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As a believer, praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby is very important because the Bible instructs us to commit everything we do into God’s hands. This articlennjnjj on prayers for safe delivery will give you some guidance in praying towards the safety of the mother and unborn child during this important process.

praying for healthy baby

One of the most difficult periods for pregnant women is the delivery process. The nine months of pregnancy comes with a lot of stress both emotional and physical. The hours of labour and delivery are very important. The contractions, the pain and possibility of a surgery are all dreaded by expectant mothers. But all these are nothing compared to the joy that comes after when they hold their babies in their hands. That is why immediately after the delivery all a mother wants is to hear the cry of her baby and know that the baby is okay.

praying for healthy baby

Giving birth is not easy. Expectant mothers face a lot of anxiety especially as the date they are due for delivery draws near. Some of these fears include:

  • Fear of the pain they will go through and if they are strong enough to handle it and push it through.
  • How long might it take?
  • What if the baby is not okay? What if she or he will have life-threatening complications?
  • Fear of tearing.
  • Fear of the unknown among many other things.

But instead of submitting to these fears, you can follow what the Bible says in 1 Peter 5 vs 7:

“Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.”

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praying for healthy baby

Here is a simple prayer for pregnant women as they draw closer to their due date:

  • Father, I thank You for this baby growing inside of me. I thank You because this is a gift from You because the Bible says that children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward from You. Based on Your word in Psalms 139 verse 13 which says that You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb, I believe You have been in charge of the development of this baby from day one. I thank you because You are forming every part of his/her body, every system in his/her body, every cell and tissue to the perfection of Your image. I thank You because this baby is growing without any complications. I thank You also for the strength to carry this pregnancy. Father as I approach my day of delivery I commit myself and my baby into Your hands. I pray for strength and endurance from the first contraction till the delivery of the baby and the placenta. Father as I go into labour, I pray that You will give me the strength to push the baby out on time in Jesus Name. Lord, the pain of labour is as a result of the curse on man because of sin but now that I am in the new covenant in Christ Jesus, I pray that I will experience Your grace and mercy as I labour to deliver this baby in Jesus Name. This delivery will be without complications. The baby will come out strong and healthy. And at the end of it all, I will come out smiling, rejoicing and praising You for the new joy that has come to this world through me in Jesus Name. Amen.

praying for healthy baby

Bible verses you can use to pray for yourself and the baby

  • “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.” – Psalm 127:3
  • “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvellous—how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” – Psalm 139:13-16
  • “Yet You brought me safely from my mother’s womb and led me to trust You at my mother’s breast. I was thrust into Your arms at my birth. You have been my God from the moment I was born.” Psalm 22:9-10
  • “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” – Psalm 18:2
  • “Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

praying for healthy baby

  • “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9
  • “From the end of the earth, I will cry to you, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” – Psalm 61:2
  • “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11
  • “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” – John 14:27
  • “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10
  • “For I, the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’ ” – Isaiah 41:13

praying for healthy baby

You can use some of the verses above to raise more prayer points for safe delivery. You can pray them every day before the day you are due for delivery. You can also use this to pray when you begin to feel the first contraction or before you go into full labour. We wish you and your baby good health.

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When you’re praying for a baby, you may feel overwhelmed with a variety of emotions! Yearning, frustration, excitement, hope, fear…your feelings are mixed, intense, and complicated. These thoughts and prayers for pregnancy will help you stay focused on God’s light, love, and will for your life.

In the Bible, Hannah’s prayer for pregnancy was answered; see 1 Samuel 1 for details. But, it’s important to know why her prayer for a baby was granted by God. I’ll share the passage of Scripture here and explain what I recently learned about Hannah’s prayer for a pregnancy. You’ll find the help and hope you need – especially if you’ve been trying to conceive a baby for a long time.

You may want to get pregnant more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life. If you’re desperate to have a baby, your prayers may be more about your wants and needs than accepting God’s will for your life. This can be a dangerous place to be, because you’ll be devastated if you don’t get pregnant quickly…or at all. Do you already feel this sense of desperation? Here’s what you need to know about praying for a baby…

First, I’ll share Hannah’s prayer for a pregnancy in 1 Samuel 1. I’ll explain what I learned about praying for a baby from a recent Tim Keller sermon podcast. Then, I’ll share a Centering Prayer for Pregnancy, which I originally posted eight years ago when I was praying for a baby.

Remember that prayer isn’t about getting what you want – no matter important it is to have a baby.

Rather, prayer is about spending time with God so you get to know Him better. Praying for a baby isn’t just about getting pregnant; it’s about taking your relationship with Jesus to a deeper, more personal and healthy level. Praying is about learning how to be stable, secure, and peaceful no matter what happens in your life. 

Hannah’s Prayer for a Pregnancy

So Hannah ate. Then she pulled herself together, slipped away quietly, and entered the sanctuary. The priest Eli was on duty at the entrance to God’s Temple in the customary seat. Crushed in soul, Hannah prayed to God and cried and cried—inconsolably.

Then she made a vow:

Oh, God-of-the-Angel-Armies,

If you’ll take a good, hard look at my pain,If you’ll quit neglecting me and go into action for meBy giving me a son,I’ll give him completely, unreservedly to you.I’ll set him apart for a life of holy discipline.

It so happened that as she continued in prayer before God, Eli was watching her closely. Hannah was praying in her heart, silently. Her lips moved, but no sound was heard. Eli jumped to the conclusion that she was drunk. He approached her and said, “You’re drunk! How long do you plan to keep this up? Sober up, woman!”

Hannah said, “Oh no, sir—please! I’m a woman hard used. I haven’t been drinking. Not a drop of wine or beer. The only thing I’ve been pouring out is my heart, pouring it out to God. Don’t for a minute think I’m a bad woman. It’s because I’m so desperately unhappy and in such pain that I’ve stayed here so long.”

Eli answered her, “Go in peace. And may the God of Israel give you what you have asked of him.”

“Think well of me—and pray for me!” she said, and went her way. Then she ate heartily, her face radiant.

Up before dawn, they worshiped God and returned home to Ramah. Elkanah slept with Hannah his wife, and God began making the necessary arrangements in response to what she had asked.

From 1 Samuel 1 – The Message.

Why God granted Hannah’s prayer for a pregnancy

Look at the parts that I bolded: Hannah didn’t just “give” her baby to God – she vowed to completely and totally set her son apart for a holy life. Then, Hannah became radiant, and she worshipped God — even before her prayers to get pregnant were answered!

Hannah didn’t worship God radiantly and fervently after she got pregnant. She was a woman after God’s own heart before she conceived her baby. She released her grip, she loosened her grasp, she let go of her desperate yearning to get pregnant. She prayed for a baby, but she didn’t make it the center of her life, her heart, and her worship.

Hannah loved God for who He is, not what He could give her.

It wasn’t that Hannah said the right things when she was praying for a baby, or that she recited a centering prayer for pregnancy that convinced God to open her womb! It was that she released her desperate grip to get pregnant. She let go of the neediness, the yearning, the clawing frenetic desire to have a baby.

Worship God for who He is when you pray for a baby

Praying for a baby can be a beautiful act of worship – if it comes from a heart that is completely submitted to God’s will for your life. When your spirit is open and accepting to whatever God has in store for you, you become free from the desperation that many women feel when they’re depressed because they can’t get pregnant.

It’s good to pray for a baby – God wants us to ask Him for the desires of our hearts! But, if you set your heart, mind and soul on having a baby, then you’re not open to God’s holy and perfect will for your life. Basing your happiness on a child is a mistake. God may still grant your prayer for a pregnancy, but your happiness will always be tied up with your kid. And that, my friend, will eventually break your heart.

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard.

Allow God to change your heart as you keep praying for a baby. Trust Him. Learn what it means to really, truly be open to whatever He has planned for your life and family. Learn how to worship God for who He is — even if you’re not pregnant. Even if you’ve been saying prayers for a pregnancy for years.

Below is the “centering prayer for pregnancy” that I originally shared eight years ago, when I was praying for a baby. Remember that it’s one way to pray for a baby, but it’s not a miracle prayer that guarantees you’ll get pregnant.

It’s important to trust God to prepare your body for pregnancy, and it’s also important to take care of your health! God gave us doctors, research studies, and brains to help us get and stay healthy. If you’re not taking good care of your body – or if your husband isn’t taking care of his fertility and sperm health – then you are delaying your chances of getting pregnant.

If you’re praying for a baby because you’re coping with fertility issues, you might also add a prayer for healing for your and your husband’s body. Always remember that prayer isn’t about getting the pregnancy you want…it’s about finding the strength, hope, and peace to live with what God allows into your life.

You’ll find Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and into Your 40s helpful if you’re worried about your ability to conceive a baby or if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time. 

Health and fertility expert Aimee Raupp has helped hundreds of women optimize their fertility and get pregnant, even after age 40. In this book she shares her complete program for improving your chances of conceiving and overcoming infertility, including the most effective complementary and lifestyle approaches and the latest nutritional advice. Her remedies help you how to get in tune with your body, eat the best fertility-enhancing foods, and avoid environmental toxins to achieve a healthy and stress-free pregnancy.

Centering Prayer for Pregnancy

Centering prayer is an ancient meditative art that involves silencing your heart and mind. Take a deep breath, and allow God’s peace, love, joy and freedom to fill your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to descend upon you, to give you the peace that passes all understanding.

Centering prayer is a way to calm your mind and still your spirit, to instill your body with a sense of peace and health, and to create a heart of acceptance towards what God wills in your life.

These four steps will guide you through a centering prayer for pregnancy. Remember that your goal isn’t just to get pregnant. It’s to get closer to God, and to align your will with His will for you and your family.

1. Choose a sacred word or phrase that symbolizes your prayer for pregnancy

The focus of centering prayer is to consent to God’s presence and action within. Choose a word or phrase that helps you remember that you are consenting to God’s work and power in your life – whether that means getting pregnant or not getting pregnant. For instance, your sacred word could be “Trust” or “Hope” or “God’s will be done” or “Acceptance.” Note that it’s not necessarily “praying for a baby” or “increased fertility” or “conception”! The idea is to be open to what God has in store.

2. Find a comfortable position and quiet space when you pray for a baby

Where can you pray comfortably for 20 minutes? Try not to pray in a place where you’ll fall asleep or be distracted. Close your eyes and let go of everything happening within you – all your hopes and yearnings and wishes to be pregnant. Your prayer to get pregnant is meant to soothe your mind, heart, and spirit.

When you’re praying for a baby, be prepared for distractions, such as images, feelings, reflections, physical sensations, and unexpected thoughts…and use your sacred word to ease those distractions.

3. Use your sacred word in your pregnancy prayer

Whatever disruptive thoughts or emotions come to you, lay your sacred word over them. For example if you start to feel scared you’ll never get pregnant, repeat “Trust” or “Acceptance” until you feel calm and focused on God. If you keep frantically thinking about getting pregnant or what will happen if you don’t get pregnant, savor your sacred word: “Faith” or “God’s will be done.”

Practice saying these words and phrases at different times during the day. Worshipping God for who He is – not what He gives you – goes far beyond a set time of centering prayer for a pregnancy.

4. Rest in silence after you pray for a baby

Taking two or three minutes to transition from centering prayer to back to your everyday life. This helps set and cement your intimacy with God in your heart, mind, and soul. A huge and exciting benefit of learning how to pray for a baby is that it helps you feel peaceful, hopeful, faithful, and able to accept of whatever God allows into your life.

No prayer to get pregnant will guarantee you’ll conceive a baby, but prayer can may you spiritually, physically, and emotionally stronger to deal with whatever happens.

The purpose of pregnancy prayer is to give you peace, hope, and acceptance – whether or not you get pregnant. Knowing how to pray for a baby is important – and so is knowing when it’s time to get medical advice from fertility specialists. 

Is it taking longer than a year to get pregnant? Read Find Out Why You Can’t Get Pregnant – 4 Fertility Checklists.

Help With Pregnancy Prayers

In Praying Through Your Pregnancy A Week-by-Week Guide, Jennifer Polimino Carolyn Warren share fresh spiritual insight for pregnancy.

Each chapter reveals what is happening with the baby’s development that week, starting with the very first moment of conception, when God begins the creation of either a boy or a girl.

You’ll learn how the confidence you place in God affects the healthy development of your precious growing baby, and how to reduce your own stress and anxiety by looking to the Creator.

In this interactive guidebook, Jennifer shares excerpts from her pregnancy journal as an encouragement for women to write their own thoughts and feelings. Each chapter ends with a Mother’s Prayer and Scriptures for Meditation.

I welcome your baby prayers, hopes, and intentions in the comments section below. If you have any thoughts on how to pray for a baby, please share!


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