Spirit prayer

Spirit of


and understanding, enlighten our minds to perceive the mysteries of the


in relation to eternity.




judgment and courage, guide us and make us firm in our baptismal decision to follow Jesus’ way of love.




and reverence, help us to see the lasting value of


and mercy in our everyday dealings with one another. May we respect


as we work to solve problems of


and nation, economy and ecology.


of God, spark our faith,


and love into new action each day. Fill our lives with wonder and awe in your presence which penetrates all creation. Amen.


Oh Holy Spirit, You are the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. You are the Spirit of truth, love and holiness, proceeding from the Father and the Son, and equal to Them in all things. I adore You and love You with all my heart. Teach me to know and to seek God, by whom and for whom I was created. Fill my heart with a holy fear and a great love for Him. Give me compunction and patience, and do not let me fall into sin.

Increase faith, hope and charity in me and bring forth in me all the virtues proper to my state of life. Help me to grow in the four cardinal virtues, Your seven gifts and Your twelve fruits.

Make me a faithful follower of Jesus, an obedient child of the Church and a help to my neighbor. Give me the grace to keep the commandments and to receive the sacraments worthily. Raise me to holiness in the state of life to which You have called me, and lead me through a happy death to everlasting life. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Grant me also, O Holy Spirit, Giver of all good gifts, the special favor for which I ask {name special petition}, if it be for Your honor and glory and for my well being. Amen.


Holy Spirit of light and love, you are the substantial love of the Father and the Son; hear my prayer. Bounteous bestower of most precious gifts, grant me a strong and living faith which makes me accept all revealed truths and shape my conduct in accord with them. Give me a most confident hope in all divine promises which prompts me to abandon myself unreservedly to you and your guidance. Infuse into me a love of perfect goodwill, and act according to God’s least desires. Make me love not only my friends but my enemies as well, in imitation of Jesus Christ who through you offered himself on the Cross for all people. Holy Spirit, animate, inspire, and guide me, and help me to be always a true follower of you. Amen.


Breathe into me, Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy. Move in me, Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy. Attract my heart, Holy Spirit, that I may love only what is holy. Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, that I may defend all that is holy. Protect me, Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy.

Saint Augustine



( A prayer for those wanting more of God.)

“….you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses….to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

 Come Holy Spirit, and baptize me with the fire of Your Love.  I have surrendered to the best of my ability, and now I want to be filled with Your Spirit.  I need Your power in my life.  Please come, and fill me now.  Lord, I believe that when I surrendered to you as Lord, we became one.  You are the vine and I am a branch in the vine.  All that you are is within me.  My life flows from You.  I believe that as I yield and ask, You will release Your strength, wisdom, healing, etc. to meet the needs of the hour.  I yield now to receive Your sanctification gifts of Isaiah 11:2; wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues and interpretation of tongues.  I need them to witness to a hurting world.  Only in Your power, guided by Your Spirit, can my life be fruitful.  Holy Spirit come.  Holy Spirit come.  I want it all, wrapped in the greatest gift of all: Love. “”…the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).  Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me.  Give me opportunities to use Your gifts to reveal Your love and mercy.  Stretch me, Lord.  I will not limit Your gifts to my perceptions of what I can handle.  Holy Spirit, expand my capacity.  Work in me in a powerful way.  I want every purpose God has for my life to be fulfilled, and I need you, might Spirit of God, to bring that purpose to fulfillment.  Come Holy Spirit.  Come.

 As You flow through me to minister to others, I know that You are flowing within me to heal my life too.  Thank You for flooding the deep places of my life with Your electric love.  Thank you for washing and cleansing any wounds and scars from the past that still have the power to dominate my thoughts and suppress my physical and emotional freedom.  Thank You for bringing light into the shadows and warmth to any cold, dark rooms in my soul.  Compassionate Holy Spirit, thank You for coming and drawing out the uncried tears, the unfinished grieving, the pain of loss, the traumas, the fear, the emotional hurts so painful that they were “buried alive.”  Spirit of Wisdom, thank You for coming into the root cause of any chronic failures.  Gentle Holy Spirit, thank You for walking through my early ears and facing the past with me.  Thank You for reminding me that the Love of Jesus was always there, filling in the gap between the love I needed and the love I received.  (Thank the Holy Spirit for scanning your life and bringing to mind any hurtful memories that need to be healed.  When they surface, say simply, “Holy Spirit, I surrender that event to you for your healing.  Thank you for bring Your good out of hurt (Romans 8:28).  Praise You, Jesus.”)  Let this be an opportunity for a deeper release of the holy Spirit as more of your emotional life becomes unbound.

 Thank you, Holy Spirit, for Your presence with me, flowing freely in me and through me.  Thank you for being my friend, my teacher, my comforter, my counselor, my intercessor, and the giver of extravagant gifts.  Thank you especially for ____________________ (Continue thanking Him spontaneously.)

 (Ro 5:5; Joel 2:28; Mt 3:11; Lk 11:13; John 14:26; Gal 4:6; 1 Cor 2:13; Jn 16:13; Ro 8:11; Zec 4:6; Ac 2:2; Ro 8:9; 1 Co 3:16; Is 55:1; Mt 25:35-36; Mt 10:8; 1 Pe 4:10)


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