Student prayer

student prayer

Prayer for Students – Why is it important?
Prayer for students is vitally important in culture today. School campuses are full of temptation and negative influences targeting students. Prayer is a way to influence students to make wise choices and excel in their studies.

There are many topics in the curriculum that will impact their decision making for years to come. Our youth and young adults approach a time of their lives where they will make significant decision about careers, marriage, children, and other life choices.

Can we live without prayer? No. We need communication with God. He can do anything without man, but He will not because He created us to love Him and love others. He establishes His kingdom through us by prayer. Prayer is one way to build our faith and expectations of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Prayer can greatly impact students’ lives, faith, and outlook on their future.

Prayer for Students – What do I pray?
In my prayer for students, what do I pray for? Get to know students who are in your family, neighborhood, and church. As you interact with them, you will realize the problems and situations that they face. Here are some suggestions for how to pray for them:

  • Many struggle with classes or courses. Pray for wisdom as they listen to lectures and complete homework. Pray for good recall during testing.
  • Pray for students as they encounter philosophies or theories that are contrary to their beliefs.
  • Pray that their parents will provide good guidance and help them make wise decisions.
  • The financial burden of tuition and books is costly. Ask God to provide for their needs.
  • Pray for those who struggle with balancing a job and class attendance.
  • Pray for students to have accountability and encouragement from a group of Christians.
  • Pray that God lead them into a relationship with Him and strengthen their faith.
  • Follow the guidance given in the Bible. These verses can be prayed for students.

    “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life—in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing” (Philippians 2:14-16).

    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

    “Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2 Timothy 2:22).

Prayer for Students – How do I pray?
How can I implement prayer for students on a regular basis? Here are some practical suggestions.

  • Prayer walk on campus – Consider having a prayer walk around the school or university in your community. These campuses usually have parking areas and streets near them. That’s a great place to start. Walk around the area while praying for the students who attend. Pray for success in their studies, for them to make good choices, and to say no to temptation. Pray also for the professors, teachers, and administration.
  • Prayer Team – Other Christians may be interested in praying for students in your local area. Think about starting a weekly prayer team for your school.
  • Influence specific students – Email short prayers to students you already know. Encourage them in their studies and ask them for ways you can pray for them.

Prayer for students is essential. You have an important role in their lives. Many students leave their faith during these crucial years. With your prayers, their spiritual lives could be enhanced and remain strong.

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What is your response?

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School is an important agent of change in the social, emotional, and spiritual growth of your child. It will bring a host of new influences, opportunities, and temptations for your student. They will meet new friends, be affected by new teachers, and be exposed to new influences both for good and bad.

It’s a sad truth, but many schools and teachers are no longer supportive of traditional Christian values. Some schools are even hostile toward Christians.

Even when our children attend Christian schools, they are still exposed to influences from other students.

The truth is, every day you send your student out into a war zone. Schools are spiritual battlegrounds where a Christian student’s faith is challenged daily. There is no question that Satan targets our Christian students when they are away at school.

If you were to send your son or daughter off to war or deployment, you would pray for their safety, protection, and strength every day.

Every day your student faces temptations, attacks, and challenges that test their commitment to the Lord. Satan is doing everything in his power to destroy your student. The Bible says he comes to kill, steal and destroy. Whether you like it or not, your student is in the cross hairs of the kingdom of darkness.

Their only hope is to continually draw on the strength that God has provided. As a parent, it is your responsibility to continually support your student through prayer.

They need your prayer, encouragement, and support.

Unfortunately, because our students are just going down the road to the high school or middle school, we tend to forget the danger and spiritual battle still exists. However, your student still desperately needs your prayers.

We Know We Should Be Praying,
But How Can We Do It Daily, and Effectively?

How many times have you sat in church or gone to a meeting and made a commitment to pray for your student daily? You raised your hand or signed a card, but it seemed within just a few days you had failed.

  • You forgot to pray.
  • You got distracted.
  • You prayed the same thing every day, so you stopped.

Take the 31 day Praying for Students Challenge

Praying for Students was designed to help you pray more consistently and effectively for your child.

Praying for Students is provided without cost to you, by the “National Prayer Room.”

When you sign up for Praying for Students you will:

  • Learn how to pray for your student every day for 31 days.
  • Pray 31 different scriptures for your student.
  • Be reminded via e-mail to pray for your student every day.
  • Receive 31 sample prayers to help get you started.
  • Develop the habit of praying daily for your child.

Praying for Students is made available free of charge through the National Prayer Room. The National Prayer Room is a prayer ministry encouraging prayer in the life of believers and mobilizing Christians to pray for spiritual awakening.

Hundreds of men and women have gone through the companion “Praying for Her/Him” programs. We are excited to offer this new prayer program for parents and student leaders.

When you sign up for Praying For Students you will receive a daily email which includes:

  • A specific topic to pray for your student.
  • A scripture verse related to the topic you can claim.
  • A short description of the topic.
  • A sample prayer.
  • A message you can copy and paste, telling your child you are praying for him/her today.

Sign up is easy and free. Use the sign up form
to the right to begin receiving Praying For Students

(If you have difficulty using the sign up form, you can email your information to [email protected])

2018 Student Prayer Advance


August 2-4, 2018


Appalachian Bible College, Beckley, WV

Featured Speakers:

student prayer

 Will Galkin

student prayer

 Ed Loney

We have an exciting lineup of engaging speakers throughout the Advance. You will be inspired to intensify your focus on Christ and to ignite a passion for Him.

Who Should Attend?

  • Middle and High School age – This event is for all teachable young people whether they attend Christian school, home school, or public school. Mature 12 year-olds may attend, preferably with at least one parent. Younger students without parents are required to have a designated overseer from their group for the entire Advance.
  • College-age – Far too many young people flounder, rather than pursue their God-given destiny. We divide the middle and high schoolers from the College-age and conduct a separate track for them. It is absolutely crucial that young people discover their Assignment. We will focus on assisting these “soldiers” in discovering and fulfilling their mission. 

Breakout Sessions

  • We are planning more break-out session options. Separate sessions for Middle School students, High School students, and Collage-age students are planned. Age-specific topics and hot-button issues will be addressed. Breakout sessions are planned for leaders as well.

What Should I Expect?

  • You should anticipate outstanding Bible preaching on relevant topics. Also, you will experience great fellowship in an inspirational atmosphere. Designated group and prayer times are scheduled as well.


  • Standard – Students and leaders will be housed in the college dormitories. Those dorm rooms hold from 2 to 4 people. The dorms are not air conditioned. You are required to furnish you own sheets and towels.
  • Off Campus – If you choose “Off Campus” registration, you will be responsible for obtaining your own lodging. 


  • Each group is required to bring their own leaders. At least one leader is required for every six students. Adults and parents are encouraged to attend!

Advance Registration Cost:

  • On Campus:
    • Registration Postmarked by June 25th – $159 – This deadline has been extended!
    • Registration Postmarked by July 13th – $169
    • After July 13th, you must call our office to register
  • Off Campus
    • Registration Postmarked by June 25th – $129 – This deadline has been extended!
    • Registration Postmarked by July 13th – $139
    • After July 13th, you must call our office to register.
    • NOTE: The “Off Campus” option does not include the cost for off campus lodging. If you choose this option, you are responsible to obtain your accommodations. Leaders are responsible for your group’s transportation to and from the ABC campus. The “Off Campus” option does include meals on the campus of ABC.

Advance Registration:

Each student under the age of 18 must submit a registration form with Parental Signature giving permission for you to attend. You must do this even if you register on-line or call our office to register. The ways you can register for the Advance:

  • Register on-line by clicking on option 1 below.
  • Register by mail by downloading a registration form by clicking on option 2 below and mailing your completed registration along with payment to Christ Life Ministries, PO Box 399, Vinton, VA 24179
  • Register by phone using your credit card by calling our office at 540-890-6100

Alpine Ministries Option:

As a youth leader, you now have the opportunity to combine “summer camp” in the same week with the Student Advance. By combining the camp experience and the Advance churches can save travel expenses, time and alleviate the need for securing extra leaders for two separate trips. Alpine Ministries offers tailor-made Adventures from one, two, or even three days in length. Activities include whitewater rafting, caving, rappelling, high ropes, paintball, hiking, and more. Groups choosing to come early, or stay later, can coordinate directly with Alpine Ministries for details. Their full-time staff is available to assist you and they are located on the same campus as the Bible College. For more information call 800-806-2180 or click on option 3 below.

Cancellation Policy:

Canceled registrations are refundable (less a $20 processing fee) up to July 2, 2018. After that date, registrations are transferable to another person for this Advance. Registrants must notify our office of replacements. It is your responsibility to select your own replacement in the event you cannot attend. You may also request a credit (less a $20 processing fee) up to July 23rd that can be used by you or another person for any Advance within one year of this Advance. Any credit requested after July 23rd will be subject to an additional reduction of $50 for non-refundable meal costs. After August 1, 2019 any remaining credit will be forfeited. You must call our office to notify us of any cancellation or substitution before the Advance.

Additional Resources and Important Links

1. CLICK HERE to Register On-line

2. CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Registration Form (PDF)

3. CLICK HERE to go to the Alpine Ministries Website for more information

4. CLICK HERE to view a copy of the SPA Brochure (PDF)

Tentative Schedule


  12 Noon                             Check-in Begins

  1:30 PM                              Opening Sessions

  5:00 PM                              Dinner

  7:00 PM                              General Session


  7:30 AM                             Breakfast

  9:00 AM                             General Sessions

  12:15 PM                              Lunch

  2:00 PM                              General Sessions

  5:00 PM                              Dinner

  7:00 PM                              General Session


  7:30 AM                             Breakfast

  8:45 AM                             General Sessions


MARTINSBURG WV: “Praise The Lord, one saved. Two in our group surrendered to preach, 5 surrendered their lives to the Lord, Amen.” 

CARNEYS POINT NJ: We saw God answer prayer, convict of sin, bring assurance of salvation, renew and strengthen their resolve to live for Christ, stir their hearts to evangelize, get right with their parents (there were phone calls made to home about this), reevaluate their priorities (selfishness was seen as a sinful deterrent to be repented of and Christ to be pursued)…in all these things God dealt with us at this advance.

BLUE RIDGE VA: We had one get assurance of salvation… 4 surrendered to full-time Christian service in our group! Praise God for what He is doing! Just had an awesome testimony time too!

WESTIN WV: 2 called to preach one young lady surrendered to missions. Breakthroughs all the way through. Student-led fast tomorrow for God to save someone in service Sunday!

MOREHEAD CITY NC: Had one 17 year old young man who wanted to confirm his call to the ministry. Caroline had already surrendered but has renew excitement in that direction due to the LORD’S work in these services. We have had great prayer times.

Check back often for updates.

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