-game date to open the safe. That date can be found on the newspaper nearby, but if you just want the code, it’s 8-4-2. There aren’t any special collectible items in here, but there is some tasty loot inside – and every penny counts, after all.

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets – Madam Xiao-Xiao’s Private Chamber safe

When you play through the main campaign, you’ll eventually find yourself in a secret chamber belonging to Madam Xiao-Xiao. It’s located just beyond her office, and you’ll encounter it as you play through Thief’s main campaign. The code you need to gain access to the safe is actually written on the documents scattered all over the brothel.

If you just want the short answer, go to the safe and use the combination 5-7-3. Just like the previous safe, you won’t get your hand on any collectible items here, but you will get a valuable necklace and pocket watch. Well worth the extra effort!

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need – The Keep safe

Once again, this is a safe that you’ll come across while working your way through the main story mission of Thief. The combination code you need is actually located in the Architect’s Study, an area you explored a little earlier. Once you’ve found The Great Safe inside the safe chamber, you’ll need to first of all reset the lock’s mechanism. Do this by pressing the buttons on either side of the safe itself. Just make sure you run quickly over to the other side after pushing one of them.

There are two combinations you need to enter now. On the left-hand side, enter 3-1-9. On the right, use 0-1-8, then open up the safe to continue the story.

Refer to our guide if you want to avoid back-tracking later on down the road.

Chapter 5: The Forsaken – Room 3E safe

Just like the last safe, you’ll encounter this one when you make your way through the story, although you won’t necessarily visit this room if you’re in a rush. As soon as you get to the asylum’s treatment floor, switch on the generator to restore power and start looking around the rooms. Just keep an eye out for the dangerous patients who are wandering around.

Check the plates on the door to find room 3E, then enter it and go towards the safe on the wall. In case you didn’t pick up the little note from earlier on in the walkthrough, use the combination code 7-3-1. Inside the safe you’ll find a collectible item: Serendi Stone Circles (5/7) – Ivory Circle.

Side Job: Check Mate safe – Mourningside

First of all, you need to accept a job from Basso called Check Mate. You can get to the Mourningside area by going through the door right by the Shady Merchant. Keep an eye out for two people keeping warm by a brazier, then climb your way up the crates, pry open the window you come to, and slip inside Archie Maxwell’s House.

You now need to make your way down into the basement of the house, but watch out for the owner Archie who’s wandering around his home (the nerve!) – knock him out or sneak away from him, whatever you find easiest.

As well as an unwelcoming occupant, you’ll also have to be very careful to avoid the traps that are littered all over the basement. When you find the safe on the wall, use the combination 7-7-6 to get it open. Take the chess piece from inside the safe to finish up Basso’s Chech Mate job.

Chapter 6: A Man Apart – East Lounge safe

You’ll come across this safe while exploring the Baron’s mansion during the main story. You’ll be able to get the combination code you need from a guard patrolling the library, but if you’d rather just have the code now, it’s 8-8-9. Just be prepared to deal with the two soldiers guarding the first-floor safe – distract them both, or just knock them out to get inside. Once you’ve opened the safe, you’ll be able to loot a special item called Serendi Stone Circles (6/7) – Sapphire Circle.

Chapter 6: A Man Apart – West Hall safe

You’ll find this safe in the western hall, just after witnessing the guard being killed by a Graven. You’ve got no choice but to knock the hall guard out, but once you’re inside you can use combination code 0-1-7 to open the safe. There aren’t any special collectible items in here, but there is some valuable loot to be had.

Chapter 7: The Hidden City – Loading Docks Interior

This is another section of the game you’ll find yourself wandering through while completing the story, but it’s pretty easy to miss the safe altogether. As soon as you’ve finished your long ride down in the lift, you’ll see three guards patrolling overhead. One of those guards will eventually disappear down a tunnel, and it’s inside that tunnel that you’ll find the safe.

Rather than backtracking here after discovering the combination code later on, just enter 6-7-3. Voila! You can now open up the safe and stuff your pockets with the five very valuable bonds inside.

Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur safe – Wine Cellar

First things first, you’ll need to visit Vittori and pick up the Carnal Connoisseur client job from him. Once you’ve got the job in your log, make your way into the Wine Cellar, then look for the safe which is hidden with two triggers behind a painting.

You’ll find the combination on two different documents you collect during the mission. Or you can just cheat completely and enter the combination code 8-1-2 to open the safe and gain access to a secret door. Go through that door to get your hands on lots of lovely loot, not to mention the all-important item: Client Loot (7/8) – Octopus.

If you’re having trouble tracking down a client loot location, have a look through the rest of our Thief walkthrough.

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8 026

вор, воровка, нагар существительное ↓



the penitant thief — 

раскаявшийся вор

art thief — 

похититель произведений искусства

thieves’ kitchen — 

сл. воровская малина; «хаза»

stop thief! — 

держи вора!

honour among thieves — 

воровская честь, воровской закон

like a thief in the night — 

как тать в нощи; украдкой, тайком


диал. злодей, негодяй; подлец


разг. лошадь, обманувшая ожидания

(на скачках) - 

нагар (на свече)

thieves’ Latin — 

воровской жаргон

to set a thief to catch a thief — 

поручить вору поймать вора; ≅ ворон ворону глаз не выклюет

opportunity makes the thief — 

посл. ≅ плохо не клади, вора в грех не вводи




a thief — 

поймать вора  



smb. as a thief — 

обвинять кого-л. в воровстве  

thief — 

мелкий воришка  

thief — 






thief — 




a thief — 

преследовать вора  



a thief — 

задержать /схватить/ вора  



thief — 

раскаявшийся вор  

thief — 

профессиональный вор  

old thief; ill thief — 

шотл.; диал. дьявол  

Воспользуйтесь поиском для того, чтобы найти нужное словосочетание, или посмотрите все.


The policeman caught the thief. 

Полицейский задержал вора. ☰

Dread no thief in me! 

Не бойся, я не вор! ☰

Did you catch the thief? 

Вы поймали вора? ☰

The girl was set on by a thief in the park. 

На девушку в парке напал грабитель. ☰

He had been a fur thief working the big department stores. 

Он был вором по мехам и работал в больших универмагах. ☰

The thief was taken in the theft. 

Вора застали в момент совершения кражи. ☰

The thief had several aliases. 

У этого вора было несколько кличек. ☰

ещё 23 примера свернуть

Примеры, ожидающие перевода

Once a thief, always a thief.  ☰

The alleged thief was arrested.  ☰

He’s a weaselly, conniving thief.  ☰

Для того чтобы добавить вариант перевода, кликните по иконке ☰, напротив примера.

Формы слова

ед. ч.(singular):


мн. ч.(plural): thieves

Оценка 5 проголосовавших: 3


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