Prayers of redemption

Jesus you are the only One who can heal.

You are the only One who can mend the broken hearts.

You are the only One who can change the hearts of men, women and children.

We pray Jesus for your intervention in our city.

We need you to transform the hearts, minds and souls of those who trafficked

the most vulnerable in our society – children.

Those little ones who have abusive parents,

the orphans, the fatherless, those physically and psychologically abused,

and even those who are sold by their parents.

We pray not just for the restoration of the victims,

but also for the transformation of the perpetrators.

The heartless, lawless individuals who are willing to

rape, sell and exploit Your little ones for a profit.

We ask that You will change their hearts.

Replace their hearts of stone for hearts of flesh.

Take the lives of these perpetrators from the strongholds of the enemy’s influence,

so they can be freed from their sin, and sin no more.

Jesus, we beg you to help us.

We need your aid;

We need your strength.

Please come and rescue our children,

rescue our women and men.

Rain your grace and peace on our city, and our world!



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prayers of sanity lyrics


prayers of sanity – no redemption lyrics


invaders of the earth
start shooting randomly
corruption knower’s
truth is a blasphemy
saviors of the world
is what they call themselves
destroyers, murderers
the story that no one tells

– chorus –
no redemption
‘cause h-ll is breaking loose
no redemption
‘cause h-ll is breaking loose

above all liars
searching but don’t exist
losing control
actions of a m-s-ch-st
burning motion
pilling everything away
trying to find
motives have gone astray

– chorus –

– prayers of sanity lyrics

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We ask for Your redemption. We are tired, nervous, and our numbers are shrinking. Many of us remember the vibrancy of other days and have watched our home erode away. Redeem this place. Set in motion the miraculous chain of small events that will build the way that small, singular bricks can create massive, solid, beautiful structures when arranged in the best order.

The people here are the strength of the county. Let opportunity settle here, and guide each of us through your plan to redeem this county.

I thank You for all of the blessings that we have received. Even as it gets darker, we can still see some light.

A nine-session cycle of 10–12 minute voice-only audio prayer guides, each corresponding thematically to a chapter of the Redemption book. Inspired by Anglican Morning Prayer, Lectio Divina, and infused with passages from Redemption to set the scene for our imaginations.

Click “Enter Prayer” on one of the guides below, or learn more about Redemption Daily Prayer.

God’s story is the ultimate frame for our own. Our stories are most meaningful when they are swept up into and rewritten by his.

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In Egypt, the Israelites were under a fog of unyielding oppression: daily suffering was as far as the eye could see for as far as the memory could recall…

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When Pharaoh withheld straw for their bricks, what had already been ruthless labor for the Israelites became unbearable.

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The Israelites suffered terrible slavery in Egypt, but they also served its gods.

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The old life of slavery was gone and a new life with God had begun. God’s people had gone through a sort of death and resurrection.

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Food and water were scarce, and fears were fierce. God had delivered them from the hand of Pharaoh, but could he also deliver them from the wilderness?

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…they coerced Aaron into making an idol, something they could see and feel, something to embody their hope of redemption while God and Moses were absent.

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God’s character, which he’d already proven by his redemptive works, he now proclaimed in words: The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious…

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The blessing of God’s presence—the very lifeblood of human existence—this is what was at stake for the Israelites…

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