Praying for teenage daughter

Dear St. Jude pray for my daughter to find the strength to leave the unhealthy and abusive relationship she is in.Help her to come home so that her boyfriends family has no control over her.Show her how much her family loves and misses her,and how much she is missing by letting the bad influence of her boyfriend ruin her life.Pray for her to contact her ex so that she can begin to rebuild her love and develop and strong and loving relationship with him again.

With the help of our heavenly father our Lord Jesus. this relationship will be loving and strong enough to help them to stand together against all who seek to destroy them and that loving bond that they still have. Amen!

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“I’ve got a new favorite verse,” my 16-year-old daughter said to me recently, as she pulled out her phone to show me an image of Philippians 4:6 —

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

I smiled and told her that is one of my favorites too. My girl and I both have a propensity toward worrying. For me, it’s centered around wanting to be in control and for her it’s more about being afraid.

For almost 17 years my daughter has dealt with fear. When she was still in her toddler bed we would say Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You,” before she went to sleep. Over the years, the specific fears have changed, but the underlying fearfulness has remained.

Just like us, our girls have those big issues they will deal with — likely for their whole lives. The older they get, the more important it is that we help them learn to apply biblical truth to those issues, like fear or conformity or pride. And, just as important we must identify positive traits to encourage.

praying for teenage daughter

Often it’s easy for us to see the negative in our girls. But what if we focused our efforts on the positive? Here are five areas where w can get started.

Bold Faith

Let’s encourage our daughters to live with fearlessness, to have a bold faith that emboldens them! This is the area I’m really focusing on with Casiday. I’m constantly on the hunt for verses and tools to remind her the antidote to big fears is bold faith! From notes on the bathroom mirror to surprise gifts left on her bed to late night conversations, we’ve made growing in faith an ongoing conversation  between us.

praying for teenage daughter


In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in an increasingly self-centered world.  True generosity has become rare, especially the kind of giving that doesn’t expect or demand recognition. Let’s instill in our girls a desire to give and to live generously. I’m not talking just about material resources, I also mean being generous with our time and abilities. Also, giving the benefit of the doubt and choosing to believe the best about others. A generous heart is a beautiful trait … let’s be intentional about both modeling and encouraging this attribute of God in our lives and for our daughters.


Let’s face it, mean girls and frenemies are going to be a part of our girls’ lives … and ours too. Learning to forgive others is one of those traits that most reflects the heart of God. Look for ways to discuss forgiveness with your daughter, even when the person who has wronged her isn’t sorry.  One of the simplest ways I’ve found to put feet on my forgiveness, so to speak, is to think of it as taking a step toward someone when everything in me would rather step away  For our girls this can look like offering a kind word to the girls who have left her out or inviting the friend she’s frustrated with to get coffee after school.  And let’s be sure to remind our girls forgiveness is rarely a “one and done” type of thing … it’s a mindset and choice we must adopt over and over.


Man, the teenage years are tough! And while I know we also dealt with peer pressure, we didn’t have peer pressure multiplied by social media. The world is pushing our girls to conform to their ideas of beauty, intelligence, power, and personality. And, y’all, it’s overwhelming! That’s why we need to be regularly talking with our girls about being themselves and recognizing that God has created them uniquely and wonderfully.  Sharing Scriptures with them like Psalm 139:13-14 is important, as is reminding them to embrace their own beauty, personality, interests, and intellect.


Philippians 2 tells us to have the mind of Christ, the choice of humility instead of pridefulness. It’s been said that humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. What a great explanation, right? Let’s be moms who encourage our girls, as Paul instructs in Philippians, “to count others more significant than yourselves.”

praying for teenage daughter

One of my favorite things to do is find (and share!) ways to encourage our girls. When Dayspring contacted me recently about their Sadie Robertson LIVE ORIGINAL! line, I knew it would be a great match for all of us moms with older girls looking for ways to speak truth and encouragement into their hearts. And, several of the LIVE ORIGINAL! products are on sale right now in the Valentine’s Day Friendship Sale . Including that adorable FEARLESS gift set in the photos above. {I put it on her bed this morning after she left for school … because sometimes a fun surprise on Friday is just what you do for the girl you love, right?}

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And, I’m even more excited to be able to give away one of the Sadie Robertson gift sets to one of you! Don’t you love this??

praying for teenage daughter

Entering is easy — just leave a comment sharing which of these traits you are encouraging most in your daughter right now! This giveaway will close on midnight CST Sunday, February 6. The winner will be contacted via email on Monday, February 6.  But you can shop the sale ends through next Wednesday, February 8. 

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Teri Lynne

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praying for teenage daughter

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Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Ikeja, Lagos State Police Command, were shocked after an 18-yearold girl, Elo Etim, gleefully told them that her mom was aware that she was going to Abidjan in Ivory Coast, for prostitution.

According to the girl, her mom was so elated that she gave her phone to call her and also prayed for her to be successful.

Etim and another girl, Francess, a 19-year-old girl were rescued by RRS men. They were about to be trafficked to Ivory Coast by Martha Edea, 30, a mother of two from Ogoja, Cross River State. Operatives arrested Martha in Lagos, just as she was travelling with the young girls from Benin, Edo State.

Martha confessed to the police that she was trafficked to Ivory Coast by one Mariam, who told her there were chances of securing a good job in the country, but was later introduced to sex work. According to her, she slaved for months in paying back her custodian who brought her to Abidjan.

Martha said: “ I worked for three months to pay Mariam about 300,000 Cefa(N180, 000), to balance her for my transportation to Ivory Coast and also for connecting me.” She added that Mariam, after collecting the money, travelled to Spain, abandoning her as a sex worker.

Martha, who left her children in the village with her mother, couldn’t make headway in the business after her trafficker had travelled to Spain. She further explained that she yielded to her friend’s advice to come back to Nigeria to recruit young girls for the business.

Martha came back to Nigeria and headed to Edo State, where she was told she would find young girls willing to travel out of the country for the job of prostitution. It was at Edo State that she came in contact with two young ladies; Favour and Deborah, who introduced her to the young girls. Martha said: “Favour took me to one Francess Bamidele, who she said was her friend, and would like to be taken out of the country for prostitution.

Francess also agreed to follow me after I told her that the country was good.” Francess, 19, a secondary school dropout, said she was elated to hear from Martha that prostitution was very lucrative in Abidjan. She accepted and decided to travel without telling her guardian.

Martha also contacted Deborah, who lives in the neighborhood to assist her get another girl. Deborah took her to one Elo Etim, 18, who assured Martha she was ready to embark on such a journey. Martha said: “I paid both Favour and Deborah a sum of N10, 000 each for assisting me get a girl each for the journey. I also met with Elo’s mother. I told her what her daughter was about to embark on in Abidjan and she agreed to it. She also prayed for her and wished her good luck.”

Elo confirmed that her mother was elated about the journey, adding that she gave her some money and phone number to call when she gets to Ivory Coast. The trafficker embarked on the journey from Benin, Edo State to Lagos from where they were supposed to connect the Nigerian land border to cross to the Republic of Benin.

Things began to take a twist when Francess, out of curiosity, began to question Martha about her welfare and coming back from Abidjan for Christmas. Francess said: “I asked Aunt Martha how much we would have to pay her for the trip, and she disclosed I and Elo would work for her till we are able to pay a sum of 300,000 Cefa (N180, 000) to gain our freedom in Abidjan.

I told her I wanted to go back home from where we were and this led to an argument which attracted other passengers on the bus.” Francess further narrated: “The argument made the other passengers in the bus to become suspicious. They alerted policemen when we got to Berger Bus Stop in Lagos. We were all arrested and taken to RRS Headquarters in Alausa, Ikeja.”

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