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You have finally moved into your new house. It is perfect in every single way, and you want it to stay that way. If you are a religious or spiritual person, you might find that blessing your home brings you great peace of mind and serenity. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, start with Step 1 below to find out how to perform a house blessing that appeals to you.

Method 1 Religious Blessing

  1. prayers to bless a house Perform a Christian blessing.

    The blessing of a Christian household is an ancient tradition which can be found in the Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic churches, amongst others. The blessing may be performed by an ordained priest or pastor, or by the owner of the house themselves.

    • If you would prefer to have your house blessed by an ordained priest, invite him to your house to perform the blessing, and he will be happy to oblige.
    • Normally, the priest will walk from room to room, sprinkling each with holy water. As he walks, he may recite one or more passages from the holy gospel.
    • If you prefer to bless the house yourself, use anointing oil (which can simply be cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, blessed by a minister) to mark a cross on each of the windows and doors inside the house.
    • As you mark the sign of the cross, utter a simple prayer asking God to bless the room. For example “In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for Your peace and joy to inhabit this room,” or “May Your Holy Spirit flow through and fill this home up with Your Spirit.”
  2. prayers to bless a house Perform a Jewish blessing.

    There are an abundance of Jewish traditions associated with moving into a new house, or simply blessing an old one.

    • When moving into a new home, Jewish families are required to affix a mezuzah (parchment inscribed with Hebrew phrases from the Torah) to each of the doorways in the house.
    • As the mezuzah is installed, the following prayer is recited “Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to affix a mezuzah”.
    • It is also believed that Tuesday is the best day for moving into a new home, that bread and salt should be the first items to enter the house, and that shortly after moving in a Chanukat Habayit or housewarming party should be held, where friends and family gather and words of the Torah are spoken.
    • During the housewarming party, it’s tradition to eat the first fruit of the new season while reciting the shehecheyanu blessing, as follows: “Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the Universe, who has granted us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this occasion.”
  3. prayers to bless a house Perform a Hindu blessing.

    Hindu house blessings vary greatly according to different regions. In some places the housewarming ceremony is second in importance only to a couple’s wedding day.

    • However, across all regions the house blessing must be performed on the morning the homeowners move into their new home. An auspicious move-in date must be chosen by the local Hindu priest, who must also perform the ceremony.
    • On the day, it is traditional (in some regions) for the homeowners to supply a gift tray or dakshina for the priest’s use throughout the ceremony. This gift tray usually contains items such as raw, washed rice, mango leaves, ghee, coins, herbs, spices, fruit and flowers, among others.
    • During the ceremony, the homeowners will often sit in front of the fireplace, wearing their best clothes and repeating mantras. The priest will usually recite a prosperity prayer to the Hindu gods, asking for prosperity, purity and serenity to be bestowed upon the people of the house.
    • Contact a priest at your local Hindu temple for information on how the housewarming ceremony is performed in your region.
  4. prayers to bless a house Perform an Islamic blessing.

    Muslim people bless their house mainly by reciting prayers – usually there is no official ceremony that needs to be performed. However, certain prayers and traditions are recommended:

    • Upon moving into a new house, it is a good idea to perform a two cycle prayer, asking Allah to bestow baraka (blessing), rahma, (mercy) and dhikr (remembrance) upon the home.
    • You can also recite a prayer to protect your home from the evil eye and the envy of others using the following Prophetic Supplication: “I seek refuge for you in the perfect words of Allaah from every devil, harmful thing, and accusing eye.”
    • It is also recommended that you invite your friends and family over for dinner, as feeding others is viewed as a charitable act, and a way of showing gratitude to Allah. At this dinner, you and your guests may recite passages from the Qur’an together.
    • Aside from blessing your house when you first move in, you can also bless your house every time you step through the door using the following prayer: “I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allaah from the evil of that which He has created”. Repeating this prayer three times will ensure no harm comes to you while you are in the house.
  5. prayers to bless a house Perform a Buddhist blessing.

    In Buddhism, a ceremony known as

    Khuan Ban Mai is performed (in certain regions) when a new house is built to protect the house and its inhabitants. The ceremony is performed by a group of nine monks, who must be invited to the house early on the morning of the ceremony.

    • The monks then perform a ritual involving sacred lustral water and wax candles. As the wax melts and drops into the water, it is believed to wash away evil and sorrow.
    • The monks also chant prayers in the Pali language, while passing a white string through each of their hands. The vibrations from the chanted prayers are believed to pass through the string, protecting the houses and its inhabitants.
    • After the ceremony, the monks sit down to a meal prepared by the host family and their friends and neighbors.They must finished their meal before noon. Then one monk sprinkles holy water in each of the rooms of the house, before they all leave.
    • Once the monks leave, the rest of the guests sit down to eat the remaining food. In the afternoon, they perform the thread ceremony, where the guests wrap a white thread around the homeowners and offer them their blessing.

Method 2 Spiritual Blessing

  1. prayers to bless a house

    Clean and de-clutter your home. It is important to clean and de-clutter your home before you perform a house blessing. This will put you in a more positive frame of mind and invite fresh energy into the home.

  2. prayers to bless a house

    Invite friends and family. It’s a nice idea to invite friends and family to share in the house blessing ritual with you. Ask them to stand in a circle and join hands.

  3. prayers to bless a house

    Light a pink candle. Pink symbolizes love and kindness, and will invite these energies into your home.

  4. prayers to bless a house

    Share blessings. Pass the pink candle to each person in the circle. Whoever is holding the candle should share their blessings for the home and homeowners. Example blessings include “may this home be a sacred dwelling for you and your family” or “may those who enter this home feel peace and love”.

  5. prayers to bless a house

    Walk to each room of the house and state your intention for it. After the blessing, you may want to carry the pink candle into each room of the house and state your intention for it, whether it’s the bedroom, the baby’s room or the kitchen.

  6. prayers to bless a house

    Allow the pink candle to burn for an hour. When the ceremony is complete, place the pink candle in a central location in the house and allow it to burn for at least an hour.

  7. prayers to bless a house

    Open all East-facing doors and windows. This allows the life-giving energy of the sun to stream into your home, bringing energy, life and light.

Community Q&A

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  • Do I have to pay for a house blessing?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Usually you do not have to pay for a house blessing but in some cases you may have the option to give an offering in exchange for a blessing.

  • What type of blessing is it when someone walks around a home a few times sprinkling salt or sand?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Salt covenant. It’s a Christian house blessing, wherein you walk the perimeter of your yard or house with kosher salt and ask for protection and anything else for your home.

  • Can I use a white candle instead of pink?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Yes, white is a good color to attract positive energy to the house.

  • What can I do if I feel my house is haunted?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Any of the blessings or rituals stated above, usually through an ordained minister or priest with holy water or anointed oil.

  • Is it true that I can bless my apartment with my family members, if a clergy member is not available at the time needed?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Anyone can bless their home. Religious clergy is not required to bless your home. We were all created by the same creator who created the religious clergy. Therefore all of the creators creations are holy.

  • Can I do it on my own?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Not if you are Orthodox Christian or Roman Catholic. Other faith traditions (and even other Christian traditions) may not require a priest or minister’s presence.

  • How do I bless my children to so that no harm comes to them?

    wikiHow Contributor

    You can bless your children to help them get away from harm if it comes their way, but they cannot entirely avoid harm. Everyone suffers, and everyone will have personal struggles. The best thing is to be there for them and pray every night for God to bless them and give them the strength and hope to get through the next day.

  • Can old carpet and flooring be blessed or should it be removed?

    wikiHow Contributor

    A home can be blessed in any condition, but for safety and appeal, old carpet and flooring should be replaced to create a most positive atmosphere.

  • How often should a house be (re)blessed? Negative energy and dark spirits seem to be getting back in after about two years of blessing it.

    wikiHow Contributor

    You should re-bless when you feel negativity is making its way back into your home or if a visit from someone has left your home with a feel of negativity.

  • Who do I contact to have a new home opening ceremony to have my house blessed?

    wikiHow Contributor

    You may contact your local church and request a priest to bless your house.

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To bless your house, start by cleaning and de-cluttering it so it’s nice and clean when you bless it. Then, light a pink candle, which symbolizes love and kindness, and carry it into each room in your house. When you enter a room, state your intention for it. When you’re finished, let the candle burn for an hour and open all of your East-facing doors and windows to let in fresh air and light.

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  • You might like to put in some holy pictures into your house.
  • It would also be very fitting to have a little party afterwards to celebrate the blessing.
  • Smudging is also a great way to increase positive energy in your home. You need a sage smudge stick (or other variation of a smudge stick but sage is most common) and to burn and wave the smoke throughout the entire home.
  • The Spanish have an old custom of hanging crosses above bedroom doors, to scare away evil spirits and protect the people in the house. If you are Christian, this is a good idea, if you live in a house with a painful past.

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  • Scripture (optional)

  • A rosary chaplet or any other kind of prayer beads (optional)

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Often human life compared with striped zebra.A good option – it is to reach the white band and go along, but more often the case that life throws from side to side, and sooner or later the person is “at or below the tail.”How difficult it would either have to, all can survive if there is support for the family.But even if this does not add up, the last fortress of any man – is his own house.As bad as it was at work or with friends and, most importantly, to the house were the peace and tranquility that reigned in the family mutual understanding and respect, to grow up healthy and happy children.

When there is no power on their own to cope with all the adversity in bulk, the only salvation seem faith and prayer to bless the house.To request to be heard more quickly, you need to know who to call.Below are the names of saints, in whose power to help in the event of family difficulties.

whom and how to pray?

Few doubt the power of words, and that it is material.And if the force multiplied by faith, s

o consult with getting the word out to the right is holy, so you can be sure you will be heard.

to the house there was no scandal

One of the best is considered a prayer to bless the house, pointing to Agia Paraskevi.She was born in the 3rd century in what is now Greece is very decent and bogoposlushnoy family, and so it was named Paraskeva, which means “Friday”.The girl grew up a pious, and it was a day in honor of Christ’s passion.The still quite young age, she made a vow of celibacy, decided to devote his life to the great goal: to bring Christ to the faith of souls of the Gentiles, and for which he later paid with his life.They caught her and offered sacrifice to the pagan idol in return for their own liberation, but she refused.It is tied to a tree, long plagued with nails and then beheaded.The Orthodox considered icons of the Martyr Paraskeva able to protect the house from the family scandals and controversies.

Therefore, in the church prayer to preserve peace in the house and read it just before its icons with pre-lit candle.The prayer usually asked to protect the family, send a divine blessing and grace for friends and relatives, as well as contribute to the proper God-fearing lifestyle.

Prayer: the blessing of home and family living in it

to keep warm family relationships, it is recommended to turn their prayers to Saint Matrona of Moscow.She is the patroness of orphans and orphanages, empathizes with all the kids, cares about them, so it often asked to help educate them properly.

addition, Matrona of Moscow to direct their prayers people who need to find a job, to acquire their own housing.Unmarried girls asking her to send down to bless the bride and future marriage, and parents – to help find common ground in the child-rearing practices.

If the family breaks up due to lack of co-roof over their heads, then to save the unit of society, should be asked about this Matrona.Before you read the prayer to bless the house, the fact that the door entered his understanding, need to make a small alms: to feed a homeless person, an animal or bird black bread, biscuits, raisins, nuts, crackers, honey, flour or sugar.It is also possible before the icon Matrona (whether at home or in the church) to deliver a bouquet of carnations, chrysanthemums or lilac.

Prayer patrons happy family

Holy Trinity, which includes the Guri, Samon and Aviv, patron happy families, ensuring a long and happy marriage, peace and harmony between the spouses.Gury and Samonas were preaching Christianity in the city of Edessa, but unfortunately, in pagan times.They grabbed for it, offered to change the religion, and after refusing terribly mocked at them and killed them by cutting off their heads.

Many years passed, and in this city there was a Christian deacon-Aviv.Soon the emperor signed a document which was ordered deacon catch and burn.Aviv did not even try to hide, fearing that because it may be affected innocent people, with a prayer on his lips, he went to his own execution.If you believe the words of eyewitnesses, that his body, which later got out of the ashes, it was not touched by the fire.

prayer to bless the house, addressed to this powerful saint, will give the world peace and tranquility to all members of the household.

Prayer skhiarhimandrita

Vitaly Vitaly N. Sidorenko (1928-1992), better known as Schema-archimandrite Vitalii, brought great elders Glinsky desert.During his life he had visited, and a novice, a stranger and a holy fool, and a monk of the desert.The last years of his life in the church of Alexander Nevsky is located in Georgia.He stood out even against the background of the rest of the clergy its special obedience and humility.He knew how to cure human mental illness, had to deal with a demoniac.He never gave up: otmalival the Lord the most lost souls, asking the Almighty to forgive them.

last 23 years of his life he spent in Tbilisi.Dying, Schema-archimandrite Vitaly left his manuscripts mother, who was more than a quarter century, his spiritual son.Among other records was a prayer – amulet for the home.This prayer is recited over and over many times a day, while their home was bombed, precipitated searched.The mother came home to people in a bomb shelter, pray.Throughout the fighting in the Caucasus, and the house was in the middle of them, it does not hurt, while all around was destroyed and burned.

Since it is believed that the prayer to bless the house of the elder Vitali has enormous power and the ability to protect the home from fires, looting and other damage.

Secular Council

According to folk wisdom, “Trust in God, but also those who help themselves”, should not rely only on the power of prayer and blame the Almighty if a miracle did not happen.First of all, each family member should do his best to help the preservation of the family hearth itself and warm family relations.God, seeing your efforts, by all means do all that they were not in vain.

by Jesse (San Juan Capo, Ca, USA)

I prayed everyday that I would live in a beautiful house until I retired. I thank God for every blessing He gave me. However, this one special prayer to live in a beautiful home is something I need help on praying. I was once a victim of deceitfulness. People deceived me before. and yet I forgave them.

Right now, I’m living in a place about to foreclose. My credit had been bad since I was deceived by my business partners. I have fallen before and I stood up with the help of Jesus Christ. But right now I need Jesus again, before I get evicted.I beg of you to help me pray and be bless with a home. So that I could share my blessings to my family and friends.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will be blessed with a beautiful home to live. Amen.

by Jesse (San Juan Capo, Ca, USA)

I prayed everyday that I would live in a beautiful house until I retired. I thank God for every blessing He gave me. However, this one special prayer to live in a beautiful home is something I need help on praying. I was once a victim of deceitfulness. People deceived me before. and yet I forgave them.

Right now, I’m living in a place about to foreclose. My credit had been bad since I was deceived by my business partners. I have fallen before and I stood up with the help of Jesus Christ. But right now I need Jesus again, before I get evicted.I beg of you to help me pray and be bless with a home. So that I could share my blessings to my family and friends.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will be blessed with a beautiful home to live. Amen.

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