Prayers to stop divorce

Prayer to stop divorce and restore marriage

Lord, I offer up my marriage to you, so that you may heal our wounds, and restore our union. Lord, I ask you to command my marriage to raise from the dead. I pray that you remove all evil influences and enemies of my marriage.

Speak to my wife, soften her heart, and return her to our marriage. I ask that you show my wife that our love is true and that together with God we can be happy again. Lord, you are a tremedous and loving God, and have the power to help spouses reconcile. Lord I ask that you “fix” me and my wife so that we will once again fall into love. Father, I ask that you help me remain calm during this difficult time, so that I may choose my words and actions carefully.

I pray that You speak to my wife in her thoughts, dreams, and visions. Show her that divorce is not the solution and will not make her happier. Only through our faith in you and our love in each other will we reach true happiness. Thank you Lord for recieving my prayer and showing my wife the way home. AMEN.

by Rita (Wolfforth, TX)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come to you today and ask that you supernaturally intervene to stop divorce proceedings that my husband rushed into. We have only been married one year and it has been a difficult time as a blended family.

But i see the vision and purpose you have for us as a family. I pray that you renew my love’s heart, mind and soul and reunite us. We both need lots of healing and Christian counseling and I ask that you please help him realize this. We have been married and divorced before and we promised each other this was it. We were growing old and raggedity together til death do us part. but satan found opportunities to attack both of us but You Lord can restore anything and everything.

I pray that you bring Godly men and women his way and truly impact his way of thinking and change his mind on this divorce. I pray that you give me wisdom, patience and joy throughout this entire process. Keep me free from anger and resentment toward my beloved. Keep me emotionally stable for my beautiful little girls.

I want them to see what a marriage on the Rock should be like and break this generational curse of broken homes and marriage. I pray for my children during this storm of life and protect them from the evil influences around. Protect their hearts and mind. Protect my husband’s hear and mind as well.

Thank you for the miracles that have already occurred and the great positive changes you have made in me throughout this difficult time. Lord, arm me with the tools needed to be the Godly wife, mother and daughter you need me to be to glorify you.

Restore my marriage Lord and teach me patience during this process. You are Great!!! All these things I ask in Your Son’s Precious Name, Amen!!

All your prayers are greatly appreciated!!

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