Prayers for the dying mother

by Calli (Cambridgeshire, UK)

Dear heavenly Father, you know my heart is so torn for my mother. All the times, Mama, is a loving and love-giving wife, mother, grandmother. Now she is dying. She loves her family and earnestly pray to you when her family, your children not well. Now, dear Lord, she needs you hold her tight and rest her weary and fragile body on your arms. Lord, forgive our sins and and have mercy on us. Hold my mother through until your will is done.Lord, grant us your strength, comfort and peace to my sisters and their family, Tini, my brother and his family and my husband and me when we are so hurt to see Mama dying. In Jesus, our Precious Saviour who died for our sins to offer a salvation!

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#Heavy Metal

  • Iron Maiden
  • 1990
  • Студийный альбом

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Iron Maiden – No Prayer For The Dying (1990) Tailgunner

Iron Maiden

04:14 320 Кб/с 1777

Holy Smoke

Iron Maiden

03:49 320 Кб/с 1508

No Prayer For The Dying

Iron Maiden

04:23 320 Кб/с 1602

Public Enema Number One

Iron Maiden

04:14 320 Кб/с 1159

Fates Warning

Iron Maiden

04:11 320 Кб/с 1053

The Assassin

Iron Maiden

04:18 320 Кб/с 1008

Run Silent Run Deep

Iron Maiden

04:35 320 Кб/с 1028

Hooks In You

Iron Maiden

04:07 320 Кб/с 914

Bring Your Daughter…To The Slaughter

Iron Maiden

04:44 320 Кб/с 1087

Mother Russia

Iron Maiden

05:32 320 Кб/с 1140

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Текст песни “Iron Maiden – No Prayer For The Dying (1998 Remastered Version)”

There are times when I’ve wondered

And times when I’ve cried

When my prayers they were answered

At times when I’ve lied

But if you asked me a question

Would I tell you the truth

Now there’s something to bet on

You’ve got nothing to lose

When I’ve sat by the window

And gazed at the rain

With an ache in my heart

But never feeling the pain

And if you would tell me

Just what my life means

Walking a long road

Never reaching the end

God give me the answer to my life

God give me the answer to my dreams

God give me the answer to my prayers

God give me the answer to my being

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