Scriptures on deliverance from addiction

Deliverance from addictions – 2 ways, man’s way and God’s way

Webster’s definition of addiction – To devote or surrender oneself to something (or

someone) habitually or obsessively.

What are some of the more common addictions? Admiration (by others), Alcohol, Anger, Cigarettes, Coffee (and caffeine), Danger, Drugs (illegal and prescription), Envy, Evil, Exercise, Fantasies (sex or romantic or heroic), Food, Glue, Gossip (discrediting others to make me feel better about myself), Hobbies, Internet, Jealousy, Lying, Masturbation, Pornography, Power, Self-pity, Sex, Sleep, Sleeping pills, Sports, Status, Someone wrong for me, Stealing, Swearing, Television, Violence and Work.

We all are or have been addicted, and most of us with many of them. None of us therefore can be aloof, judgmental and without compassion for those plagued by the more obvious addictions just because ours happen to be of the more secret kind.

Eph 2:3 Among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind…

In addiction, our flesh strongly desires something (or someone). Our will is taken captive by our flesh and is unable to say no to its insistence that we give in to what it wants.

1 Pe 2:11 Do not give in to bodily passions, which are always at war against (and seek to conquer) the Soul (the will) – (But the addicted can’t say no). TEV

Addictions often come in groups – for example, alcohol, smoking and sex; envy, lying and gossip – why is that? It’s because the flesh has an insatiable desire for pleasure and to have its longings gratified. When I keep conceding to the flesh in one area the flesh simply gets bolder and more controlling over my will to give in to it in other areas.

Our heavenly Father’s heart concerning addictions– He longs to deliver us from them, not just because they may be harmful to us, and others, they often are. But because we go first to our addiction for relief in tough times and reward ourselves first with our addiction in good times, instead of going first, in love and dependency, to Him. This saddens Him.

Addictions are idols by another name: Since I value or love my addiction more than I love God – because I go to it so often in preference to Him – addictions meet the basic definition of an idol, which is something or someone valued or loved more than God. Every time I indulge my addiction I’m in effect worshipping my idol.

The Bible speaks everywhere about addictions – it calls them the lusts of the flesh – something or someone my fallen human nature strongly wants and wants now. The Bible makes it clear that our basic human nature is unchangeably prone to addictions. But the Bible also provides the most sure way, in Christ, to overcome these lusts, which have the potential to ruin us while we’re on earth and the potential of depriving us of Heaven.

Sobriety or relief comes when the addicted person’s will is empowered to say no to the lusts of the flesh. For the strongly addicted this can be brought about in one of two ways:

1 A more human solution – long term participation in an AA type of sobriety program:

Man’s approach to strengthen the will to say no to the flesh’s craving for what it wants, is by attending AA types of meetings on a near daily basis, daily contact with a sponsor and sincere participation in a 12 step type of program. This daily association with others who battle similar desires but whose words testify to the horrors of addiction and the delights of sobriety, greatly strengthen and encourage the will. In this supportive, non-condemning but not-enabling environment (what every Church should be), such words constantly feed the thought life and this empowers the will to over-rule the urge thoughts of the flesh. But often the will and the flesh remain in constant tension. Also as many discover, if this strict daily regimen is not actively maintained the will loses its power and becomes at risk of caving in to the ever present desires of the body. The Bible describes this predicament:

Rom 7:20-8:2 Now if I am doing what I don’t want to, it is plain where the trouble is: sin still has me in its evil grasp…Oh, what a terrible predicament I’m in! Who will free me from my slavery to this deadly lower nature? Thank God! It has been done by Jesus Christ our Lord…For the power of the life-giving Spirit – and this power is mine through Christ Jesus – has freed me from the vicious circle of sin and death. TLB – Isa 10:27 The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing KJV

The effects of porn addiction in the Christian churches are staggering.  Most Christians would rather hide their head in the sand than admit this is a problem let alone talk about it.  Those who are not addicted to porn are not aware that this problem. Moreover this is not exclusive to just Christian men but Christian women also suffer from pornography addiction.

Why should you care if you’re not addicted to porn?  Because you or your children may end up marrying someone who is.  This is why you need to educate yourself about this.

What’s worse is that the people who are married to porn addicts usually end up blaming themselves.  They have low self esteem, body image issues, they feel inadequate and have no self worth because they believe they should be able to free their spouse from the addiction and they can’t.  It ruins marriages.

Here are some statistics on this problem

Christians, Pastors and Church Pornography Statistics

51% of pastors say cyber-porn is a possible temptation. 37% say it is a current struggle (Christianity Today, Leadership Survey, 12/2001).

50% of evangelical pastors admits viewing pornography last year.

Of those who had visited a porn site, 53% had visited such sites “a few times” in the past year, and 18% visit sexually explicit sites between a couple of times a month and more than once a week.

29% of born again adults in the U.S. feel it is morally acceptable to view movies with explicit sexual behavior (The Barna Group).

57% of pastors say that addiction to pornography is the most sexually damaging issue to their congregation (Christians and Sex Leadership Journal Survey, March 2005).

Roger Charman of Focus on the Family’s Pastoral Ministries reports that approximately 20 percent of the calls received on their Pastoral Care Line are for help with issues such as pornography and compulsive sexual behavior.

Statistics on Women with Pornography Addiction

 28% those admitting to sexual addiction are women (

34% of female readers of Today’s Christian Woman’s online newsletter admitted to intentionally accessing Internet porn in a recent poll and 1 out of every 6 women, including Christians, struggles with an addiction to pornography (Today’s Christian Woman, Fall 2003).

47% percent of families said pornography is a problem in their home (Focus on the Family Poll, October 1, 2003).

So we see that this problem is pervasive in our churches.  Now with the internet being such a large part of our lives, this makes it easily accessible on our desktop computers, smart phones or tablets.  It is right at our fingertips!

How does the church stop the pornography addition??

The first step to being pornography free is admitting that you have a problem and you need to be delivered.  Understand that you are battling a DEMON.  Very few resources that you will read about pornography online will tell you that this is a demon.

If you are truly a born again Christian then you can’t be possessed by the demon but you can be oppressed.  This means that the demon is in your environment and can influence your thinking by whispering in your ear and enticing you to continue with this behavior.

Remember that once you have received Jesus as your personal Savior you have been set from your past sins. You are a new creation and the old things have passed away and all things become new! (2 Corinthians 5:17) All of your sins are nailed to the cross and you now live a life of freedom from pornography.

You’re probably thinking that this is not true because why then are you or other Christians struggling with this.  Well, once you clicked on that link to the website where you visit for porn, whether you did it intentionally or not, you then gave the enemy access to your soul.  You gave him access to plant a seed there and keep you in bondage.  You opened the door.  The first time you clicked on that link, if you quickly clicked off the page you wouldn’t be where you are now.  Because you stayed there and continued to look through all the pages and stare at the images you invited satan to enter in.  A demon of seduction, pornography, incubus or succubus then attached itself to you.  Now you have to take the appropriate steps to freeing yourself from the demon.

Here are some steps to break free from your addiction:

1.  Fast.  You must start fasting.  Here is some information on prayer and fasting.  This will give you the initial strength you need to do the other steps. (Mark 9:29) “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.”

2.  If you have magazines or photos BURN THEM!  Videos DESTROY THEM!  Don’t put them in the trash make sure they are destroyed so that others cannot find them.

3.  Clean out your computer.  Delete all files, empty the recycle bin.  Cancel all memberships to websites.

4.  Install a software on your computer which will block future possible encounters like

5.  Get someone that you trust 100% to keep this confidential to keep you accountable. Or, get a Christian counselor and see them at least once per week.  You need to be honest with someone about this.

6.  All your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that have suggestive photos or are connected with those who have suggestive photos UNFRIEND THEM!  Yes, this could be the slippery slope that satan uses to lead you back to the addiction.  They won’t understand why you unfriended them but your freedom is more important than their offense at this point.

8. Pray, pray and pray some more.

9.  Find a church in your area that has a deliverance ministry and ask them to break the demonic spirit from your life.

10. When you feel weak like you are about to fall into this again repent IMMEDIATELY and put on the Armor of God. This will protect you.

Pornography ruins families and results in many divorces.  These demons enter in and convinces the person that this is who they are.  It becomes a secret sin and they continue to perpetuate the behavior because they think no one will find out.  Afterall, they are not hurting anyone right?  These are the lies of the enemy and he can ruin lives when this kind of thinking is believed.  Don’t own the behavior.  Renounce it!  Rebuke it! (1 Corinthians 6:17-19)  Pornography is sinning against your own self and the Holy Spirit because we are His temple.

The truth is that a lot of virgins in our churches are addicted to porn.  While they are not having sex (fornication) so that the sin is obvious, most of them have fallen into sin already by being addicted to porn.  The only person that finds out about this later on is their spouse.

Most believe that once they get married this problem will go away.  The truth is, it won’t! Deliverance from this demon needs to happen prior to marriage in order for it not to raise it’s ugly head during the marriage.  Remember this is a demon, it will not leave just because you are married.  It will entice you to continue the pornography when your husband’s or wife’s body does not look like what you have become addicted to on porn sites, when they refuse to have sex with you one night or not as often as you would like. This is why it won’t stop.  Deliverance needs to happen BEFORE you get married.

Here is a prayer for porn addiction:

Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus and I repent of this sin and I ask that the blood of Jesus would cleanse my mind and my heart from the images that have been imprinted there.  I pray that you would renew my mind with images of you on the cross dying for my sins.  Renew my mind with your Word according to Romans 12:1-2.  Lead me to the scriptures that would continue my mind renewal process.  Free me from this bondage Holy Spirit forgive me for grieving you.  You’ve said that no temptation has laid hold of us that is not common to man and that you would not allow us to be tempted beyond a point where we cannot escape.  I pray that you would show me the way out.  Show me the traps and roads that the enemy uses that lead me to this temptation so that I may choose another way.  Close those doors in the spiritual realm. Show me all the things, people & places that I need to cut off to continue in my freedom.  I bind the hand of the enemy.  I rebuke the demon of seduction, pornography, incubus, succubus and any other spirits that have attached themselves to me.  Point me in the direction of the deliverance ministry where I can continue in freedom. Free me from the guilt and shame.  Continually keep the helmet of salvation on my head to keep my mind free from evil, lustful thoughts.  Bring to my mind all the things that I may have in my environment that would encourage these demons so that I can remove them.  Lord, I accept that I am a new creation in Christ Jesus that old things have passed away and all things have been made new.  Free me from a spirit of rejection and from pride.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made and valuable beyond measure in your eyes. Lord, I accept that I have the mind of Christ and therefore my thoughts will be on the things that Christ would have me think on.  God lead me to the right support group where I can have the accountability that you know I will need during this process.  Holy Spirit guide my steps, guard my heart, make my will Your will and when I don’t know what else to pray please make intercession for me so that I will be free, in Jesus Name, Amen

Here are some other organizations that can help with those who are suffering with pornography addition:

Safe Families


Porn Free

If you’ve been freed from pornography and can offer advice on this, please write them it the comments below.

Here are some Helplines and Hotlines for those addicted to porn and for the victims.

Porn Addiction Hotline (1-800-583-2964) This line is for the victims of pornography addition

Sex Addicts Anonymous Helpline: (1-800-477-8191)

Sexaholics Anonymous (1-866-424-8777)

Here are some scriptures for breakthrough and a prayer

Here is a prayer to cut soul ties

Here is a prayer for deliverance

Do find yourself drawn to pornography on a daily basis, whether it be internet, magazines or videos? Do you find yourself being aroused more by pornography than your significant other? Do you find yourself visualizing the images you saw in pornography as you are being intimate with your significant other? Finally, is pornography and self-gratification your drug of choice when you are stressed or emotionally upset?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, pornography addiction is a part of your life, man or woman. I know firsthand because I was addicted for 30 years, helplessly caught in a repeating cycle of pornography and excessive sex and/or self-gratification like a pothead who couldn’t put down his joint or a drug addict who had to have just one more fix. Pride had me too shame to call out for help or even admit that I had a problem at all.

You see that’s where this addiction is the most dangerous – in your secrecy, in your shame, in your denial, in your guilt, in your feeling too unworthy to be used by God, in your stubbornness to admit that you do indeed have a problem in this area. For the longer you stay quiet the stronger the addiction gets and even allows you to justify to yourself that this is just normal behavior. It wasn’t until I gave my life to the Lord and sought to live like Christ that I began to see a turn around. Scriptures began to ring in my head (see ) and every sermon on television, in church or on the radio seemed to be talking about the dangerous spirits of lust and what the Word says about them.

That’s when I realized that this addiciton was truly spiritual warfare; good vs evil, the “old you” vs. the “new you”, the lustful horny you vs. the you who has those lusts under control. I have been delivered from pornography addiciton for 19 years now at the time of the writing of this blog and delivered from self-gratificataion addiciton and sex for over 9 years. Why didn’t they happen at the same time, you might ask? Because the devil actually had me believing that self-gratification was very important in a marriage so that it keeps one satisfied and also keeps one from cheating on their spouse. What a lie that was? I was so busy celebrating my victory over pornography addiction that I didn’t realize that sex and self-gratification had become my new addiction. It hit me like a ton of bricks one night when I realized that I was not allowing my spouse to arouse me. It was the fantasies in my mind, like the pictures years before with pornography, that was getting me aroused. Then I simply transferred the arousal to my wife.

Sexual fantasy addictions causes you to compare your significant other with your fantasy in a number of ways; by comparing their behavior, their beauty, their sexual skills as well as their willingness to want sex any and everytime you want it. It is these comparisons that are breaking up marriages and long time relationships. Sexual addictions and fantasy effects a man’s view of women as a sex object, ready for sex all the time. Women become addicted to the sex toys rather than to her man. Both sexes are effected and destruction is sure to follow if you don’t call out the problem and share with someone else about your struggles.

My “cold turkey” deliverance was not clinical, according to several counselors and sex therapists. Normally, sexual addictions take a lot of sessions to help you work through what caused you to choose this addiction early in life. Why do some just pass through these addictions in their teenage years and keep going, while others get trapped for several decades until someone helps to pull them out?

After the Lord delivered me, He specifically instructed me to share my testimony with all those seeking freedom from sexual addictions. And to let you know that you can enjoy life without having to constantly think about sex. If you are married, control over your lust will enhance the love life between you and your spouse. For the first time you will not only be in love with who they are, but aroused by who they are. If you are single, it is a little more difficult because you have to recognize in advance what arouses you and then make sure you never get yourself into a situation past the point of no return. In both cases, for control, the key is keeping your mind occupied with the Word, your goals in life, creative projects, poetry, writing, music, exercise. As the old saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” So you have to make sure your mind is not idly sitting around doing nothing but fantasizing about sex. Once you plant that thought in your mind, your body will not stop until you have fulfilled that lustful thought.

Immediatrely after my deliverance, the Lord assigned me to write, “Men Let’s Talk: Pornography, the Quiet Addiction“,  a book about my testimony in dealing with pornography addiction, followed up by a workbook by the same name, to share scriptures, revelations, scientific facts and statistics on your way to victory over this devastating addiction ( ). It took 4 years to write the book and another year to write the workbook because pride had me feeling to shameful to let anyone know I was struggling in this area.  My latest book at the time of this blog is, “The Victory Over Lust Survival Handbook”, which takes surviving temptation a step further by revealing all of the things we have control of in our lives that will either help make us strong facing temptation or make us weaker and give in to temptation.

Since my deliverance, I have come to learn that what is a weakness in the world can be a strength in ministry as I can be used as a tool or beacon light to let others know there is a way out through the Word of God. I am a living example.

Let’s talk! Looking forward to your comments. And please, take this topic serious. Many have joked about it not realizing it takes you farther away from your healing,   Not everyone is addicted, but all of us knows at least one person who is struggling in this area. 

God bless! (Prov.3:5-6)

Note:  Please share this testimony of His goodness with anyone you know who is struggling with any form of addiction.  There is deliverance in this post that will set the captives free in the name of Jesus Christ.

A silent battle wages in the lives of many believers.  As it escalates the tempest within begins to rear its head and cannot be kept hidden any longer.  This battle is with the lusts of the carnal man who is at enmity with the Spirit.

I was in three rehabilitation programs for substance abuse and none of them helped to set me free from the claws of addiction.

In two of these programs I was told that addiction is a disease like any other which needs to be managed throughout my life.  I was told I had to carry this label of addict and alcoholic throughout my life and attend support programs to help me abstain from substances.

I was in my early twenties at the time and I WAS SAVED.  I was filled with the Spirit of God and believed in the name that was above all names – Jesus Christ, but I still had this weakness in my flesh that overpowered me.

I knew the one who formed me could change me and I was not willing to carry this label throughout my life.  If God made me, then He will deliver me, if He cannot do that then He is not God and this belief of mine is a fallacy.

These were my thoughts on the matter and as such I was not going to align myself with what they were telling me in these rehab programs.

Don’t get me wrong, these programs have helped many manage their addictions and what they teach, does help but as a child of God – I knew He was greater than any man-made solution.

The seed of faith in God’s power to deliver me was planted and lodged deep in my heart and nothing was going to steal that seed.

Many years passed, many prayers prayed, endless strife and a great deal of loss was suffered through my twenties, but I still held onto the seed of faith in my heart.

Curiously, throughout these years I was growing spiritually and succeeding in many areas as well.  There were terrible things reaped from my constant sowing into the carnal man, which brought much shame and guilt, but the LORD was always faithful to wash away the filth of my sinfulness.

I found another strange thing occurring, where I will meet other backslidden Christians in the world and we will talk about the LORD.  In the most intoxicated state, I found myself fellowshipping.

We were definitely high and lifted up with the wrong spirits but even in the dregs of this world the Spirit of God was moving.

I detested this weakness in my life and hated the sin.  I didn’t want to be controlled by this weakness, but this is the nature of addiction – it rules over you.

You become a slave to the appetites of addiction and like a puppet you are stringed along by the cravings of this vile thing called addiction.

I really did not want it in my life.  It was like a cloud of darkness that hovered over me and limited my progression and ability to live a life of fullness in Christ.

In December of 2013, now in my early thirties, I was lying in bed asking the LORD about the coming year and what He had planned.  He told me that 2014 will be my year of deliverance from addiction and He even impressed the month of May in my spirit.  I believed Him and was overjoyed.

2014 rolled around and I was back in the cycles of addiction.  Things were spiraling out of control and the enemy was luring me into some dark places where evil was like a thick smog and the stench of death was all around.

I knew in my spirit there was a war been waged for my life, but God held me close and the prayers of loved ones ensured I was always hedged in by His protective hand.

I am thankful to my Mum who never stopped interceding for me; when I left home she would be on her knees in deep intercession for me.

I encountered many situations which could have resulted in the end of my life, but through her prayers and the prayers of many other loved ones my life was spared.  The LORD Jesus has been faithful to me even when I was not – His word is truth!

April 30th came along and I found myself with a bunch of people I didn’t know.  I was on a binge that day and had met these guys at a crack house.  We were all high and intoxicated which brought common ground and I had cash on me, so these guys were more than happy with my company.

We were outside some guy’s house in a dodgy area of town, in a road I had never been before.  It so happened there was a Church gathering in a house on this road.  The house itself was revamped into a little place of fellowship.

I could hear the saints singing and it was beautiful.  In this highly intoxicated state that I was in, Holy Spirit was tugging at my heart strings to go this gathering.  I was in a terrible condition and was fighting this tug within.

I was actually telling these guys, I need to go to that Church.  I was saying it over and over again, because I knew I just had to be at that place.  I was saying it so many times that one guy – an unbeliever — said he will come with me.

So off we went.  It was easier for me to go with someone else and that was without a doubt God’s doing.  We went into the Church, a small gathering of no less than 20 people.

They were in worship at the time and there was a strong presence of God in that gathering.  We took our places and joined in with worship.  Communion was taken during worship and I felt I needed to take communion, which I did.

The guy who was with me (I don’t even know his name) also decided to take communion.  I was not in the right frame of mind to tell him he shouldn’t be taking this.  The guy had volunteered to come with me, after all, and I was probably not in the best place to do it myself, but I knew I had too.

Amazingly when this guy was about to drink the wine (which was grape juice) the little shot glass slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground.  It felt like everything went silent at that moment, as everyone’s attention was drawn to the “blood on the floor”.

The worshipper standing in the front was extremely sensitive to the Spirit of God and she suddenly went into deep worship crying out for grace…  the LORD was moving as everyone joined in worship.

I ended up sharing half the wine in my cup with the guy who was with me, as I felt there was grace for him and I do believe he will be saved.

As I am writing this the LORD says he IS saved… Amen and all Glory to God.

I then felt it was time to leave after what felt like a very long time…  We were only there for less than 15 minutes.  Before leaving, I had some strange spiritual contact with the worshipper in the front.  We nodded to each other as if to say thank You and then my newfound brother and I left.

I was sober by the end of that experience, but nothing had changed in terms of my desire to go on partying all night.  We continued with the binge until lunch time on May 1st.

I got home and slept.  When I awoke, something felt different within me.  I knew I was delivered, but honestly was not sure if this was indeed the case.

A week went by and no cravings.  Another week, and still no cravings.  By the end of the second week I knew that God had delivered me.

He set free and I was completely in awe of Him.  All that time ,waiting for the moment when His power destroys the weakness that plagued me for most of my life.  It was liberating and intoxicating in itself.

When I tell people about His work in me, I liken it to a switched that was flipped within.

One day the addiction was there and then the switch was flipped and BAM… addiction gone.  All glory to God.

That was the appointed time for my deliverance, my Kairos moment.

There is an appointed time for You too who are believing God to set You free from whatever weakness is plaguing Your life.  The one who has called You is faithful and He will do it.

Holy Spirit Led Prayer

Father, today I thank You for Your unfailing love that never disappoints; and for Your faithfulness to deliver us from all our troubles.

I thank You LORD, for in You we are made righteous and justified by faith through Your finished work on the cross.

I thank You that even when we do not understand, You are working on our behalf.  Your grace is sufficient for us, and today I ask for this testimony of Your goodness to me to be a seed of faith that is planted in the hearts of those who need You to deliver them from addictions and any other weaknesses that are causing turmoil and strife in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Holy Spirit, take the words of my testimony and lodge it within the heart of Your child right now, and let this word ignite a new flame of trust in Your faithfulness to deliver.

Let Your child look at my experience and have the boldness to say, “If You can do it for him, then I believe You will do it for me.”

LORD, I ask that You begin to heal the deep wounds in the souls of Your children and take Your children through deliverance, in Your gentleness and love.

I ask that the Spirit of Might come forth in Your children to step into the deep recesses of their broken souls and take out all the hurtful things and hand them to You Jehovah – Rapha – the God who heals.

I ask for You to give them courage to forgive the people whom the enemy used to afflict, abuse and torment them.

May they see Your grace for them in this place of weakness and be empowered by Your love that forgives them of their sins, so that they can forgive those who have sinned against them.

My LORD, I ask that You lead Your children to a place where they can fellowship with true believers, who will carry their burdens and stand in the gap for them in intercession.

I ask that You take them on a journey of knowing You and Your perfect love.

I destroy every stronghold over their minds that has portrayed You, my God, in the wrong way — in Jesus Christ’s Name, and I ask that You show them who You truly are, as the lover of their souls.

Thank You for binding up Your child’s brokenness and making Your child altogether lovely, just as You are.

I bind every spirit of lust and perversion that has fed on the flesh of Your child and I cast it out of their lives in Jesus Christ’s Name.

I ask that You, my God, build a hedge around each child as You did for Job, so that the enemy cannot take anymore ground in their lives.

May the fruit of self-control, begin to birth forth in them by Your Spirit and may all the fruits of Your Spirit begin to blossom in their lives so that they too will share Your goodness with the world.

Father, I ask that Your angels who do Your bidding, go forth now to burn bridges with every association in their life that has given the enemy a foothold and allowed temptation to come into their lives.

I give Your holy angels charge over Your children to minster in weakness and to empower with strength to overcome every snare the enemy places on their path.

LORD Jesus, You are the source of ALL faith and I rest completely in You now and in You I declare that every child of Yours who comes into agreement with this word today will be completely liberated and set free from the stronghold of addiction in their life.

I declare that all that was lost in the areas of time, finances, relationships, gifting and every other place the enemy has stolen be repaid seven-fold.

I ask for You to begin to show these little ones the things they once enjoyed that You gave to them.  Things of purity, gifts and skills, hobbies, sports, creative talents and whatever You have given them for pure enjoyment in life to be resurrected so that that can find joy again in their daily living without carrying burdens of guilt and shame.

LORD Jesus, You have told me that not a single word spoken in Spirit will fall to the ground and today I know You are praying and declaring these words through me over Your children and I know that You will watch over these words to perform it in fullness.

I thank You LORD, for whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.

I declare freedom from all bondages upon each child of Yours today in Your precious name, my LORD Jesus Christ.  It is done. Amen

“Again, truly I tell you, that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven,”   Matthew 18:19 (NIV)

Ashley Hutheram

Ashley Hutheram – a son of God in Christ Jesus.

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